Yale is a frivolous school, should students attending it be eligible for a student loan?

And there’s concern that students are going into major debt to get degrees that are not likely to lead to jobs they can make a living at???    DLH

This from The Daily Wire

Yale Survey Of Its Freshman Finds More Who Identify As LGBTQ Than Conservative 

According to a Yale Daily News survey of freshmen students, more students of the class of 2022 identify as members of the LGBTQ group than identify as conservatives, Protestants or Catholics. According to the survey, a paltry 9% of the freshmen surveyed identified as “somewhat conservative” with a miniscule 1% identifying as “very conservative.” Meanwhile, almost 5% of the students surveyed identified as gay, over 9% identified as bisexual or transsexual, and 8% identified as “asexual, ace spectrum or questioning their sexual orientation.”

As The College Fix noted, the total of students identifying as LGBTQ or asexual outnumbered the 16% of students identifying as Protestants and the 15% identifying as Catholics.

As Yale University notes:

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies (LGBTS) at Yale promotes innovative interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching on the historical and contemporary experience of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender people. It also fosters critical analysis of queer and normative sexualities, the formation of sexual and gender minorities, and the role of sexuality in culture and politics across the world.

One conservative student from Texas noted that although he was concerned that his professors would not deal well with his perspective, the students were far more obviously hostile. He said, “My professors have been very welcoming of discussing certain topics that wouldn’t otherwise be discussed. But the student body is different, there are some students who I’ve run into where our conversations have quickly devolved into them yelling at me, and I just wanted to escape

Frankly I thought the percentage of LGBTS for the institution is low.  I’ve felt the best presumption about a Yale alumnus is that they are more like 75% one or another of LGBTS or even less manly. Just say’n.     R Mall,  consider:


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Why not just send Maxine Waters?

Tell me again…which party is George going to stump for?

“We’ve seen nationalism distorted into nativism — forgotten the dynamism that immigration has always brought to America,” he said at the time. “We see a fading confidence in the value of free markets and international trade — forgetting that conflict, instability and poverty follow in the wake of protectionism.”
George W. Bush, October 2017


The guy who imposed steel tariffs hamhandedly, the guy who failed miserably to control the “dynamism” of the border jumpers or the “dynamism” of the illegal immigrants’ welfare dependency.

This cycle it is Trump league that will win elections, not the Bush league

But the Republican establishment thinks GW is a big vote-getter and that there is nothing “mixed message” about his appeal? Or maybe they do understand that. Assuming so, they might as well send out Maxine Waters. She could whip up the Dems and more  Republicans than Bush.

Cong. Waters latest threats and  mob incitement against Trump and Pence (and any supporter) reminds us of . . .




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Texas education bureaucrats want to diminish the Alamo defenders

Remember our article of a few days ago about the use in school history books of the Associated Press summation about voters in the 2016 election? The warpage of history by the leftist education bureaucracy is expansive. They succeed because they essentially elect the supposed people’s representatives to school boards because other voters are either too lazy to turn out or the dearth of conservative candidates.

It goes on even in Texas.  From The Daily Signal by Jerrett Stepman.  Pictures not in original

We think this is among the real reasons the Texas education bureaucracy want to diminish the aura of the Alamo

Attempt to Diminish Heroism of Alamo Defenders Is a Shameful War on History  

The next generation of Texans may not care to “remember the Alamo” after a recent decision by the Texas State Board of Education.

The Battle of the Alamo, which occurred during the Texas Revolution of the 1830s, is one of the most famed military actions in Texas and American history.

Just a few hundred Alamo defenders, who hailed from numerous countries and all walks of life, held off a Mexican army, led by Gen. Santa Anna, of nearly 2,000 for hours before being overrun.

The brave actions of a few, patriotic men against incredible odds has been compared to the Battle of Thermopylae, in which a handful of Greek soldiers fought against a massive Persian army. In fact, a plaque saying as much sits on the wall of the fort today, which is located in the middle of downtown San Antonio.

But in June, an advisory group of educators * concluded that calling the Alamo’s defenders “heroic” was a “value-charged word,” so the State Board of Education decided to remove this from the state’s seventh-grade curriculum.

