Deep State: Beware The Ides of May?

Of late we have expressed disappointment, to say the least, about the performance of Jeff Sessions. We want the “deep state” drug out of their holes and government made as least dangerous to our citizens as possible. And we want it now.

Nevertheless we are not naive enough not to realize that power corrupts relentlessly and a new batch of manipulators and power mongers will arise.  Call it the original sin of bureaucracies and “government knows best” and, oh yes, simple greed. The most long lasting change has to come with structural change,not simply personnel. But an occasional righteous reckoning “cleansing” must occur.

The commentaries below we hope are not mere ~~ happy talk. That said we disagree with any imputation that in every way “Trump and Sessions” represent a refined plan of ridding or curtailing the “deep state.” There is a big bunch of matters passed up  —  screw ups, unnecessary self inflicted wounds and lack of deliberate speed. On the other hand, the extent of the impediments of Ryan and McConnell’s poor performance could honestly not be anticipated (Ryan’s budget and immigration law manipulations and McConnell only now getting around to deliberate speed on judicial appointments). But the scenario painted here and especially what we are hearing as regards Inspector General Horowitz’s upcoming report — one section due May 15th — is reason for some ~~ contentment and appreciation.

And so here are some compelling positive views as regards especially Sessions.

Here’s Why Jeff Sessions Might Be Playing 4-D Chess
An April 25th article at Big League Politics by Larry Schweikart –  Read in its entirety.

Here’s Why Jeff Sessions Might Be Playing 4-D Chess

Here is a commentary sent to us over the transom via DK.  Link not supplied and no attribution we have identified at this writing, but it is a positive take over Trump/Sessions  et al.

“The IG works for the AG, Jeff Sessions. And Jeff Sessions works for Trump. If Sessions wasn’t doing his job, why wouldn’t Trump fire him? The fact he hasn’t tells me Trump believes Sessions is doing his job and Sessions believes in the job his IG is doing. The IG released a small part of his findings in April, which lead to the firing of Andrew McCabe.…

The IG seems to be doing a great job, those that know say the IG report will leave the American people stunned. So if Jeff Sessions is part of the deep state, why did he hire Michael Horowitz? Why has he not fired him? Why did he allow Horowitz to release part of his report in April and get McCabe fired? I could be wrong, but I don’t think a member of the Deep State would allow information like that to reach the public or be investigated in the first place. A member of the deep State would never have hired someone like Horowitz and would have reassigned him the moment he asked questions.

So then why is Sessions taking so long? why does he express almost no interest in going after the deep state? Why does he seem to be avoiding any questions that revolve around Hillary or the deep state? Well QAnon as well as several others have brought up the possibility that it’s all an act, that Sessions is playing dumb in order to divert media and deep state attention away from him and his work. Instead of them focusing on the DoJ and making it near impossible for them to accomplish any work and tainting the investigation by maligning those that are investigating, they have spent all their time focusing on Trump who has happily taken the attacks to cover for his men. https://bigleaguepolitics.c…

This would perfectly fit Trump’s MO, this is how he operates. He named his book after Sun Tzu’s the Art of War, because that book has influenced him so much. You can find Sun Tzu’s tactics in nearly everything Trump does. “Hence that general is skillful in attack whose opponent does not know what to defend; and he is skillful in defense whose opponent does not know what to attack.” Trump draws the fire and keeps his name in the media to focus their attacks on him while his men dismantle the Obama disaster. They keep their work hidden until it is complete to not let their opponent know what they are doing, Many of his opponents are in Congress or have friends in Congress. Loose lips sink ships. So when Congress asks for that information, there might be a reason Sessions decided to avoid compliance. Giving any hint to Hillary or the deep state could be a fatal mistake, history is filled with the corpses of those that tried to investigate the Clintons. It wasn’t more than about a month or two after Sessions took office that a federal prosecutor, Whisenant, wound up dead on a Florida beach when he tried to look into some passport fraud cases related to the DNC and Hillary. We all know Trump doesn’t advertise his attacks.

This scenario for Sessions makes a lot more sense to me.”

The reference to “QAnon in the article is explained here.

What is not clear to us is how much of the references as regards Rosenstein are not phony efforts on his part,  as in investigate for CYA purposes, even essentially cover-up, “nothing to see here, move along”.

This is the liberal The Atlantic spin on Sessions longevity by Natasha Bertrand:

Why Trump Hasn’t Fired Sessions

The president has reportedly been musing about firing his attorney general since last summer. Here’s why it hasn’t happened yet.

Authors of the previous posted commentaries would probably say “you just keep thinking that princess”

That so many of the deep state denizens are lawyers, it is somewhat pleasing that lawyers will be instruments to take them down.  Being eaten by your own comes to mind.

R Mall

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  1. Eugene Mattecheck Jr says:

    I’m hopeful (as opposed to sure) Sessions has many things going on under the radar. “The Feud” is just a smokescreen.

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