As to Trump minimizing two “demographics” to political advantage

  • We are thinking yes . . . on one*
  • But only incrementally as regards the other

Streiff at today’s RedState  has a point that we do not disagree with and one we think he can’t be serious about.  In spite of hedging in the article there is no indication he is not trying to be serious.  Both are encompassed in the title to the article as seen below.

Today President Trump May Have Put the Libertarian Party Out of Business AND Locked Up the Millennial Vote For 2020

In the article it is pointed out that

In a press encounter today, President Trump said that he would sign a bill changing the status of marijuana should it reach his desk.

The bipartisan bill would amend the Controlled Substances Act to include a framework that says it no longer applies to those following state, territory or tribal laws “relating to the manufacture, production, possession, distribution, dispensation, administration, or delivery of [marijuana].”

The two senators announced a partnership on the legislation in April in an effort to hold Trump to his word about favoring a states-rights approach to recreational pot, a position he voiced during the 2016 presidential race.

Strief says:

My headline is only half joking. Once weed is legalized, the libertarian party goes away. Not because a libertarian Eden has been achieved but because most of them will be too smoked to bother to get out of bed on Election Day. And taking the risk to legalize marijuana will make inroads for the GOP with some voting demographics.

Well we think marijuana legislation was a prime motivating force for libertarian interest in recent elections, not necessarily or exclusively for the leadership, but the rank and file that gave them any horsepower. It will now be largely gone. Oh there are other political cultural factors at work but we think the rug has been pulled out for now as to a motivation widely observed by us. When it comes to such things nothing diminishes motivation like success.   That element that fleshed out the various caucuses may not remember the rest of the official agenda they had bought into.

But as to the support from millennials in general for the “progressive” agenda being significantly undercut by loosened marijuana legislation, well that pipe dream  is up against the siren song of a more thorough indoctrination and the hallucinogenic of free stuff.

Other than the maturation at  the millennial upper end, the improved job market and the mugging of reality as millennials see that big government costs biggly is what may be Trump’s/our saving grace. NOT marijuana ‘reform”.

But after years of public schooling and the dominant liberal media and the virtual adoption by large church congregations, the socialist  message is much stronger and comfortable being open.  Marijuana mainstreaming, the opiate so to speak of the masses,  has only made more people either susceptible to socialism and or removed from politics.

More on the blatant socialist agenda of the Democrat Party and its candidates in coming posts.    R Mall

*as to political advantage, it could be argued that buoying Libertarian interest generally helps Trump’s interests, except they are champions of open borders and globalization.  So other than that . . .

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