All is not lost . . . yet . . . for climate scammers

  • Never mind the built-in exaggerated, faulty and made-up data
  • More time means the accuracy of predictions becomes a convenient unprovable “truth”
  • Algore not giving up, see pic at end

Climate change not as threatening to planet as previously thought, new research suggests  


Just when debate over President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Agreement is raging, “scientists” have suddenly discovered that, by golly, the planet hasn’t passed the “tipping point” after all, and Mother Gaia still has a chance to survive.

At various times over the past decade or so, those “scientists” (including that renowned ‘chemist’, Pope Francis) have warned that if drastic action were not taken “immediately”, the earth would “pass the tipping point” and its doom would be certain!

In each case the drastic action demanded was not taken and each “tipping point” was passed.

The obvious, strongly implied conclusion by any but those most benefitting from prolonging the dire threat and calling for the possible remediation through drastic action, would naturally be : “Well it’s too late!” Thus, it would be no longer useful to halt the use of fossil fuels, erect costly windmills and solar panel fields which would ruin the “pristine vistas” where they’re erected…all actions which would no longer have any impact on our imminent demise as a life sustaining planet!

Having thus cried “wolf in a crowded theater” (as Nancy Pelosi would say) too many times only to see the “tipping point pass” and the predicted consequences fail to occur, the “scientists ” and their promoters finally realized they had to come up with a different strategy.

VOILA! And so they have…

Hold it folks! All is not lost. We discovered some minor “errors” in our thoughtful, expert calculations. It turns out that we’ve not passed the tipping point. Climate change does NOT threaten the planet as seriously as we’ve thought…YET!

And, so, earthlings…thank Mother Gaia, we’ve been given a brief reprieve. All is not lost…we have time. All that’s needed to save mankind and our beautiful home is for Donald Trump to rejoin the Paris Agreement, for the USA to fork over several trillion dollars to the rest of the world and stop using the evil fossil fuel.

But Trump must act quickly. We, at Veritaspac, expect that new, ‘expertly’ refined “data” will show that, while we’ve been given a reprieve, Trump must come to his senses NOW!!

From the Henry Bodkin London Telegraph article (we are sure the Lee papers here will pick it up in due course)

Climate change poses less of an immediate threat to the planet than previously thought because scientists got their modelling wrong, a new study has found. New research by British scientists reveals the world is being polluted and warming up less quickly than 10-year-old forecasts predicted, giving countries more time to get a grip on their carbon output.

An unexpected “revolution” in affordable renewable energy has also contributed to the more positive outlook.

Experts now say there is a two-in-three chance of keeping global temperatures within 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels, the ultimate goal of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Hang in their Ivanka, Jared and Rex


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DACA questions the dominant media never ask of the WOUPLAWWs*

  • WOUPLAWWs — World Owes Us in Particular a Living Anywhere We Want*
  • The protestors still have not learned irony (see pictures)

Questions: Why do nearly all nations have immigration laws at least intended to limit the number of immigrants permitted to enter their countries and eventually attain status as citizens?…

From the Washington Free Beacon (exerpt)

DACA Recipients Sue Trump Admin to Block Repeal of Program 

Six Californian recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals’ protections sued the Trump administration on Monday to block the repeal of the controversial immigration program.

The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, alleges that President Donald Trump’s decision to terminate the program “was motivated by unconstitutional bias against Mexicans and Latinos,” the Los Angeles Times reports.

DACA protects certain illegal immigrants who came to the United States as minors. Implemented by the Obama administration through executive order, the program declines to prosecute or deport its roughly 800,000 recipients for their violation of federal immigration law, and issues them renewable two-year federal work permits.

“Suing to block repeal of an unconstitutional action”??!!!!!
Are you kidding?!

When you get enough of them (persons illegally in the country), very soon they run that country. What we are now seeing in America is the loss of our national sovereignty.

Non-citizens, who have already broken one or more of the country’s laws are now telling American citizens which laws they will not obey and which laws they will “permit” America to enforce.

Any more questions?             DLH  with R Mall

* pronounced with intonation similar to hoopla and with related meaning


noun, Informal.
1. bustling excitement or activity; commotion; hullabaloo; to-do.
2. sensational publicity; ballyhoo.
3. speech or writing intended to mislead or to obscure an issue.

“A protester holds a sign that echoes the arguments of many who support deferred deportation policies: That they will help keep families together.” We ask : ¿quién rompió la familia?

Of course taxation of others for his education is pricey, the demeanor of the young adult man is priceless.

Yes the clenched fist and the Che Guevara T-shirt are very convincing, just not in the way they might desire. We do note the commonality of the education demand. We have yet to see the full cost endowment-fund check they bring with them.

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RPI guts core of caucus system, its vibrancy

Future RPI convention arena

  • Sledgehammer to a controllable problem
  • Decision wrong on merits, atrocious process

David Chung writing at HawkeyeGOP has a run down on aspects of what happened. He is a recently retired multi-term RPI State Central Committee member.  His blog is recommended although postings are very intermittent.  With no serious vetting process, no transparency as to particulars of what would be voted on (our information is that specifics to the proposal were not circulated ahead of time ) and no authorization from an informed county process,–  the willfulness of the nine who did this is astounding. 


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CAUTION when creating a narrative by reverse engineering political events

  • That is pretty much what history does, but caution is in order

Our post Testing our Faith was about various Trump supporters in the commentariat expressing concerns about the implications of recent Trump administration actions. Objectively, we included an item that, given the personality involved,  not unreasonably puts a businessman’s spin on those actions of concern.  We thank Hugh Pries for sending it.  Here is an alternate take on the businessman explanation.