The board recommended specifically removing classroom reference to a famous letter from Alamo commander William B. Travis, which galvanized Texans and Americans to the cause of Texas independence from Mexico.

On Twitter, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott blasted the move as out-of-control “political correctness.”

Land Commissioner George P. Bush also criticized the change and said that Travis’ letter must remain a “core” part of Texas history.

Travis’ stirring letter, written on Feb. 24, 1836, reads:

To the People of Texas & All Americans in the World—

Fellow Citizens & compatriots—

I am besieged, by a thousand or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna—I have sustained a continual Bombardment & cannonade for 24 hours & have not lost a man—The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise, the garrison are to be put to the sword, if the fort is taken—I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, & our flag still waves proudly from the walls—I shall never surrender or retreat. Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism & everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid, with all dispatch—The enemy is receiving reinforcements daily & will no doubt increase to three or four thousand in four or five days. If this call is neglected, I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible & die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor & that of his country—Victory or Death.

William Barrett Travis.

Lt.  Col. comdt.

PS. The Lord is on our side—When the enemy appeared in sight we had not three bushels of corn—We have since found in deserted houses 80 or 90 bushels and got into the walls 20 or 30 head of Beeves.

In just a few weeks, Travis and nearly all of the Alamo’s defenders were dead.

Among the illustrious group of slain warriors were David Crockett—a frontier folk hero who had served in the Tennessee Legislature—and James Bowie, another famed frontiersman who popularized the “Bowie knife.”

Their deaths were a rallying cry for Texans and galvanized supporters of Texas independence. Shortly thereafter, Texans defeated that same Mexican army at the Battle of San Jacinto, effectively securing their independence.

Texas joined the United States a decade later, and the story of the Alamo became an American one. The story has risen to prominence over the years as an example of extreme courage in the face of overwhelming odds—a trait we should hope many future generations of Americans would emulate.

It’s no wonder the move to strip the heroics and patriotism of this famed battle was met with anger and a deluge of animosity, as it should be, especially in light of other attempts to banish old heroes in Texas.

After intense scrutiny, the Texas State Board of Education indicated after a hearing on Tuesday that it might back off removing Travis’ letter from the curriculum.

One of the committee members, Stephen Cure, said it was not the committee’s intent to diminish the heroism of those who fought at the Alamo, according to LMT Online.

Cure said that under a revised standard, Texas schools would recognize “the heroism of diverse defenders who gave their lives.”

The board will announce its final decision about the curriculum in November.

However, regardless of how the Alamo issue plays out, the board’s action should be a wake-up call to the people of Texas that there need to be more options for their families and children than the one-size-fits-all public school system currently available to parents.

Despite its reputation as a deep-red state, Texas has lagged badly in creating private school choice options for parents. This is not just a Texas problem; this is a problem for many red states, which should theoretically have school choice-friendly legislatures and governors. But many have dropped the ball in making it a priority issue.

For the sake of future generations, this needs to change.

Not only do school choice programs allow parents to put their children in higher performing schools, but they allow them to move them into schools that reflect their beliefs.

Education is not merely about test scores and gearing up to get into top colleges. It’s also about civics and teaching young Americans to be citizens.

If Texas public schools don’t care to teach young Texans to remember the Alamo, then perhaps parents need the option to send their children to schools that will.

In a climate in which we are witnessing a concerted war on our history, where great men and high ideas are being stripped from public places—from Hollywood, media, and certainly academia—it is essential that young Americans have access to an education that will continue to instill patriotism.

Without this, we risk losing the values that make us the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  • V’pac note — the referenced Washington Post link includes that the revisions will supposedly free up 90 minutes of history lesson time. We are thinking they could more profitably free up a lot more by eliminating the junk in so much of the rest of the curricula.
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Now 17 years later

This video not only still resonates (intended for the 16 year anniversary), the left has managed to amplify the points.  Thanks to TN for the forward.  Thanks to Media Rsearch Center for producing it.

