~~ Massaging~~ the Internet, influencing the information flow

We have also complained of this. You can test this on any number of topics if you’re looking for a conservative source

Does Google Have a Liberal Bias? Search Results for Roger Ailes Speak Volumes

Google is no great friend of unfettered Internet

How Google’s Silence Helped Net Neutrality Win  

Three years ago, it hired the FCC’s top lawyer, Austin Schlick, and he’s lobbied the FCC several times over the past year, according to the FCC. But there was no Net Neutrality Google Doodle on the front page of the company’s search engine—not even a press statement from the company after the historic FCC vote this morning. And it wasn’t the only one.

We saw much the same thing from other internet giants—Facebook and Microsoft, for instance—that have benefited from the idea of net neutrality and stand to gain financially if big internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon are blocked from charging extra for priority access to their customers.

Google To Charge Merchants For Shopping Search Placement 
Google is returning to China? It never really left 

While Google search and other apps have been blocked in mainland China, another arm of the company – Google Analytics – the largest web analytics service in the world – has continued to actively operate in China to this day. According to Google, the Analytics service allows website operators to “analyse visitor traffic and paint a complete picture of [the] audience and their needs.” Essentially it means Google Analytics is able to create a record of what pages are visited and how a user has interacted with a given page. Google Analytics provides this service at no cost to website operators around the world, including those based in China

Report: Google will comply with censorship laws to get Play into China

Today The Information reports that Google is making plans to get a version of Google Play back into China and that it’s willing to work within Chinese censorship law to do it. The company “will follow local laws and block apps that the government deems objectionable” in the interest of regaining control over its own operating system. Google also wants to help Chinese developers distribute their apps outside of China and help international developers sell their apps within China.

Censorship by Google   (a Wikipedia article)

DLH with R Mall

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Make repulsive asses of themselves…soil their underwear in public…and believe that civilized people think they’re admirable

Another ‘Great Moment’ in a Corrupt Party’s History:

CA Dem leader waves middle fingers, leads ‘F*ck Donald Trump’ chant at convention

Democrat anger and bitterness were palpable in Sacramento, California on Saturday. Outgoing California Democratic Party chairman John Burton left his position by waving his middle fingers in the air and leading the convention hall in a chant of “F*ck Donald Trump.”

Politico’s Carla Marinucci, who tweeted video of the moment, reports Burton received a standing ovation.

We note from the article that Nancy Pelosi was seen expressing joyful mirth about the display.

And their celebrity stable is of the same ilk

When Robert DeNiro calls you names, you know you’re doing something right. The actor has become a repulsive caricature…a creepy old “get off my lawn” grouch who can only express himself in obscenities !

Robert De Niro: Trump a ‘Pig’ Worse Than Madoff

Actor Robert De Niro delivered an outburst of anti-Trump vitriol just before the Saturday night debut on HBO of The Wizard of Lies, a movie in which he plays Bernie Madoff.

He told USA Today that Madoff’s story still “resonates” thanks to President Donald Trump and that while what Madoff “did was horrible and awful; monstrous,” Trump is worse than the Ponzi scheme criminal since he’s a “bad con artist” who every day is “doing something that is absolutely — what word can I use? He’s just a slob. He’s a pig.

DeNiro knows of what he speaks. The poor man must be paying the inevitable price of rooting around in a cocaine-fueled sty for many years.

There may be few more talented actors or richer Hollywood-ites than Robert DeNiro, but there may also not be very many bigger or more garbage covered ‘pigs’ than the actor.
Apparently when Robert is not getting the attention he believes he deserves, he blurts out such stuff as the above which sounds very much like an addled old has-been seriously off his meds:

Via the Daily Mail:

Robert De Niro threatened his on-off lover in bid to force her to abort his secret ‘daughter’ during his cocaine-fuelled 1980s wild years – and his ‘method acting’ inspired John Belushi to inject the drugs which killed him

De Niro started on-off affair with Helena Springs when he followed her car down a Los Angeles boulevard and asked her out to dinner
She became pregnant and he ‘threatened and intimidated’ her in bid to convince her to abort their child
Daughter, Nina, was born in 1982 but when she sued for maintenance 10 years later tests showed he was not the father
New book reveals his last night with John Belushi and how he cried a few hours later when he was told of the comedian’s ‘speedball’ overdose death
Details private partying and cocaine use by Oscar-winner who has become property tycoon and one of Hollywood’s wealthiest men


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Unmitigated duplicity from the jackals of the dominant media

Cackles and screams about Trump and Russian collusion (never identified only the dark inference) when all we do know about it is that there is no evidence, the inference made up to damage Trump, and would have been “contra-interests” for Russia anyway. The same media outlets were largely silent about real scandals with interests and results aplenty.

