U2 violates KC (Rock) Star Credo

  • According to liberal newspapers that adorn themselves with such trash analysis, “rock stars” have an obligation to always be anti-Trump dystopian protagonists
  • Rock concerts are to be uniformly political events
  • KC Star Ministry of Culture demands it

The Dystopian Protagonist, a definition from ReadWriteThink.org

• questions the existing social and political systems.
• believes or feels that something is terribly wrong with the society in which he or she lives.
• helps the audience recognize the negative aspects of the dystopian world through his or her perspective.

Rock Star expectations

According to this KC Star columnist you were entitled to hear Bono at a recent concert in KC tell you that Donald ccording to this KC Star columnist you were entitled to hear Bono at a recent concert in KC tell you that Donald Trump is a terrible, damnable person and president…and Bono came up short!

The K C Star was so taken with this “analysis” that they featured it on their ed page.

This is an unusually telling example of the Star’s well-earned status as a leader in the decline of American journalism’s descent into a rotting, stinking, corrupt pile of radical “dung” (if I might use a term popular with a certain world religious leader).

The column by Steve Kraske follows and my note to the Star editor is below that.

C’mon, Bono, tell us what you really think 

“C’mon, Bono, go ahead and just say it.

That’s what any number of concertgoers were thinking this week when Bono and the boys, the legendary band U2, wowed Arrowhead Stadium with their trademark powerhouse rock. No question that the music is still stunning. The issue here is with the band’s politics.
U2 rose to fame via its brand of progessive, we’re-all-in-this-together concert-rallies with songs like “Where the Streets Have No Name” that question income disparity and “Sunday Bloody Sunday” that despairs of Northern Ireland bloodshed. The bandhails Martin Luther King Jr. It rages against poverty.

But Bono spent the evening dancing all around the notion that a man named Donald Trump is America’s president. Imagesflashing behind the band at one point showed icons Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Michelle Obama and, of all people, Begum Rokeya, the social activist who started the first school for Muslim girls in 1909 in Calcutta.

You get the band’s drift.
So why dance around it? Why not damn what this band has seemingly spent decades damning? Rock gods can express that in ways hardly anyone can. It was, after all, Roger Waters who flashed a Photoshopped Trump in KKK garb during his concert at the Sprint Center.

Next time, tell us what you really think.”

To: Editor, Kansas City Star


A proper mash pit

The nerve of that Bono! He has gone against the wishes of the Star’s premier political columnist.

How dare Bono and his band (U2) not “damn” Donald Trump!

Columnist Steve Kraske does not make requests…he makes demands, however foolish and ill-conceived they might be, as he did in his comments, featured Saturday on the Star ed page…”C’mon Bono, Tell Us What You Really Think”.

His remarks, berating Bono for “dancing around”, refusing to tell the fans that President Trump is damnable, can only be characterized as nasty, immature, wildly disrespectful.


But Mr. Kraske appears able to top even that. He seemed to clearly applaud another artist’s ugly concert bit: Roger Waters who “…flashed a photo-shopped Trump in KKK garb…”.

Hard to believe that anywhere else but the Kansas City Star, which was obviously very proud to publish such comments, would this be applauded!

Don Holmes
Overland Park


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