Pathetic corporate wimps

Some 50 to 70 companies dropped sponsorship of Bill O’Reilly’s FoxNews show because of allegations of sexual harassment and ‘assault’.

Fox drops the #1 cable show because…well, who knows?

With today’s corporate cowards, why wait for proof; if the left says it , it must be true…or so what if it’s not!?


They obviously don’t give a damn what half of their potential customer base thinks

Where are the stockholders when one or two “social justice” or LGBTQ-supporting members of a company’s board “take over’ the company.

We’ve seen the effects, sometimes devastating, on companies which decide they want to be political activists; often as the result of the efforts of one or a few board members or of the CEO. Pepsico and Target are two which come to mind.

Target established itself as one of the dumbest major corporations in America when it decided to inject itself into one of the most controversial debates in the country at the time.

There were many of us ordinary Americans aghast at the self-righteous stupidity of that big retailer when, for no apparent rational reason it decided that it would be, I guess, pleasing to Barack Obama and the gay and lesbian movement to jump, not feet first, but nose first into the “bathroom issue”.

That did not turn out well. So much so that the CEO felt compelled to announce, like Sargent Schultz, he “knew nothing about it”. (this link is a great commentary on the whole nutty Target mess. Oh, and for the record, I don’t enter a Target since their announcement broke. I just don’t wish to buy anything from people who are this arrogant and stupid.

And then there’s Pepsico. Now that’s a dream outfit. It’s run by a CEO whose head size has surely expanded to heroic proportions because of all the ink received about her courage and overall wonderfulness. Yes. It’s a “she”…unless otherwise “self-identifying”.

But this is the ‘lady’, Indra Nooyi, who hasn’t met a “social justice” or liberal issue she doesn’t like…”love” more appropriately.

She, too, couldn’t wait to jump into the transgender “bathroom issue”

And, Oh Boy! Was she an anti-Trumpert. This poor Indian lady was not only distraught over Trump’s election but OMG! she was heartbroken over the grief her employees suffered over such an injustice! How she went on about how she had to “comfort” her employees who cried over Trump’s election:

“Our employees were all crying,” she said. “And the question that they’re asking, especially those who are not white, ‘Are we safe?’ Women are asking, ‘Are we safe?’ LGBT people are asking, ‘Are we safe?’ I never thought I would have to answer those questions.”

Is it necessary to note that I don’t buy Pepsi at any restaurant who peddles it? I always advise the waitperson when I ask for “diet Coke” and they ask if “Diet Pepsi is Ok”? that a) No. It’s not OK, and ,  b)”tell your manager it’s thus costing the restaurant $2 to $2.75 as a result and the % tip is thus reduced. But I’m only one customer so I guess it doesn’t matter”.

But that brings me to my favorite…Capital One. I’ve used their credit card for a number of years; I’ve been very satisfied with their service. I’ve felt they manage their business pretty well.

But, unfortunately we must now part company. They, too, have taken their place among America’s dumbest, most arrogant corporate entities…thanks to Samuel L. Jackson.

Now this guy is also something else. Inexplicably Capital One some time ago decided that this is the guy they want as the face of their company…THE guy that would sell their product/service.

Samuel is featured in commercials for Capital One.

If you don’t own a television set, or have only just returned from an extended vacation in the Hindu Kush, you may not have seen one of Samuel L.’s top notch commercials for Capital One:

He’s the guy often dressed “to the nines” in the latest very trendy suit, 2 sizes too small, all in black, looking as menacing as his character in Pulp Fiction reminding you how utterly without redeeming social value you are because you don’t carry a Capital One card in “your wallet”, and seeming to suggest that since you don’t you may not want to run into him on a dark street.

And this is the face of Capital One, Modern Progressivism, and the Democratic Party!

Now, why would I want to have him in my wallet?       DLH

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