Undoing the Obamanation

Clarice has another fine post this week and it is a well-taken argument that Trump is . . .

A Consequential President in the Time of Pygmies

As the news is filled with tittle-tattle about the phony baloney Russian collusion story and moronic punditry, the president keeps plowing on with his agenda. American Digest lists 220 things the President has achieved while in office, despite the vitriolic attacks on him and what appears to be a silent coup by the press, bureaucrats, and entrenched officeholders.    . . .

As for the Russian nonsense, Edward Jay Epstein, a longtime credible sleuth, explains why the Russians had no particular interest in having Hillary win, but a great deal of interest in degrading our belief in the legitimacy of our elections:

We have endeavored to report or link to these very positive achievements while calling for rooting out the fifth column bastards trying to thwart other critical parts of the Make America Great Again agenda. We also want the Trump administration to return the favor of Obama era executive actions by undoing them.  No sophisticated theorizing is necessary.  If Obama had the power to implement them,  de facto or de jure, Trump should use that power to invalidate them, and then implement impediments and propose legislation to reduce presidential power while communicating the subterfuge of the Obamanation.  That should be the Republican way. Congress should act similarly, especially as regards internal rules that Democrats never honor except to their advantage. Use their interpretations against them, and then throw up roadblocks to keep republican principles intact.

Along the lines of our practical advocacy take for example that:

Trump files notice with UN to withdraw US from Paris climate deal

That is a good thing.  But do not leave anything on the table to hit the Obamanation over the head.

Use the opportunity to rebuke Obama and tie future presidents to the Constitution, issue a memo to the world that the very scope of the agreement made its implementation sans approval by the Senate null and void (repeat repeatedly.  Don’t pretend for one second it was valid even during Obama’s term, even if he or another president liked it. Participating in the formalities of withdrawal seems an acknowledgement of its validity.  The announcement of the act as “ultra vires” is important.


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