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Hanson — The Circus of Resistance

This is an outstanding piece by an outstanding historian, writer, and keen political observer.

If only it could be read by millions of Americans beyond conservative circles, it would bring clarity to so many of the phony, staged events of the day, designed specifically to nullify the 2016 election.

Victor Davis Hanson provides in this one column an impressive recap of the ludicrous posturing of past presidents and administrations of both parties, and reminders of the various Unconstitutional and criminal activities of the most recent past president and his anti-US administration.

From Center for American Greatness.  Posted in its entirety as is permitted

The Circus of Resistance 

The resistance to Donald Trump was warring on all fronts last week.

Democratic senators vied with pop-up protestors in the U.S. Senate gallery to disrupt and, if possible, to derail the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) played Spartacus, but could not even get the script right as he claimed to be bravely releasing classified information that was already declassified. I cannot remember another example of a senator who wanted to break the law but could not figure out how to do it.

Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), former Harvard Law Professor who still insists she is of Native American heritage, called for the president to be removed by invoking the 25th Amendment. Apparently fabricating an ethnic identity is sane, and getting out of the Iran deal or the Paris Climate Accord is insanity and grounds for removal.

Barack Obama decided that ex-presidents should attack current presidents, and thereby reminded the country why Trump was elected. The author of the Russian “reset” and the hot-mic collusionary offer criticized Trump for being soft on Putin. The president who never achieved annualized 3 percent GDP growth (and is the first president since 1933 who can claim this “distinction”) also claimed Trump’s roaring economy was due to Obama-era policies (e.g., raising taxes, Obamacare, more regulations, and “you didn’t build that” commentaries). Fresh from trashing his successor in a funeral speech, the ever audacious Obama called for more decorum.

Bruce Ohr, once number four at the Department of Justice, and whose wife was working with Christopher Steele on the Fusion GPS file (a fact he has never disclosed willingly), now more or less has made a mockery of the FBI narrative of when, why, and how it began surveilling American citizens and infiltrating the Trump campaign. Ohr apparently has testified that well before the election, and well before the application of FISA warrants, he was working with the FBI, the already discredited Christopher Steele, and a Russian oligarch either to smear candidate Trump, or to facilitate the entry into the United States of a once barred and questionable Russian grandee, or both.

Nike hired NFL renegade Colin Kaepernick to peddle its sports products. For all its billion-dollar market research, it apparently did not know what Donald Trump’s animal cunning had almost immediately surmised: a majority of Americans do not appreciate the pampered multimillionaire Kaepernick sanctioning violence against the police by wearing “pig” socks, or mocking the National Anthem by taking a knee. Nike could just as well have hired Bowe Bergdahl to push its sneakers.

The Deep State Emerges
Then we come to an insurrectionary “resistance” op-ed in the New York Times, an insider scoop about a collective “undercover” effort to nullify the current presidency.

Contrary to popular opinion, there was nothing “newsworthy” about the recent anonymous op-ed, written by an unnamed “senior official” about the supposed pathologies of President Trump.

Or rather to the extent the op-ed was significant, it confirmed what heretofore had been written off as a “right-wing” conspiracy theory of a “deep state.” The anonymous author confessed to being part of a group that is trying to use subterranean methods to thwart an elected president, not because his record is wanting (indeed, the author admits it is often impressive) but because he finds Trump unorthodox and antithetical to the establishment norms of governance and comportment.

To cut to the quick, the op-ed was published to coincide with the latest Bob Woodward “according-to-an-unnamed-source” exposé, Fear. The intent of anonymous and the New York Times was to create a force multiplying effect of a collapsing presidency—in need of the Times’ sober and judicious handlers, NeverTrump professionals, and “bipartisan” Democrats of the sort we saw during the Kavanaugh hearing to “step in” and apparently stage an intervention to save the country.

Had the Woodward book not been in the news, neither would be the anonymous op-ed. And of course, the Times, in times before 2017, would never have published a insurrectionary letter from an unnamed worried Obama aide that the president was detached and listless—playing spades during the Bin Laden raid, outsourcing to Eric Holder the electronic surveillance of Associated Press journalists, letting Lois Lerner weaponize the IRS, and allowing his FBI, CIA, and Justice Department to conspire to destroy Hillary Clinton’s 2016 opponent.

