QC Times Headline: Stalin’s Death Spurs Joy, Sorrow

583a9781078bf-preview-620Our subject line is the moral equivalent of today’s front page story in the QC Times, it is  just as accurate. Certainly there were some who were sad about their loss as a result of Stalin’s death, but seriously, to imply a moral equivalence of any who are sad with those who were victimized by a tyrants life is incredible. And Hitler made the trains run on time.

Here is link to an article in The Federalist that engagingly draws out the same point, however we disagree with the author’s presumptions about the effects of Trump’s foreign policy demeanor.   May Fidel Castro’s Crimes Against Humanity Rest In His Grave

We apologize for the fuzzy graphics but we still refuse to subscribe, which would enable a clearer graphic.  The QCTimes has actually gotten worse over the years.  What we refer to is available without subscription.

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