Ryan, Gowdy: “FBI told us there’s nuthin’ to see here.”

  • This pair never fails to spurn the desires of their voters in favor of the Washington Establishment’s Interests


As the Wall Street Journal tells it in a story on Thursday, Gowdy and Ryan”were among a small group of bi-partisan lawmakers, briefed last month on the FBI’s use of the informant.”

It adds that Ryan and Gowdy emerged from the briefings, and were joined by the Democrats attending, saying “they…had seen no evidence of Mr. Trump’s spying allegations.”

They could have said, “the FBI didn’t show us any evidence that would suggest anything but superb work by everybody, just as the American people would expect of us.”

That would have fit perfectly with Gowdy, Ryan, and the Democrats desire of what they wished to convey.

It has been learned since that none of the attendees at the “briefing” received or were even shown any of the documents which have been requested by members of Congress for months.

So this “briefing” was nothing more than Rod Rosenstein and our crackerjack FBI Director Christopher Wray putting on a laughably choreographed performance aimed at exhibiting their “commitment to transparency” for the American people. In fact it was another phase of their commitment to stonewalling and unconstitutional behavior.

This latest misconduct by our “premier” justice and law enforcement entities confirms our worst fears:

It doesn’t matter how many thousands of “hardworking, dedicated public servants” that are employed by the DOJ and the FBI.

The American people are getting a great education on how totalitarian regimes operate.

When the corruption is throughout the leadership of a law enforcement agency, the ‘commitment’ and motivation of the people at ground level doesn’t matter much at all! In every ‘secret’ police agency in modern history there have been people doing the frontline work who believed they were serving their country, or doing their job on behalf of their families, or serving some noble cause. It’s likely few recognized or worked in service of the evil desires of their corrupt superiors.

It is probable that political BS and worse is compartmentalized. However the policies produced and emanating from such, should be responded to up the chain.  Some of the this stuff is SO bad the guys in many of the outposts were not aware initially but are surely aware now, confirmed by trickle down inferences. Many FBI agents are lawyers  The big-time bureaucratic climbers are and they are particularly responsible.

There just aren’t many J. Christian Adams in any human endeavor, who recognize evil and unlawful intent and are willing to put their freedom and livelihood on the line.

If any of our readers, several of whom have served honorably in defense of this nation’s highest values wish to express their thoughts, Roger and I would very gratefully welcome them…whether in agreement or not.    DLH

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  1. Eugene Mattecheck Jr says:

    Leaker indicted, Mulvaney fires entire advisory board. All isn’t lost. Trump disses Sessions, giving him more cover. All according to plan.

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