• No more melodious “this is my rifle . . . this is my gun . . .”
  • Sanity forced out at Google

Marines Looking At Plan To Put Women In Male-Only Combat Training

“Giving the male Marines greater exposure to females during training could foster better relations and greater respect over time, some have suggested.”

Vietnam era Marine Corps Recruit Depot basic training, is well confirmed and now legendary.  But coming soon to Paris Island and San Diego:

Basic training. Day one:

Listen up scumbags!

This is a “woman”. You may have heard of them. You may notice some differences…they go potty…uh, differently. 

 Remember what they look like. You’ll be sharing a foxhole with one.

Uhh…me man. You, er, “woman”?

We doubt feminization of necessarily male combat units serves readiness. “Diversity” installation has not been the hallmark of recruit training, rather to remove diversity in service to as much interchangeability as possible. Its rather basic.


Writers at The Federalist have looked at the matter of the Google engineer who had the temerity to exercise diversity of opinion.  To  say the least The Federalist ably jumped on the matter.

Google Firing Employee Over Diversity Discussion Is Frighteningly Authoritarian

Nothing could be more dystopian than the largest information, communication, and documentation hub controlling your thoughts and punishing you for wrongthink.

If Google Fires Anyone Over Stereotyping, It Should Be The Employees Who Stayed Home To Cry Over A Memo 

Okay, Google: How Do You Prepare A Country For Totalitarianism?

To be ready for dictatorship, people have to embrace its habits and practices voluntarily, or at least show little resistance. Google is doing its part.

Google Engineer Writes Common-Sense Memo About Workplace Diversity, PC Mob Erupts 

The histrionics over the memo not only misrepresent what it says but also its purpose.

Read The Google Diversity Memo That That Everyone Is Freaking Out About

In an over-the-top attempt to prove that irony in Silicon Valley is officially dead, Google just fired one of its top scientists for writing an internal memo that criticized the tech giant for becoming an “ideological echo chamber where some ideas are too sacred to be honestly discussed.”

Ham Pushes Back On CNN Host Who Says Fired Google Employee Didn’t Want ‘Women Anywhere Near A Computer’

Here Are All The Media Outlets Blatantly Lying About The Google Memo 

Media outlets are lying about a memo written by one of Google’s top scientists, which calls out the tech-giant’s illegal discrimination practices.

DLH and R Mall

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