As always two sides . . . and what say you America

Forgive the use of two of O’Reilly’s trademark sign-off lines.

Keeping in mind that O’Reilly has “vociferously denied all of the accusations made against him” . . .

Here’s the Daily Beast “report” on O’Reilly.

Choking, Harassing, and Loofahs: Women’s Allegations Against Bill O’Reilly Piled Up for Years Before His Demise

A confluence of advertiser boycotts and newly unearthed sexual-harassment cases brought him down—but his troubling alleged behavior towards women has gone on for decades.

If it is accurate it is devastatingly disappointing. It is, however, the Daily Beast and the lawyer who has led this latest attack on O’Reilly, Lisa Bloom, is after all, Gloria Allred’s daughter.

Put the entire cast of characters together (i.e.. Andrea Tantaros, Wendy Walsh, FNC, Ailes, progressive media, et al) and the only conclusion I can come to, with great caution, deep concern, immense doubt…is that I would have to see first hand the “evidence” to decide whether O’Reilly is a total, irredeemable a–hole, or that this is one of the most disturbing, well-financed, all out smear campaigns in media history…all aimed at taking out leading conservative icons, pro-Trumpers, anti-leftist radicals, etc and it’s only the beginning (If the latter, the left will be emboldened as never before to go after more high visibility conservatives).

And then, here’s another facet of this whole pathetic story…a commentary on how badly shattered our culture is and the hypocrisy of so many with influence (the media and corporate world).   It is by Jeffrey Lord writing at American Spectator where he asks : Will those sponsors defund Clinton Foundation?

Sponsors Ditch Bill O’Reilly, Partner With Bill Clinton


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