Not so fast there Rex

Secretary Tillerson Better Check With His Own Department Before He Issues Strong Statements Reflecting US Policy; His Deep State/Obama Holders May Not Approve!

A.S.E.A.N Conference In Manila – Primary Secretary Tillerson Discussions Surround North Korea…

“Specifically, all conference participants are familiar with the (generally non-discussed) historic activity of China where they agree to sanctions then become willfully blind to violations of those sanctions; and essentially enable the DPRK to increase hostility.

“During this visit U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is delivering a very severe message that U.S. President Donald Trump is well aware of all historic behavior, and President Trump is not going to allow willful blindness.”

Yada Yada Yada…

Please allow your humble Veritaspac analysts their usual amount of sarcastic skepticism.

A piece in the blog, “Conservative Treehouse” recently reported on the ASEAN conference, a gathering of southeast Asian nations, held this year in the Philippines.

Top of the agenda was the North Korea threat and the economic sanctions unanimously agreed upon last week by the UN Security Council.

Hailed as a tremendous breakthrough with both China and Russia joining the US in voting to impose the harshest sanctions ever on Kim Jung Un’s regime.

The Treehouse article properly notes that ASEAN participants were somewhat less sanguine about this “breakthrough” in that China has quite an historic track record for making agreements, especially as regards North Korea, and not following through, but often even undermining their intent.

Well sir, reports are that our secretary of State, Rex Tillerson was very strong in noting the US was well aware and President Trump is not going to allow “willful blindness” by China or anyone else with regards to the DPRK’s global threats.

As usual, Secretary Tillerson’s remarks were well said, eloquent and forceful.

BUT, and here comes our skepticism:

These days, from what we are seeing from our State Department and its positions and public statements, which are at remarkable odds with President Trump’s positions, WE’RE NOT SURE IF THE “DEEP STATE” WITHIN OUR OWN STATE DEPARTMENT IS NOT LESS RELIABLE THAN EVEN CHINA!

The best example is perhaps the recent paper released by State which seemed to “wonder out loud” who was really responsible for instability in the Israeli-Palestinian issue?! We still are not aware of Secretary Tillerson’s input on that remarkable conclusion (rather ‘non-conclusion’). But be assured that the many anti-Israel Obama holdovers in State had plenty of input. Consider:   State Dept: Israeli Settlements, Lack Of Hope Drive Palestinian Violence

“The US State Department’s annual terror report offers a surprising amount of criticism of Israel, uncharacteristic for the Trump Administration, which has made a point of being outspokenly favorable toward the Israeli government from day one.

“The report detailed several lone-offender attacks by Palestinians against Israelis, as it does every year. But the report went a lot further, saying that Israeli government policy toward the Palestinians was in no small part driving the violence.”

(   )

And here is a report, pretty much in line with the US State Dept, and typically giving the anti-Israel viewpoint from the Palestinian-related website, “Defense for Children, Palestine International“:

“Typically, the secretary of state launches the report and provides brief remarks that highlight specific findings included in the report. However, in a break with precedent, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson did not launch the report on-camera and in person.

Each year the U.S. Department of State drafts and publishes country reports on human rights practices, known as the Human Rights Reports, that cover the situation of human rights in countries around the world. The reported is mandated by Congress.

“Since 2007, each annual country report on Israel and the OPT has included data and information on ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian children in Israeli military detention, denial of fair trials rights in Israeli military courts and other grave violations against children committed by Israeli forces and settlers.”

One final thought: The Weekly Standard had this, ‘way back in July 2016, not necessarily related to the State Department report but, maybe pertinent as to the question: “Was there some ‘collusion’ goin’ on here?”:

Senate Report: State Department Funded Effort to Overthrow Netanyah    (excerpt)

A new report posted today by the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI), led by chair Rob Portman (R-OH) confirms that the U.S. State Department funded an Israeli political organization that later ran a campaign dedicated to ousting Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


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