Turning the pages on the D-A

So there I was cruising the Sunday Dispatch-Argus, a subservient member of the Lee tribe, pretty much always just another re-publisher of the Associated Press (rumors that the editorial staff is undergoing hormonal treatments to make them fill out their little sister dresses with the QC Times logo are unconfirmed).

Anyway some remarkable items were apparent, on about every turn of the pages it seemed.  Here is one of our “favorites” emitting from the front page.  We hope to get to a few others later.

A liberal think tank says it is so (hidden joblessness)

The D-A has not at this writing archived the article in order to link to it directly, which is why we show screen shots to authenticate our critique. However the “seminal” AP article  can be found here.  The pertinent excerpt:

The U.S. economy is benefiting from steady growth around the world, with Europe and Japan perking up and China’s economy stabilizing. Corporate revenue and profits are growing too, and the stock market has hit record highs.

Economists were particularly encouraged by the fact that more Americans are coming off the sidelines and finding jobs. For the first few years after the recession, many of the unemployed stopped looking for work.

Some were discouraged by the lack of available jobs. Others returned to school or stayed home to take care of family. The government doesn’t count those out of work as unemployed unless they are actively searching for jobs.

That trend began to reverse last year and has continued into 2017. To many economists, that means robust hiring could continue for many more months, or even years.

“There’s more people willing to work than the unemployment rate would have you believe,” said Nick Bunker, a senior policy analyst at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, a liberal think tank.

The idea of hidden unemployment was repeatedly made by conservatives when Obama was in charge, largely ignored by the dominant liberal media as the argument / critique of Labor Department methodology did not serve Obama.  But now somehow the argument is worthy to be featured when it can be used to downplay the Trump record which is unarguably moving in the right direction.  The main of the article we applaud, and we don’t mind contra-temps when they are evenhandedly applied.

More findings of admissions and stupidity, respectively, unconscious and normative for certain of their editorialists at the D-A to come.

R Mall

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