Woodward’s book is a more refined and establishment version of Michael Wolff’s and Omarosa’s volumes I and II in the ongoing “inside Trump” saga. The game is either to talk off the record to Woodward about one’s own brilliant (but unappreciated) efforts to avoid catastrophe, or else one will get talked about for causing catastrophe by someone else who talked off the record to Woodward to avoid being talked about by someone else. So Woodward is a Washington ventriloquist who keeps straight the strings of the talking puppets.

More Beltway Fantasies
The op-ed is the latest cartoon of Trump, the Road Runner, finally, at last, and for sure driven off the cliff by the Resistance as Wile E. Coyote—infuriated by yet another Road Runner beep-beep.  There were earlier and serial Looney Tunes efforts to nullify the Electoral College, to sue about election machines, to boycott the Inauguration, to introduce articles of impeachment, to invoke the 25th Amendment, to try out the Emoluments Clause and the Logan Act, to sue by cherry picking liberal federal judges, to harass officials in public places and restaurants, to warp the FISA courts, to fund a foreign spy to do opposition research, and to weaponize even further the FBI, NSA, and Justice Department—along with the now-boring celebrity assassination chic rhetoric of blowing up, stabbing, shooting, burning, hanging, smashing, and decapitating Donald J. Trump.

After the latest hysteria dies down, this chapter in the ongoing psychodrama will be revealed for what it is: a fantasy of a wannabe coup that is not going to happen. The commentariat’s silly claim that the op-ed was “extraordinary” and “newsworthy” is laughable. There are hundreds of “senior officials” all throughout every presidency, no doubt more so in the outsider Trump’s, who are disgruntled. On any given day, any newspaper could root out a “senior official” to write anonymously anything it wished to fit a preconceived narrative. What is extraordinary is not an op-ed from some sort of a mad David Stockman taken to the woodshed or defrocked Don Regan losing a war with Nancy Reagan, but that the New York Times hunted down someone of #theResistance to create a hysteria that an unhinged Trump must be removed.

By the scale of past White House melodramas, this is no big deal. It is not as if an off-the radar, rogue band in the White House was caught selling arms to Iran and using the profits to fund resistance to Daniel Ortega’s Marxist regime in Nicaragua. The gossip about Trump’s mental processes are no more dramatic than the rumors were about a doddering Reagan in his second term, which later were trafficked by his own son, Ron Jr. (“Father had Alzheimer’s in office”). Trump is not, in Woodrow Wilson fashion, near comatose and locked up in a White House bedroom, while Melania takes over the country. His aides are not covering up the fact that Trump’s blood pressure is peaking at 250 over 150, or that some mornings he cannot get out of bed—as was true of FDR as he campaigned for a fourth term in 1944.

We are not witnessing a sitcom in which the president has serial, and often perverse sex with a White House intern in the Oval Office bathroom. Nor we are being treated to an interview by a senior Ben Rhodes-like official who brags how the Trump Administration deliberately fed a cadre of rookie idiot reporters all sorts of “echo chamber” narratives necessary to pass a dangerous deal with Iran that sidestepped the Senate’s constitutional obligations. Nor is Melania confessing that the presidential calendar of speeches and trips is calibrated to an astrologer’s chart of lucky and unlucky days. No one is suggesting that Ivanka leads séances (“imaginary chats” or “brainstorming exercises”) in the East Room to call down the spirits of Calvin Coolidge and Ayn Rand for imaginary conversations and pep talks.

The writer’s chief complaint is that Trump “is not moored to any discernible first principles that guide his decision.” Flesh that out. That would imply something along the lines that Trump ignores advice from New York Times op-ed writers and instead thrashes about and cancels the Iran deal. Or he dangerously and rashly gets out of the Paris Climate Accord. Or he stupidly insists that the U.S. embassy be moved to Jerusalem in helter-skelter fashion. Or he insanely demands massive deregulation, tax cuts, and new oil exploration without following any overarching principles in achieving 4 percent quarterly GDP growth or a record high stock market. Worst of all, madman Trump screams, yells, and ends the sacred idea that after 70 years the Palestinians are still refugees.

