Castro’s brutal reign

Tomi Lahren a featured commentator on  The Blaze is a young vibrant personality that seems in the minority around Glen Beck’s media empire digs in that she championed Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton.  Here she takes on the liberals and the snow flakes enamored with Fidel Castro. Indeed she puts them back on their ears. It is a short clip that effectively gets out some factoids about Castro’s brutal dictatorship.  Her piece seems to be based on the writing of Humberto Fontova who we link to below.

  • Castro killed more Cubans in the first three years of his reign than Hitler did in his first six.
  • Castro jailed and murdered at a higher rate than Stalin in Stalin’s Reign of Terror
  • Castro wanted to use nuclear weapons on the US in response to the Bay of Pigs, Khrushchev would not allow it.
  • Cuba, that socialist garden of paradise,  has the highest suicide rate in the western Hemisphere
  • Twenty times more people died escaping Castro’s Cuba than died fleeing East Germany

The points Lahren makes can be gleaned from these articles.  The first was written by Humberto Fontova two months ago. An historian of Castro’s dictatorship, Fontova’s article appeared in The Daily Caller.

Hillary Clinton Endorsed By Cuba’s Mass-Murdering Castro Brothers

An article in The Daily Wire by Aaron Bandler also seems to be based on Fontova’s work:

7 Things You Need To Know About Fidel Castro

Kurt Schlichter, writing at Townhall, married into a family of refugees from Castro’s Cuba, had this to say:

President Trump, Dead Castro – This Is The Best November Ever

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