Liberal Media on the Iowa Senate Primary

From over the transom, sort of :


MSNBC (their early Sat morning “Up With Steve…”segment) did an extensive analysis of the IA primary race. Guest was Bradovich from the Des moines Register. Highlights:

-Joni- 34%

– Romney and Palin supporting Joni; considered THE Tea Party candidate

-“Steve negative toward the pig commercial, pro-2nd amendment stance, of course

-Both seemed to be convinced that Joni will have problems in Nov…compared her candidacy with Sharon Angle’s and other Tea Party losers.

_ Steve mused about Joni making some gaffe in Oct like other such Tea Party nutcases (my term, not his)

-While Bradovich didn’t mention it, in fairness, Steve did bring up Braley’s most famous “Grassley/farmer” gaffe

Interesting discussion but not particularly insightful or informative. The GOP better hammer Braley over his comments in the fall. Bradovich seemed to think that it was sufficient that Braley had apologized for the Grassley remark…seeming to believe that takes it off the table. She did, however, note that Braley did make himself a prominent target for those opposed to the trial lawyer lobby.

I think the  references to Braley’s “towel” incident and his signature “Cash for Clunkers” debacle, support for Obamacare with no idea what it was and a clear image as a “Nancy Boy” should all be hit hard this fall.

Fate of the planet is up to you, Iowan.

Wow MSNBC anointing her the Tea Party candidate. The TEA Party Express, tends to be the organization that makes endorsements but they are only one of the various Tea Party organizations. Nothing about an Ernst endorsement on their Website, only Matt Schultz for Congress.  Tea Party Patriots, which focuses more on grass roots organization does not say anything about her that I can find. Nor do I find a reference to a Tea Party endorsement on Ernst’s  Web page. I do not think she would hide it.

But it is useful for the liberal media to create the narrative that she is “the” Tea Party candidate. They like simplistic narratives. And “Tea party favorite” Sarah Palin did endorse her but that is not the same thing. The media uses that description of Palin however to make the association.  In our judgement Palin’s choice was not a studied decision.  It was not dancing with the one that brought you – Sam Clovis has long provided the defense of Tea Party tax and constitutional positions. Ernst voted to raise taxes.

But it is useful to the liberal media to throw the term around. If she loses the general it is our fault.  If she wins, the narrative will change . . .she won because she was “mainstream.”  My fear is that she will be more inclined to say things in the general, should she win the primary, that offend elements of her crucial conservative support base,  like her  Pelosi moment on Thursday.

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