Missionaries from Castro’s Cuba sacrifice mightily to extol virtues of communism

Something to think about America

As you read this post consider the series of photographs of Cuban missionaries to the US, intent on coming here to extol the virtues of Revolución de Cuba and all its grandeur.  The boats are available for passengers for the return trip.

7d929868-8ace-4987-b5f2-254aca08c05e-cuba1994fleeingmanualAs one hears the paeans to Fidel Castro, from our celebrities, media, and Democratic party politicians over the coming days and weeks, one might also ponder the possible views of two or three future generations of American young after years of “fake education” and leftist journalism.

It’s not inconceivable to hear America’s youth, as they continue to be educated and raised to hate capitalism and a democratic-republic system and embrace the “glories’ of socialized medicine, global governance, and cuban-boat-reuterselitist leadership, some time in the not-so-distant future echo the words of young people in today’s Cuba: (bold emphasis not original)

“When outsiders think of Cuba, it’s often the lack of political freedoms and economic power that comes to mind. Cubans who have chosen to stay on the island, however, are quick to point out the positives: safe streets, a rich and accessible cultural life, a leisurely lifestyle to enjoy with family and friends….For all its flaws, life in Castro’s Cuba has its comforts, and unknown alternatives are not balseros-1994-2automatically more attractive….Many foreigners consider it propaganda when Castro’s government enumerates its accomplishments, but many Cubans take pride in their free education system, high literacy rates and top-notch doctors. Ardent Castro supporters say life in the United States, in contrast, seems selfish, superficial, and — despite its riches — ultimately unsatisfying.”

— Associated Press writer Vanessa Arrington in an August 4, 2006 dispatch, “Some Cubans enjoy comforts of communism.”

Catch  that line “chosen to stay”  like they had a free choice, as if they had freedom to travel, or they had un-propagandized information about the United States, or as shown in the pictures, such desperate measures on rickety boats and rafts would be necessary if Cuba were not a prison.

Cuban Government Sinks Boat Carrying 32 Refugees, Including Children

More commentary about the sinking of refugee boats by the Castro government here.

But we are being propagandized about Cuba, consider:

Fidel’s Flatterers: The U.S. Media’s Decades of Cheering Castro’s Communism

DLH  with R Mall

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