Queens Guy vs Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay Thumper

OK, let’s get it out there.

I thought Donald Trump, that’s PRESIDENT Donald Trump, hit a home run with the bases loaded today in his speech to the United Nations.

Finally a US president has the guts to “tell it like it is”!

The UN has long been a farce… Iran on the ‘Human Rights Council”??!!

The US footing 22% of the bill to keep this joke in operation ??!! …while 2 bit countries vote to extract more dollars from America to fund the UN’s wide ranging corrupt practices??!!

How would our immediate previous presidents spoken of Kim Jong Un in an UN address?

How would they speak of the disastrous legacy of socialist Hugo Chavez unfolding in Venezuela?

OOh! Have we really made the “Rocket Man” angry?

Should we ignore the atrocity Chavez and Maduro have inflicted on their people in Venezuela?

Is the UN living up to its “ideals”? Oh really now!

Great speech, Donald! Just don’t let all the liberals now surrounding you, change you. “Climate change” is NOT the greatest global threat! Liberals are!


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