John Hinderaker, notable of Powerline issues a powerful reminder of

The Democrats are trying to make a scandal out of the fact that representatives of the Trump campaign communicated with Russians, even though those communications were 100% appropriate. I had forgotten about this post, which I wrote in March 2015, until Rush Limbaugh read from it on his program yesterday. It reminds us what a REAL scandal involving a presidential campaign and foreign policy looks like:

In 2008, the Bush administration, along with the “six powers,” was negotiating with Iran concerning that country’s nuclear arms program. The Bush administration’s objective was to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

. . .  the main issue . . . that it stop enriching uranium. And Iranian diplomats reiterated before the talks that they considered the issue nonnegotiable.

The Iranians held firm to their position, perhaps because they knew that help was on the way, in the form of a new president. Barack Obama had clinched the Democratic nomination on June 3. At some point either before or after that date, but prior to the election, he secretly let the Iranians know that he would be much easier to bargain with than President Bush. Michael Ledeen reported the story last year  . . .

So Obama secretly told the mullahs not to make a deal until he assumed the presidency, when they would be able to make a better agreement. Which is exactly what happened: Obama abandoned the requirement that Iran stop enriching uranium, so that Iran’s nuclear program has sped ahead over the months and years that negotiations have dragged on.    . . .

That, readers, is what a real scandal looks like.

And there is also the incredible silence from these watchdogs jackals and hellhounds regarding the utter ridiculousness of the ACLU (representing leftist interests) in essentially arguing that, well if Hillary had issued Trump’s travel moratorium as he did regarding a relative few Muslim countries unable or unwilling to adequately vet their citizens for terrorism connections, then it would be constitutional.  As Hinderaker points out: ACLU Makes It Official: The Only Thing Wrong With Trump’s Travel Order Is Trump

DLH with R Mall

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Miss Peggy as herself

Democracy Is Not Your Plaything  *

When the circus comes to Washington, it consumes everything, absorbs all energy



Recall when Peggy swooned over Obama…Constantly issued snarky criticisms of G W Bush. Here is her latest on the Republican President trump:

“The president of the United States has produced a building crisis that is unprecedented in our history. The question, at bottom, is whether Donald Trump has demonstrated, in his first four months, that he is unfit for the presidency—wholly unsuited in terms of judgment, knowledge, mental capacity, personal stability. That epic question is then broken down into discrete and specific questions: Did he improperly attempt to interfere with an FBI criminal investigation, did his presidential campaign collude with a foreign government, etc.”

Miss Peggy begins her column as though she has serious inquiry over a question of Donald Trump’s “fitness” for the office some 60 million Americans elected him to. The rest of her column is a not even a thinly veiled statement revealing she doesn’t have a question at all. She’s made up her mind, and, of course her conclusion went the way it always does…Trump is unfit!

Now Peggy would vigorously deny it and would denounce anyone who suggested it, but the lady has found the secret to sustaining her “prominence” in pundit-world.

She plays Washington Establishment strategy to the hilt. While she is vicious in her attack on Trump, Noonan would be outraged if accused of having wanted Hillary as president above any other candidate in 2012. She would be her typically “Shrill Peggy” in pointing to some reference she once buried in a column which was mildly critical of  “HER”.

To recall for Peggy her gushing endorsement of Obama in his early days would see Peggy unleash her most eloquent invective that she only approved of the ‘good stuff” Obama brought to the office…his ‘unflappability’, his thoughtful approach to serious issues, blah, blah.

We submit that there is no other way to interpret Ms. Noonan’s position as her deep belief that Hillary Clinton would have made a swell president, Barack Obama wasn’t bad either, and that the vile GW Bush did not have the sense to realize it was Noonan who actually made Ronald Reagan what he was and she should have been given big responsibility in GW’s administration.

