Also wondering about Rachel Maddow’s wolf whistles

The ones she gives that is

Who’s next? Hannity? Tucker Carlson? Maybe the left is feeling really almighty…will it go after Rush…again?!

Fox News Confirms That Bill O’Reilly Won’t Return to Air

OMG!!!! He called her “hot chocolate”! Ohhh…the humanity!

Latest in the “Get O’Reilly” saga is the lady who comes forward to recount her “terrible ordeal” at the hands of BillO’Reilly…called “hot chocolate, a subject of “leers”, and of being “grunted at like a wild boar”. How much $ you figure that’s worth to “settle”?

Never a big fan of Bill O’Reilly, but found his show both entertaining and informative and became a fairly regular viewer. What seems to be happening to the #1 Fox host is now rather…no, make that… very, frightening.

I don’t know the merits of all, most, or even some of the various accusations being thrown at him but it is obvious it is a well-funded, extensively orchestrated effort to remove a major pro-Trump, relatively conservative, generally even-handed, and very popular political/entertainment figure from the public stage.

If some of these “revelations” are indeed serious cases of sexual harassment and assault are true, Mr. O’Reilly should suffer the consequences.

However, based on some of the latest “charges”, there is some basis for doubt about both the factual basis for the charges as well as the true motivation behind press barrage against him.

It is starting to resemble more of a public lynching (hopefully that doesn’t offend the usual easily offended) than a sober investigation of possible wrong-doing.

Anyone recall the similar press and leftist “women’s rights” groups’ reaction to the David Letterman revelations of his sexual relationships with members of his show’s staff? That one ended up with Letterman acknowledging he had, “apologizing” to his wife, and his ratings going up, while the guy who revealed the sordid mess including allegations of harassment and exploitation wound up convicted of extortion. Those “righteous” women’s groups uttered not a peep and even appear to have approved, Letterman being a good, solid leftist progressive.

And Bill Clinton? Oh, let’s not rehash all that.

There is now no concern on the part of the progressive entertainment industry or “women’s rights” groups over a “rush to judgement” in the O’Reilly case.

If the most popular Fox host “settled” potential lawsuits, he is most certainly guilty in their view…case closed.

Of course Fox’s and O’Reilly’s “deep pockets” could never be a consideration in his being a rich target and a great prospect for a big payoff to avoid a protracted and damaging court case which may or may not have any merit. No. Certainly not!

If indeed, it is over for Mr. O’Reilly, watch which leading conservative talk show host the left will go after next…or maybe the entire Fox network will be next. Then the Murdoch boys may rue their role in this episode.      DLH

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