Some handouts are more equal than others

Another tech titan joins Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg in supporting free cash handouts for Americans  

I think this is a great idea! And I have an entirely painless way to get this done. I call it the “ZUCKERMUSK SOLUTION”.

And, to even make it better, my proposal would be to “invest” a half trillion dollars initially in a pilot program in order to prove its value.

Better yet, ‘very few’ taxpayers would be called on to finance this “test program”.

All billionaires, the Zuckerbergs, the Musks, Billy Gates, Warren Buffet, ‘Stewart Butterfield’ (mentioned in this story) and all others of their wealth status would simply pay a “one time surtax”, amounting to ALL of their net worth EXCEPT for $One Billion each would be allowed to keep.

What could be more fair. Each of these people, advocates or not of the “ZUCKERMUSK IDEA” (including the Kochs, Forbeses, etc), would still be billionaires AND have the satisfaction of putting this great notion into practice.

If there is a drawback to the idea of giving “free cash” to all “Americans” ( realistically, this of course would include all “American” non-citizens, illegal aliens, etc.) might be that these billionaires could be required to do their own groundskeeping chores, and other stuff they’ve been accustomed to paying below-minimum  wages  to”lower class” folks to do.

But that would probably work out OK. These guys would “find a way”.

From the linked article:

The latest is self-made multimillionaire Stewart Butterfield, the CEO and co-founder of the workplace chat program Slack, which is reportedly in the process of raising $500 million at a $5 billion valuation. Butterfield also co-founded Flickr, which sold to Yahoo, reportedly for $35 million.

He joins Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon MuskFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Y-Combinator president Sam Altman, who all say society will both need and benefit from universal basic income (UBI), a guaranteed cash payment given to every resident irrespective of employment status.

Of course these cats are experts on government handouts:

Elon Musk  –  talk about handouts!

Even Warren Buffet Admits Wind Energy Is a Bad Investment …

May 12, 2014 … Giving tax credits to the wind energy industry is a waste of time and money. … investor Warren Buffet seems to be perfectly fine with receiving tax … last year, Big Wind’s bread and butter subsidy – the production tax credit – is …

Oct 6, 2016 … After reaching a settlement with some of its biggest customers this summer, the Warren Buffett-owned utility company MidAmerican Energy may …

Wind Energy Subsidies: Billions and Billions of Your Tax Dollars…

Jun 6, 2016 … Wind-energy companies reap billions of dollars in subsidies, tax credits, … According to data from Subsidy Tracker — a database maintained by … CEO, Warren Buffett, explained why his companies are in the wind business.


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