Trump’s One Principle
Certainly, there are principles behind such Trump moves, but they are not always those of the Washington establishment, whose agendas the writer reflects. Trump’s initiatives are often long overdue moves that would never have happened in either a “sober and judicious” Democratic or Republican administration, however much they might have been polled and discussed.

Trump has mostly one principle: he was elected to pursue a conservative populist agenda without too much worry what the Washington establishment said or did, whose record on the economic front since 2008 and in foreign policy was not especially stellar. In that sense, he is far more principled in carrying out his promises than many past presidents whose stump speeches on taxes, illegal immigration, trade, educational reform and a host of other issues were either never reified or flat out broken.

So far, for all the crudity and Twitter antics, we have not had a “read my lips” or “you can keep your doctor” moment in the sense of a deliberate effort to break a campaign promise.

Anonymous huffs: “In addition to his mass-marketing of the notion that the press is the ‘enemy of the people,’ President Trump’s impulses are generally anti-trade and anti-democratic.” Again, Trump has said repeatedly he would prefer no tariffs if trade was just reciprocal. On trade issues, he has made progress with the EU and Mexico and likely soon Canada and China, all of whom enjoy trade surpluses which Trump throughout his campaign claimed were harmful to the United States and would diminish under his presidency.

As for as Trump’s loud anti-media tweets, worry not about what he now says, but when he orders his attorney general to start monitoring on the sly the communications of Associated Press reporters or the private emails of a Fox correspondent, or when his Justice Department and FBI hierarchy deludes a FISA court in order to spy on American citizens.

As far as “anti-democratic” and a Russian-appeasing Trump, he has not yet claimed that Putin was trustworthy and genuine based on a soul-gazing stare into his eyes. Nor has he been caught on a hot mic promising to give up U.S. missile defense programs in Eastern Europe, if Vladimir would just give him “space” during his reelection bid. Trump has said silly things about Putin, but so far his actual record is certainly not of the reset sort that greenlighted Russian entrance into the Middle East, Ukraine, and Crimea.

Somehow it’s “news” that a senior, unnamed official claims all the bad stuff that we don’t know happened, or actually never quite happened, was due to Trump alone. And, of course, all the good stuff that we do know happened was only because of noble, smart, patriotic, and visionary officials like the writer and his friends.

Anonymous finishes with an encomium to John McCain, whose politicized and unfortunate funeral we have just witnessed, and the likes of which we have not seen since the travesty of Paul Wellstone’s own hijacked services 16 years ago. Tragically, the McCain funeral speeches most certainly should not serve as model of how to honor a distinguished U.S. senator in the future.

McCain’s final deification by his erstwhile critics and enemies was mostly a result of his own bitter feud with Donald Trump that in his 11th hour sanctified him to those who had earlier smeared him as a libertine and reckless in 2000—and vilified him in 2008 as a near-demented racist. In sum, in death McCain was transmogrified into angelic status by the very architects who in life were responsible for his demonization.

The recent op-ed is yet another episode in an endless resistance cartoon, another pathetic effort of self-important grandees to undo by fiat what the voters did by voting in 2016.

Photo Credit: Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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Maybe George W. Bush doesn’t know ‘weird shit’ when he sees it after all!

  • Obama tells voters to step up or ‘things can get worse’

If we may quote from a former president, when you read or view Barack Obama’s comments, are you not moved to describe it as “some weird shit”?

When then, forgive me, but I am moved to ask of former president, George W. Bush, why he has not similarly criticized Mr. Obama when he was very anxious to label President Trump’s inaugural speech.

