A superb column…but don’t get too excited

In Her Majesty’s Disservice

This is an excellent recap of all the intrigue and virtually certain illegality of the BO administration related to the whole Trump-Russia-FISA Court-Deep State perfidy et al.

If indeed fully pursued by people of good will and competence within our government and law enforcement, much of the previous administration would go to prison for a long time… possibly BO himself!

But, alas, don’t get too excited about such a prospect. Within the “Deep State” there are many NOT of good will. In Congress, there many of neither good will nor competence, especially BO holdovers and Democrat incumbents…and a fair number of GOP establishment types.

This whole historically dangerous, sordid, shocking episode will eventually wind down and come to nothing, or at least very little, a la Fast and Furious, the IRS/Lois Lerner debacle, Benghazi, etc, etc

But it is very much worth a read anyway.    Also check out the related memes below.   DLH


And NSA theme song . . .

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One Response to A superb column…but don’t get too excited

  1. DLH says:

    Now then, as I was saying:


    Just guessing, you understand, but I look for Congressman Nunes to eventually be convicted of something…”colluding” or whatever… and be the only one to undeservedly serve any jail time in this whole fiasco.

    And, to add the insult to the injury, none of his “staunch” Republican establishment colleagues will offer even faint support.

    And, thus Susan Rice will join the ranks of her fellow “unindicted” should-be felons…Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, John Koskinen, Barack Obama…oh, I could go on, but…?!

    The course this nation is on, friends, doesn’t lead to a return to the “bright shining city on a hill”.

    You like Donald Trump or not…he’s all we got.

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