Introducing His Dishonor, The Mayor of Davenport

Over the 22 months or so of our existence as a blog site of political news and opinion, we have posted articles referencing the current Mayor of Davenport Bill Gluba.  Several have focused on what we regard as his display of egregious sycophancy toward the representative of the brutal regime of the “Peoples Republic of China” then Vice President Xi Jinping.,0,5333509.story

Gluba’s actions on the ramp of the Quad Cities Airport insulted freedom loving people from this community who have supported, served faithfully, and fought and died in service to  fostering freedoms here and around the world.

The brutality of the ruling regime in China towards the Chinese people is not some repented activity of a distant past. It’s brutality remains endemic and China’s threat to freedom elsewhere grows as our military deteriorates and retrenches — the result of the other regime Gluba is obsequious towards, the Obamanation.

With China there is no excuse of a decent interval having passed of the cessation of violations of basic human rights to life, religion, assembly, speech or travel.  The brutality continues as regards rural peasants, Tibetans, Christians,  . . . indeed the whole of the Chinese people are intimidated, subjugated and brutalized in the name of the managerial society, a.k.a. communism/ socialism.

Chinese atrocities are nothing old.  The articles linked herein are reports by or from organizations and publications not known to have a conservative bias. They are but a few of the reports readily available.

Christian Science Monitor   –  Human Rights Watch  –  ABC News

The Telegraph of London     –  Der Spiegel  –    The New York Times (guest opinion)

Nor is there available an exception for Gluba’s action because the boot licked by our community’s representative was that of an innocent representative or a mere fellow traveler from a brutal regime.  Xi Jinping was part of and the heir apparent to head the politburo of one of the most oppressive regimes in the world.  He now holds that position.  And he was bowed to by Bill Gluba on American soil.

It is entirely sufficient reason to turn Bill Gluba out of office for the insult to freedom he perpetrated. Our periodic ridicules of Mayor Gluba as Mayor Gluba can be viewed by visiting the following links to our pages.

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The only serious alternative for the city is Philip Yerington, twice elected Mayor of Davenport, a retired police officer and not one who would bow to dictators.  Replacing Mayor Gluba requires freedom loving people in Davenport to send a message by writing in the name Phil Yerington in the mayoral line on the ballot.  Keith Meyer, who somehow managed a place on the ballot, should not even be considered as a competent alternative to Gluba.

The Davenport casino issue under Gluba’s purview smacked of back room deals and logrolling.  Yerington has promised openness in all matters and we believe him. We also share his opposition to the proposed Gaines Street location for a St. Ambrose stadium. You can find out more about his candidacy by visiting his Facebook page.  A QC Times story is available here.     R Mall

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4 Responses to Introducing His Dishonor, The Mayor of Davenport

  1. Roy Munson says:

    Really? Keith Meyer could get his signatures and filings in order at the appropriate time to appear on the ballot but not Phil Yerington? Uhhh good luck with ousting Gluber residents of Davenport.

    • Designated2 says:

      It will certainly be an uphill battle. According to reports, Yerington did not seriously consider running until he saw that Gluba would have no significant opposition. That is understandable. Sometimes candidates are drafted when the volunteers are insufficient. Yerington responded to encouragement and consented to be drafted.

      There was a lot of big talk from the SCRP leadership about city politics. It was not unreasonable for someone who is not a Republican to presume that surely an organization comprised of the most likely organized opposition to notorious “progressive” Democrat like Bill Gluba would produce a candidate. It was our hope that an identifiable Republican would have run. We were as disappointed as anyone that no Republican felt situated to run. Yerington is a solid alternative to Bill Gluba and we hope Republicans will support him. R Mall

      • Roy Munson says:

        “It will certainly be an uphill battle. According to reports, Yerington did not seriously consider running until he saw that Gluba would have no significant opposition. That is understandable.”

        LOL! It is not “understandable.” Look at this very sites posts from all the way back when myself and others were wondering why a “warm body” didn’t at least get on the ballot and challenge the unopposed Gluber last time he won.

        To say Yerington thought there would be a significant challenge to Gluber and this caused him to miss getting on the ballot is simply laughable to me.

        I’m not blaming you guys here. I’m just a non Davenport resident lauging at all this peering in from the outside.

        • Designated2 says:

          Never overestimate the body politic. I am sure we both thought Obama would have significant opposition :-). I don’t blame Yerington for responding to appeals to fill a vacuum. And there has been more significant opposition to Gluba from Yerington in a couple of weeks then some Republicans would have mustered, even if they were vetted and groomed and entered the race on a timely basis. The “non-partisan” municipal race idea is bunk. Republicans should have fielded a candidate as such. They did not. Conservatives and Republicans should support Yerington this race. He is the alternative. R Mall

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