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Elected Government Hangs in the Balance**

From the Managing Editor “ME”

Our Illustrious Senior Editor (acronym for the job title which should not be confused with various renditions of a certain Islamic terrorist organization . . . and we regret saying “rendition”***)  DLH posted the following yesterday as a follow-on comment to a featured post we collaborated on. I often decide to feature DLH comments, first sent as such, because they are pithy and often profound, always insightful (and sometimes “incite ful”).

Read his “yesterday” comment and then the full-fledged essay appearing today in The Federalist by James Downton “James Downton is the pen name of a Federalist contributor who is contractually prohibited from writing publicly about politics under his real name.”

DLH writes: Where to begin…?

Patrick Fitzgerald was also “well-respected” by both sides of that very narrow aisle, AND, most importantly, the media (he was also a good ‘friend’ of Comey). Let’s ask Scooter Libby how well that went when Fitzgerald and Comey KNEW there was NO CASE before Fitz even started his Special Prosecutor gig. But he eventually found somebody to charge with something…someone on the right whose recall of facts was deemed in conflict with a liberal “journalist.

Folks, if you think your vote is worth any more than what FDR’s vice president, John Nance Garner, described as the “value of his office…”a bucket of warm spit”…think again. Given the mountain of evidence of wrongdoing, corruption, obstruction, destruction of evidence, defiance of congress and the courts, NO Democrats, no media, definitely NO Republicans called for a Special Counsel or certainly not impeachment of arguably America’s worst in history (Obama) nor of its worst candidate for the presidency (H. Clinton)…

This president, in office less than 150 days, has just seen the certain end to his presidency, as of Wednesday, May 18. If he is not removed from office, by impeachment conviction or resignation, his administration agenda is dead nevertheless!

We Are Watching A Slow-Moving Coup D’etat 

This coup d’etat represents not the rule of one man or even many, but by the multitude of our elites. 

MEthinks it is a great essay, fleshing out some of DLH’s earlier expressed concerns.

But there is more.  This Cliff Kincaid article**  at GOP USA also pursued the topic today

Elected Government Hangs in the Balance

* telling line from the “Downton” article

***the deep state has an affinity for “the practice of sending a foreign criminal or terrorist suspect covertly to be interrogated in a country with less rigorous regulations for the humane treatment of prisoners”

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