Speaking of . . . haters gonna hate?

  • That’s M⋅o⋅h⋅r,
  • AFSCME or just rank and file Demo mischief?

The Candidate Listing page on the Scott County Auditors Website has s misspelling regarding the Republican primary tomorrow in State Representative District 94 — the name of course should read Gary Mohr. Representative Mohr is a good conscientious legislator. He is unopposed in the primary.

The misspelling is not present on the actual ballots of precincts we reviewed.

One could make the case it was a clerical error/typo on an innocuous page. Looking at my QWERTY keyboard, I am not convinced.  It has probably been up as such from the beginning.  That it has not been caught/corrected may indicate a low general interest in the Republican primary as a whole as there are only a couple of contested races.

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  1. Eugene Mattecheck Jr says:

    Kennedy writes the opinion for today’s ruling. Is he going out with a bang?

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