Well at least his voters didn’t waste much money on him

But Becks call to waste a vote on him (to hurt Trump) implies some serious responsibility

This is the guy that Glenn Beck practically ran a media campaign for which had as a goal to give the election to Hillary. But, of course, Beck had the highest moral reasons for doing so.

Maybe he can pay off McMullin’s debt. It would be the “moral” thing to do

‘Never Trump’ Candidate Unable To Pay Off Massive Campaign Debt

By the way, speaking of candidates from Utah (even if  by way of Michigan and Massachusetts)  . . .

Orrin Hatch says he would consider not running for 8th term if Mitt Romney gets in Senate race

Romney has not ruled it out and his son is considering a run from Governor of Utah. In the same article Evan McMullin is also said to be considering a Senate run, even challenging Hatch.


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