After all, there’s no question that Mr. Bush was as much a target of Obama’s recent remarks as Trump, and all Republicans! (see below)

An excerpt from Obama’s speech, on the occasion of his receiving an “ethics” award from the Univ. of Illinois:

“Of course, there’s always been another darker aspect to America’s story. Progress doesn’t just move in a straight line. There’s a reason why progress hasn’t been easy and why throughout our history every two steps forward seems to sometimes produce one step back. Each time we painstakingly pull ourselves closer to our founding ideals, that all of us are created equal, endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, the ideals that say every child should have opportunity and every man and woman in this country who’s willing to work hard should be able to find a job and support a family and pursue their small peace of the American dream, ideals that say we have a collective responsibility to care for the sick and the and we have a responsibility to conserve the amazing bounty, the natural resources of this country and of this planet for future generations — each time we’ve gotten closer to those ideals, somebody somewhere has pushed back.

“The status quo pushes back. Sometimes the backlash comes from people who are genuinely, if wrongly, fearful of change. More often it’s manufactured by the powerful and the privileged who want to keep us divided and keep us angry and keep us cynical because it helps them maintain the status quo and keep their power and keep their privilege. And you happen to be coming of age during one of those moments.

“It did not start with Donald Trump. He is a symptom, not the cause. He’s just capitalizing on resentments that politicians have been fanning for years, a fear and anger that’s rooted in our past but it’s also born out of the enormous upheavals that have taken place in your brief lifetimes.”

Sometimes, when it comes to the Bushes, one must wonder if they were born with “Kick Me” signs tattooed on their foreheads.

Throughout Obama’s seemingly endless time in the Oval Office, GW was, on a daily basis, blamed by Obama for all the latter’s troubles and woes. We were regularly reminded of what mountains Mr. Obama had to climb because of the awful situation George W. Bush had left the country in.

But, like his daddy, the 41st president, G W, with great “dignity” and “respect for the Office”, held his tongue.

He did not attempt to defend himself or his administration in the face of Obama’s most self-serving and absurd criticisms. It was much like President Bush’s failure to defend his own administration and its policies while he was in office, against the most unfair, dishonest, ridiculous charges hurled against him by the media, the Democrats, and, of course, Obama.

George H W pursued the same course. In fact the greater the insults, the more outrageous the charges, the more the Bushes kept their silence…even embracing their most vicious critics, Ted Kennedy (“Bush lied, people died”), and Bill Clinton, the elder Bush’s “adopted son”, and G W’s “brother from another mother”. Jeb even stayed on track by honoring his almost “certain’ opponent in the 2016 election when he presented with an outstanding public service award.

And we were not allowed to suggest that their failure to fight back seriously damaged their party and was detrimental to our national interest…most certainly aiding the elevation of the 44th and #1 worst president in US history.

No. It was always the quiet “dignity’ the Bushes brought to the national discourse…and a reflection of their “deep respect” for the presidency.

Of course, that is until the president is from their own party and his last name isn’t Bush. There has been plenty of outspoken criticism by the Bushes of President Trump, with #43 admitting he didn’t vote for the GOP presidential candidate. And G W has dropped the phony veneer of his ‘dignity and respect’ to attack Trump on a regular basis.

The hypocrisy is now on open display.

Just as Carter and Clinton have been unrelenting in their public criticism of the other party, its leadership, and its policies beginning immediately after leaving the Oval Office, so too, is Barack Obama.

Obama’s disastrous presidency was always the fault of Bush, Trump’s remarkably successful performance so far, is now because of Obama!

So…are the Bushes ready to speak out? Don’t hold your breath…and if they do, it won’t be to defend Trump, their party, or probably not even their own “legacy”.         DLH

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NIKE has found its successor to Colin Kaepernick in 2019/20

DLH adds:


Talk about “virtue signaling’! Senator Booker came out Thursday “bravery signaling”… his courage and willingness to ‘put it all on the line’…providing the ‘kill shot’ on Brett Kavenaugh’s SCOTUS confirmation. The Washington Colosseum was on its feet!