Noonan will never forgive GW or the American for having failed to recognize her own greatness!                  DLH

*yes Ms Peggy, the unwashed elected the deplorable Trump but as a gentle reminder we are a constitutional republic, not a democracy, our elections are not democratically held, we have an electoral college system.  By the way, how unwashed were the Hillary voters?

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Guy Benson at Townhall writes:  (excerpt)

Scientific Study: Journalists Are a Bunch of Drunks With Sub-Average Brain Function 

According to a study released Thursday by neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart in association with the London Press Club, the highest functions of the human brain operate at a lower level in journalists than the average population. Her research titled “Study Into The Mental Resilience of Journalists,” blames journalists’ cognitive shortcomings on dehydration caused by excessive alcohol consumption along with poor diet, including higher levels of sugar and caffeine. Less than 5% of journalists drink enough — or any — water while 41% drank more than 18 alcoholic drinks per week.

Fact check: Mostly true. Here’s the full study, if you’re interested. I’ll leave you with this nugget from the Harvard study, highlighting a clear outlier among media outlets’ treatment of Trump. Anyone could have guessed that Fox News would rank as the friendliest major news source for Trump, but I’d be surprised if people would also have figured that Fox’s coverage was still slightly net-negative overall. For all the talk about FNC being “in the tank” for the new president, or the American version of “state television,” this breakdown actually makes Fox look quite a bit more — what’s the phrase I’m searching for here? — fair and balanced than the rest of the pack:Liberal open-mindedness? There’s your oxymoron.

For the record, we at V’pac are commentators / opinion writers

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MSM scooped again by V’pac in analysis

Certainly not to brag, but, IS VERITASPAC out in front of the news?! This is from Fox News…late this afternoon!

“So what exactly is Mueller’s conflict?  He and James Comey are good friends and former colleagues who worked hand-in-hand for years at the FBI.  Agents will tell you they were joined at the hip.  They stood together in solidarity, both threatening to resign over the warrantless wiretapping fiasco involving then-Attorney General John Ashcroft in 2004.

“Comey regards his predecessor as a mentor, while Mueller considers Comey his protégé.  When Comey was appointed to succeed Mueller as FBI Director, both men appeared together and were effusive in their praise of one another.  Their relationship is not merely a casual one.  It is precisely the kind of association which ethical rules are designed to guard against.”


“Mueller’s a pro,” Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., said Friday.

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., said the investigation will include questions regarding possible “misconduct” or “interference.” He said Rosenstein made clear that Mueller would have the freedom take the probe wherever he needs.

“There were questions well outside the Russian scope in there,” Issa said.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., said Mueller would have “complete discretion to take the investigation” where it needs to go.


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Pope endorses Robert Mueller


“A Robert Mueller word association game would go something like this: integrity, honor, respect, order, discipline, honesty, fairness.”

That’s how Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel describes the universally high regard for the newly named Special Counsel.

Mueller’s widely seen as “the man” who will bring down the presidency of Donald Trump, to the great satisfaction of Democrats and Republican Establishment politicians nationwide, and to the relief of most of the other cowardly Republican politicians who see Mueller taking the burden from their tiny, narrow shoulders of having to either defend their party’s leader or join the mob at the risk of alienating their own voters who elected Trump.

But Ms. Strassel added a note to her Mueller “word-association game”…he’s a longtime colleague of James Comey…”; Mueller and Comey “have worked together, socialized together, and once threatened to resign together.”

Strassel writes that Comey “treated Mueller as a close friend and almost mentor.”

She further recalls that “It was Mueller as FBI head who was with Mr. Comey, then deputy attorney general, during the infamous 2004 showdown with the Bush administration over NSA spying.” (That alone, it seems to us, would make him a ‘hero’ to the left; it launched Comey’s once universal fame and adoration.)

Strassel summarizes her piece with the highly pertinent question: “…can he (Mueller) be objective toward Comey?”

We would add further a question: this one about why Rod Rosenstein, knowing of the close association and friendship between Mueller and Comey, would name Mueller to the job which is clearly hoped by the Washington establishment to be the means to destroy the Trump presidency?

Was Rosenstein overcome by the awesomeness of Mueller’s virtuous characteristics…or was there another reason?

(There’s a wide variety of interesting, seemingly a bit contradictory, but often curious elements in Mr. Rosenstein’s background: ie. he was one of the 48 federal prosecutors whose resignations were demanded by AG Sessions…which Trump overruled. Rosenstein was named US Attorney for the District of Maryland by GW Bush; he remained in that position for the entire Obama presidency.)


