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No More Pablum Instead of a Platform

Given the profound current economic, social, foreign policy problems, outright corruptions being inflicted on Americans, about which Republicans and others of good will have grave concerns, matters for which conservative proposals exist to prevent, alleviate or correct, one might think … Continue reading


Keep the faith – it isn’t over until it is over (and “over” has a lot of permutations)

Giuliani lays out strategy which includes state legislatures The American Republic as defined by a Constitution is not history yet All Republican led states should join in the battle Some very bad decisions by Republicans everywhere helped create this mess, … Continue reading

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Obama’s pampered political military mokes bray away

One sort of exception, Mad Dog James Mattis, essentially fired by both Obama and Trump, picks the deep state as his focus of allegiance.  Media will bankroll his appearances as long as he is critical of Trump. This collection of … Continue reading

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More evidence GW Bush is clueless as to what is at stake domestically

You gotta like Trump, his honesty and willingness to “tell it like it is…”   dlh Bush in retirement not the great communicator, more the great equivocator and “platitudner”  R Mall Trump: Where Was Bush’s Desire for ‘Non-Partisanship’ during the Impeachment … Continue reading

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Scott County Republican (SCR) Convention — Precautions not Cancellation

The world should not shut down because of flu and cold season Perhaps the biggest news about the Scott County Republican County Convention is that it was held.  Despite the current hysteria over the Wuhan coronavirus, rational people, a hallmark … Continue reading

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Platform resolutions for 2020 Republican caucuses

Here are some recommendations consistent with reinforcing existing planks and filling in gaps  in current county, district and state Republican platforms. Redundancy is not an issue at this stage and the process will consolidate planks as appropriate. Bring these to … Continue reading

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District Republican conventions this Saturday

McNulty for a State Central Committee position There are ten or more people running for state central committee positions from the Second District.  To say it is highly contested is an understatement. Reading the bios in the official District newsletter/ … Continue reading

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Confirmed: RPI State Central Committee oblivious to platform

Based on implications of testimony of one member who is just as oblivious We responded in our last post to a Republican Party of Iowa  (RPI) State Central Committee (SCC)  member.  That person responded to our criticisms of the RPI … Continue reading

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Caucuses tonight – platform recommendations

Here are some recommendations for caucus resolutions at this evening’s precinct caucuses.  The operative aspect is underlined with explanatory information offered in parenthesis/italics.  Most caucuses begin at 7:00 PM at consolidated locations in your county.  Contact local county Republican offices … Continue reading

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RPI – Completing the minimization of delegates to seat-warmers?

Will State Central Committee claim for itself National Delegate selection, further limiting participation at state conventions to listening to speeches? No surprise, rumored effort spearheaded by committee headed by Judy Davidson Rumor (however sketchy) is that the Republican Party of … Continue reading