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Rome no example for Georgetown U

OK it is a bit of a play on words  . . . Watch the video. It is disgusting. “Many residents said that Rome is a good school and that they believed the fight was an isolated incident.” Probably … Continue reading

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U2 violates KC (Rock) Star Credo

According to liberal newspapers that adorn themselves with such trash analysis, “rock stars” have an obligation to always be anti-Trump dystopian protagonists Rock concerts are to be uniformly political events KC Star Ministry of Culture demands it The Dystopian Protagonist, … Continue reading

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Queens Guy vs Turtle Bay

OK, let’s get it out there. I thought Donald Trump, that’s PRESIDENT Donald Trump, hit a home run with the bases loaded today in his speech to the United Nations. Finally a US president has the guts to “tell it … Continue reading

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All is not lost . . . yet . . . for climate scammers

Never mind the built-in exaggerated, faulty and made-up data More time means the accuracy of predictions becomes a convenient unprovable “truth” Algore not giving up, see pic at end Climate change not as threatening to planet as previously thought, new … Continue reading

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DACA questions the dominant media never ask of the WOUPLAWWs*

WOUPLAWWs — World Owes Us in Particular a Living Anywhere We Want* The protestors still have not learned irony (see pictures) Questions: Why do nearly all nations have immigration laws at least intended to limit the number of immigrants permitted … Continue reading

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RPI guts core of caucus system, its vibrancy

Sledgehammer to a controllable problem Decision wrong on merits, atrocious process David Chung writing at HawkeyeGOP has a run down on aspects of what happened. He is a recently retired multi-term RPI State Central Committee member.  His blog is recommended … Continue reading

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CAUTION when creating a narrative by reverse engineering political events

That is pretty much what history does, but caution is in order Our post Testing our Faith was about various Trump supporters in the commentariat expressing concerns about the implications of recent Trump administration actions. Objectively, we included an item … Continue reading

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The RPI did it, nine members* decided the caucus system is too dangerous

Former insurgents pulling up the ladder behind themselves So early word is that the Republican Party of Iowa  (RPI) State Central Committee voted nine to eight, a bare voting majority, to implement without serious input from the grassroots dramatic (pathetic) … Continue reading

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Knock us over with a pink boa

Ever wonder where former Obama appointees and Democratic bureaucrats go when they leave the public trough? I don’t, but once in a while, my interest is piqued when their antics in the public arena make them, once again, national embarrassments. … Continue reading

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RPI – Completing the minimization of delegates to seat-warmers?

Will State Central Committee claim for itself National Delegate selection, further limiting participation at state conventions to listening to speeches? No surprise, rumored effort spearheaded by committee headed by Judy Davidson Rumor (however sketchy) is that the Republican Party of … Continue reading