I believe NIKE has found its successor to Colin Kaepernick in 2019/20.

and there are still more opinions


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The left: the ridiculous and the supine

  • Seriously folks, you can’t make this stuff up about the left

The “front-hole front” in full form (we think)

James Delingpole, always with an eye for irony and  the ridiculousness of the left wrote in Breitbart 9/7/18:  (excerpts, bold our emphasis)

‘Pussy Hat’ Design Withdrawn After Activists Insist Some Women Have Penises

An Irish woman has withdrawn the “pussy hat” knitting pattern which she had posted online as a service to fellow female protesters preparing for President Trump’s visit to Ireland in November: woke activists had pointed out to her that some women have penises, not vaginas.

Katherine’s noble, thoughtful, caring decision has been respected by some:

But not, unfortunately, by everyone.

There were many pithy comments to Delingpole’s article, as you can imagine given the readership and the ridiculousness of the whole matter.  However the left requires supineness from its followers , you can’t really even have a sense of humor within those confines as you will be offending someone.

More stuff you can’t make up

One of the commenters to the  article reminded us of another recent related addition to political correctness on the part of the left: One does not have a vagina, one has a front hole.

Calling it a vagina is out! They now refer to it as Front Hole.

That is not a joke, well it is, but not in the minds of the left. We knew we saw something about that recently and looked it up. Yes for reasons similar to the nice crotch crochet lady’s desire not to be offensive to persons of the female persuasion, the left has decided on a politically correct term to avoid such faux-pas. Persons* no longer have a certain genetic or medically specific physiological features, they decide what they are, and in order to reduce any connotation by the wholly sexist use of the term “vagina” use of the descriptive term “front hole”,  yes or no, is as far as one may properly go to avoid being offensive. Sort of like “long hair or not”, there is no direct connotation as to possession of x’s or y’s in the whole chromosome sexist misogynist scheme of things. Men and women can have long hair or not.

Got it.  Here is the source of the new guide on the matter, the LBGBTQIA health bible Healthline.com

Why we need an LGBTQIA-inclusive safer sex guide

Update: We have updated this section to clarify how we use terms referring to genitalia. You can read more about these changes here.

Traditional safe sex guides are often structured in a way that presumes everyone’s gender (male/female/nonbinary/trans) is the same as the sex they were assigned at birth (male/female/intersex or differences in sexual development).

Sex education resources often use videos, pictures, and diagrams as a way to convey important information, though these images and videos have historically failed to reflect or provide information about same-sex and queer relationships. In fact, the GLSEN 2015 National School Climate Survey shows that only about 5 percent of LGBTQ students saw LGBTQ representation in health class.    (v’pac ed note: maybe that is because the ratio is even less than that and the “representatives” would be awfully busy)

These guides also often unnecessarily gender body parts as being “male parts” and “female parts” and refer to “sex with women” or “sex with men,” excluding those who identify as nonbinary. Many individuals don’t see body parts as having a gender — people have a gender.

And as a result, the notion that a penis is exclusively a male body part and a vulva is exclusively a female body part is inaccurate. By using the word “parts” to talk about genitals and using medical terms for anatomy without attaching a gender to it, we become much more able to effectively discuss safe sex in a way that’s clear and inclusive.

For the purposes of this guide, we’ve chosen to include alternative words for readers to use for their genitals. For example, some trans men choose to use the words “front hole” or “internal genital” instead of “vagina.” Alternatively, some trans women may say “strapless” or “girl dick” for penis. This usage is meant for one-on-one communication with trusted persons, such as your doctor or partner, not for broad discussion.

In this guide, whenever we use the medical term “vagina,” we’ll also include “front hole” as clinically recommended by researchers in the BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth journal.

By the way if you are flummoxed and continue to be as we are by what the hell LBGBTQIA means along with cisgender, transgender genderqueer, nonbinary, transfeminine, transmasculine, agender, binary, nonbinary mean, in the parlance of people in our view who are disordered (arguably because they never grew out of a juvenile psychological phase condition or response) you can read the descriptions there.

*disclaimer: v’pac readers should understand that use of the term “persons” also includes perdaughters.  We regret that the English language is so limited in its pronouns and such.

Apologetically, your cisgender / gender binary editors

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Bad Boy Booker

And they think Trump is delusional

Here is the story, here and here 

Then our pectoral pictorial spoof followed by a great video one posted at The Washington Free Beacon

*Roman gods


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