Yes Pelosi is clueless but then so are 2ND District GOP primary voters . . .

  • They just elected a now squishey anti-Trumper to carry the banner against Loebsack
  • Makes it hard to pull straight ticket, but that is easier than signaling out Peters. Ignoring the race is not sufficiently useful.  Lack of enthusiasm is Peter’s fault.

Just the information in this story should be enough for the Second District Republicans  to put a campaign in high gear to defeat the current Dem congressman, Dave Gobsmack.

I suspect that the record will show that Congressman Gobsmack has not opposed Nancy on any key issue throughout his tenure. Is this what Second District voters, who supported Trump, want? An anti-Trump Pelosi “yes Ma’am”?

The way Nancy scoffs at the very positive economy numbers should enrage voters, black, white, Latino, whomever! Eff the liberals in Johnson County

If Second District Republicans have ANY political sense at all, they should begin immediately to hammer the themes this story by Guy Benson is loaded with,  inclusive as it is with useful links and defeat Pelosiism even if it means certain people who we question, win.     V’pac

‘Hip Hip Hooray:’ Pelosi’s Clueless Mockery of Economic Progress is Gold for the GOP, But… 

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