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The abortion syndicate Planned Parenthood announces more Iowa closings

Reading between the lines of the Planned Parenthood abortion syndicate’s announcement that it will be closing four of its dozen or so chambers in Iowa:

  • Being committed to killing unborn women in the name of empowering women, they gave up taxpayer largess
  • Believing that they are so popular, have such high approval of their abortion mission, and that there is no alternative to killing babies  . . . well there was just no way they could keep their doors open.
  • The syndicate was struggling to strangle unborn babies even before tax money was pulled

The communication from Planned Parenthood’s managing executioner:


Despite every effort to fight back against defunding by extreme Iowa lawmakers, and despite the overwhelming support of 77% of Iowans, I have heartbreaking news to share about Planned Parenthood of the Heartland.

As a direct result of defunding by Iowa Governor Branstad, Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds and anti-women’s health legislators, PPHeartland is now forced to close health centers in four Iowa communities: Quad Cities, Burlington, Keokuk and Sioux City.

These changes are devastating. More than 14,000 patients who trust Planned Parenthood with their health care in these communities and in neighboring areas no longer have access to their provider of choice.

Anti-choice politicians – who are driven by their personal beliefs, not facts – are hurting women by preventing us from being able to provide critical family planning services and life-saving cancer screenings.

As we have said before, defunding Planned Parenthood will set a health care crisis in motion in Iowa. We will be watching and holding these politicians accountable for the hurt they have caused, the futures they have irreparably damaged – the lives they have shortened.

We have fought with everything we had against defunding. We turned over every rock, dotted every “i” and crossed every “t” to explore our options in defending our mission in the face of losing funding.

Our goal has always been to preserve services for as many patients as possible in Iowa and Nebraska. These closings are difficult decisions we have been forced to make in order to continue to care for as many patients as possible.

In the wake of this devastating news, I have a message for these lawmakers who have so willingly and recklessly ignored the will of their constituents – the very people who put them in office: You can knock us down, but you will not defeat us. We are still here. We will stand strong.

This fight is far from over.

Suzanna de Baca
President/CEO, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland

By  her name, ironically, she should be used to Planned Parenthood being transitory.  But the record shows that even when awash in taxpayer largess they can’t make it, were not well received, abused pro-abortion fat-cat donors to over expand, whatever.

They just lie

The abortion syndicate’s press release is just BS —  nevertheless absorbed and repeated by much of the dominant liberal media, always eager to do so. But if evil legislators are to blame now for the closings, who was to blame for their even more numerous closings when taxpayer funding had been increasing to them, at the federal level,  propping them up, and was continued in Iowa?  These articles from a year or two ago refer to a spate of closings in 2014 and more predating any reduction in taxpayer funding.

Analyzed  back then in the following article by Abby Johnson, a former director of a Planned Parenthood syndicate operation in Texas:

Why are so many Planned Parenthood clinics closing? Hint: It’s not why you think.  

Locals react to closure of Planned Parenthood’s Dubuque clinic

Planned Parenthood abortion syndicates do not serve women extensively or comprehensively.

Consider this graph (data prior to yesterdays announcement of  closings)














The accompanying article lists the RHC locations alongside a synopsis of women’s health services offered. Planned Parenthood never did provide comprehensive services, instead focused on abortion. Planned Parenthood can still devote itself to abortion, just not with fungible taxpayer money to cover overhead and insure their profits. Note that the graphic refers to rural health centers, belying Planned Parenthood’s lies that women will not have access to health care. Not shown are the more urban areas where Planned Parenthood located anyway, not in burgeville Iowa. Most larger towns in Iowa are served by Community Health Centers which are comprehensive, serve the poor along with all manner of other doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals. Planned Parenthood just lies.

Prayer and side-walk counselors at the Bettendorf Planned Parenthood have remarked about the decline in cars in the parking lot there. The location of the Women’s Choice center across the street, where ultra sounds and pregnancy tests are free along with counseling, done without taxpayer support, also cut into their abortion business.

More abortion syndicate BS including from pro-abortion politicians

The QC Times reported:

Planned Parenthood’s news release on the closures said that abortion services in Bettendorf would be offered until its building there sold.

