Politico / A.O.L. taunt with wedgie “journalism”

  • Read the story and discover there is no there there
  • Anything to create a wedge, substance is irrelevant
  • Four underlings does not make a story unless you have an agenda

Breathless first item at this morning’s A.O.L Today:

President Trump reportedly hiring more officials from the George W. Bush administration

You would think he put in more than one Bush Cabinet head to lead a department, and we know one of the reasons that one got the job, (among other reasons). But yes other women could have done the job.  The real purpose of the story is to taunt Trump supporters and try to drive a political wedge .

Despite his rhetoric against Washington insiders, President Donald Trump appears to be recruiting more officials from George W. Bush’s administration to fill open positions.

Politico reports, based on inside sources, that “there’s been a concerted outreach to some old Bush hands to serve as the ‘adults’ at some of the top agencies.”

Bush was tone deaf at least by 2007 and could not find his tongue for the life of him and conservatism or the country. But he had some good appointments.  We will be more concerned if Karl Rove enters the mix.

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