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  1. Brian Jones says:

    Good talking with you today. If I can be of any help, let me know.
    Good blog !

  2. Judy Davidson says:

    I do not waste my time reading your blog, but I do occasionally get reports of what you have written. For the record, much of what you have written about the Scott County GOP or any member of the executive committee is inaccurate.
    Since I am retiring as Chair of the County Party and for the last 8 years you have negatively criticized all that we have done, I suggest that you run for County Chair. Since you have been so vocal with disapproval of all that we have accomplished and you profess to know all the answers and how to better run the county party, now is your chance to do so.
    Judy Davidson, Chair, Scott County Republicans

  3. DLH says:

    “I suggest that you run for County Chair…”

    That may be the only constructive suggestion for the good of the Party that “Her Chairness” has made throughout her entire tenure.

  4. Kathleen Kelly says:

    I notice that neither Judy nor any of her staff took the time to respond to any of your posts to correct any misinformation that you had given. Judy’s snarky post is an example of how she ruled as chair woman. She was not able to give a direct response but barked directives from the podium while her lap dogs shouted down anyone who dared question the way things were being handled. Good riddance. The only problem is that her successor is cut from the same cloth.

  5. Dave Gerrasch says:

    As we sat and listened to President Trump outline his polices, our hopes for a renewed effort to fix the many issues our country faces were both optimistic and guarded. We were excited to here the direction he wanted to take us. Than, the camera scanned the audience and we were treated to the ignorance and embarrassment of the left sitting on their hands and adding to the already divide in our nation. How in the world did these people ever get elected? My grandson’s seventh grade class has more respect and presents a more intelligent body than this group of angry, can’t believe they lost, obstructionist. How do you deal with people that don’t even stand to acknowledge efforts to improve jobs?
    It was a great speech and we believe that President Trump gained the respect and support of many of the electorate on the left. The Democratic Party is a ship without a rudder. Who had the brilliant idea to have an ex Democratic governor give the lefts response from a state that was won by a Republican? If the Republicans stick together, and there is no guarantee they will, but, if they do, we will make America great again.

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