A number of factors went into choosing which of its clinics would close, de Baca said, including needs in a community, support and opposition there, location of donors, patient trends and financial concerns.

So they were not needed, did not have community support, want visibility for donors rather than serving people. We get it.

Rep. Phyllis Thede, D-Bettendorf, who opposed plans in the legislature to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood, said politicians were making health care decisions for women and families.

“Today’s terrible news means nearly 4,000 women in the Quad Cities will lose access to critical health care services like cancer screenings and birth control,” she said.

“For many Iowans, Planned Parenthood is the only access they have to health care services and forcing these clinics to close will only mean families will have less access to basic medical services,” said Dave Loebsack D-Iowa, who’s district includes three of the four clinics that are closing.

What utter nonsensical tools those two are.

When will they actually close their death-star satellite in Bettendorf?

It is rather open ended, supposedly dependent in sale of the building, but as noted the number of cars observed in the parking lot is small and has been diminishing.

More as information comes our way.

R Mall

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You saw it here earlier

“Smear production factory”*

Elected Government Hangs in the Balance**

From the Managing Editor “ME”

Our Illustrious Senior Editor (acronym for the job title which should not be confused with various renditions of a certain Islamic terrorist organization . . . and we regret saying “rendition”***)  DLH posted the following yesterday as a follow-on comment to a featured post we collaborated on. I often decide to feature DLH comments, first sent as such, because they are pithy and often profound, always insightful (and sometimes “incite ful”).

Read his “yesterday” comment and then the full-fledged essay appearing today in The Federalist by James Downton “James Downton is the pen name of a Federalist contributor who is contractually prohibited from writing publicly about politics under his real name.”

DLH writes: Where to begin…?

Patrick Fitzgerald was also “well-respected” by both sides of that very narrow aisle, AND, most importantly, the media (he was also a good ‘friend’ of Comey). Let’s ask Scooter Libby how well that went when Fitzgerald and Comey KNEW there was NO CASE before Fitz even started his Special Prosecutor gig. But he eventually found somebody to charge with something…someone on the right whose recall of facts was deemed in conflict with a liberal “journalist.

Folks, if you think your vote is worth any more than what FDR’s vice president, John Nance Garner, described as the “value of his office…”a bucket of warm spit”…think again. Given the mountain of evidence of wrongdoing, corruption, obstruction, destruction of evidence, defiance of congress and the courts, NO Democrats, no media, definitely NO Republicans called for a Special Counsel or certainly not impeachment of arguably America’s worst in history (Obama) nor of its worst candidate for the presidency (H. Clinton)…

This president, in office less than 150 days, has just seen the certain end to his presidency, as of Wednesday, May 18. If he is not removed from office, by impeachment conviction or resignation, his administration agenda is dead nevertheless!

We Are Watching A Slow-Moving Coup D’etat 

This coup d’etat represents not the rule of one man or even many, but by the multitude of our elites. 

MEthinks it is a great essay, fleshing out some of DLH’s earlier expressed concerns.

But there is more.  This Cliff Kincaid article**  at GOP USA also pursued the topic today

Elected Government Hangs in the Balance

* telling line from the “Downton” article

***the deep state has an affinity for “the practice of sending a foreign criminal or terrorist suspect covertly to be interrogated in a country with less rigorous regulations for the humane treatment of prisoners”

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AP: Former FBI Director Mueller to lead Trump-Russia probe

♠Dems want to see “the evidence”; I’m sure they will

♣Mueller is, of course, “well-respected by both sides of the aisle”.

♥Wasn’t Comey “well-respected by “both sides of the aisle” at one time?

♦Rush noted: Where’s Comey’s “meticulous notes” on his meetings with Obama?

Trump has it right.  It is a witch hunt 

“With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special counsel appointed!” Trump stated during his usual morning Twitter session.

Fox & Friends this morning had a group of talking heads to whom co-host Brian Kilmeade asked (and also answered himself) as to whether the special counsel will look into Democrat connections to Russia ( Clinton, Podesta, Obama etc.)  The answer was NO.   Regardless of the appointment coming out of the Justice Department, to cheerlead the thing as many have done and not scream bloody murder about the limits to the inquiry is treachery by Republican leadership.  This is true EVEN if other investigations could be in the works because of the damage it does to public morale towards Republican programs dutifully being implemented by Trump.

DLH with R Mall

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