A response to “When you hire a businessman… Really worth the read”

I agree. Well worth “the read”; An excellent piece and valuable to share.

However, while I concur with much of, author or poster, Mr. Gulliver’s scenario, I’m afraid that his ultimate conclusion may not be accurate. And, one of the indications may be suggested by this  ‘breaking story’ in the online Wall Street Journal (now clarified /denied  by the White House, but begging the question “how does this happen?”).

WSJ by Emre Peker

NEW YORK—”Trump administration officials said Saturday the U.S. wouldn’t pull out of the Paris Agreement, offering to re-engage in the international deal to fight climate change, according to multiple officials at a global warming summit.”

Reince Priebus is, I’d concur, properly portrayed as analogous to the CEO of the acquired “major company”. Others, not identified by name nor specified by faction also fit the “smaller companies” Mr. Trump “acquired”.

Somewhat missing, however, is acknowledgement of the “hostile takeover” of the really big “company”, the Washington Establishment.

Scarramuchi can, and is, properly portrayed as the “hatchet man”.

However, the analogy tends to break down, in my view, with Mr. Gulliver’s characterization of General Kelly as Trump’s sober, dedicated force who will move the Executive branch in the direction the president wants.

My theory may be suspect in that I am not absolutely sure what Trump’s desired direction might be. And, again, the above ‘news’ heading, is in part driving that suspicion.

It appears that if, as Mr. Gulliver assumes, General Kelly is leading the executive branch in the policy direction Trump desires, that may well be a direction which is not at all disturbing for the left. And, Hillary Clinton may be perfectly ‘safe’ after all.

First of all, President Trump’s dominant (the “winner”) company has, oddly, begun (and nearly completed) a systematic purge of its own “executives”. Newly named National Intelligence chief McMaster’s first order of business was to rid all conservative members from the agency. These were people who, it is widely acknowledged shared Mr. Trump’s perceived views on a wide range of national security policy issues.

The same thing seems to have happened in Secretary Tillerson’s State Department. To continue Gulliver’s analogy, many former “executives” of the “companies” taken over in the acquisition have been allowed to remain in key responsibilities and continue to make key decisions counter to Mr. Trump’s expressed direction. These people are obviously much more in sync with views, including “climate change” and the various foreign threats, with their former “owners” (and even Mr. Tillerson himself) than with Trump’s campaign commitments and expressed desires.

Over at the Pentagon, movement to implement the goals of the new “company” has been slow, indeed. Outspoken opposition from Trump’s own chosen executives has been embarrassingly public. One, significant but not the only, is the issue of “transgender” policy…and the US Navy is still puttering around the high seas powered by extremely expensive “vegetable oil”. Far as can be determined, our “shrunken” Naval force remains so; “diversity”, anti-sexual harassment, and “gender fluid” accommodation training is still taking place with priority over mission-specific training. The recent devastating incidents are alarmingly indicative of readiness shortcomings, due at least in part to these factors.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, a Marine Corps general, has, as yet, made no move to rescind some of the disastrously damaging moves by the previous “company”…for example, the actions to ,in effect, force women into frontline Marine combat specialities despite intensive studies by the Corps detailing the negative consequences.

And then there’s the Justice Department. Key leaders from the former “companies” continue to hold their positions and have proven to have devastating effects on the department’s overall performance and are actually a threat to a positive outcome for the takeover/merger (Trump’s election). (To wit, Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe, etc; the FBI’s resistance to any probe of the bungled Hillary investigation…because there is “no public interest in it”!!!).

We alluded earlier to the “hostile takeover” of the Washington establishment. That would, of course, include key members of both political parties. As to the Trump/GOP relationship, it would normally be characterized as a “friendly merger”, but as Mr. Gulliver correctly notes, it has been anything but.

And, now as we have suggested, and this is where Gulliver and I part company as to the likely eventual outcome of all this.

In any merger, a hostile takeover or a friendly merger, the first concern of the dominant entity is the melding of the various “corporate cultures”…indeed setting the enterprise on the course established by the chairman and chief executive. There is always the immediate pledge by both parties that there will be no major changes as a result of the new ownership. In the hostile takeover, in this case Trump’s vanquishing of the previous governing entity, the leadership customarily leaves the new “company”. Always a key necessity if the surviving company is to achieve the organization’s goals.

In the “friendly” union, the leadership of the minor party pledges its loyalty to the new leadership and both announce no foreseen changes.

But, of course, after about 6 months the leadership of the minor party has gracefully departed…on the most friendly terms, of course.

What we see today, though, is nothing like either of these typical scenarios.

Virtually the entire executive leadership of the company’s successful takeover/merger is gone, while a good number of “executives” from the losing entities remain in their positions.

Gone are the brilliant conservative minds of people like Steve Bannon (whether you like his ‘unkempt’ image or not), Dr. Gorka, the four effective conservative figures in the National Intelligence apparatus dismissed by McMaster and the gentle “out-promotion” of K T MacFarland, an accomplished national intelligence expert. Even the replacements chosen, supposedly by Trump, must be viewed with some skepticism as to their commitment to the original mission…McMaster, Tillerson, Dunford, “advisors” Jared and Ivanka, even “Mad Dog”…all have expressed opposite views on one or more key Trump objectives.

Others, brought into the new “conglomerate”, with great approval and expectation by the conservative base who put Trump in office, who made takeovers/mergers happen…Sessions, Pompeo, for example, appear to be somewhat “neutered”. And while Betsey DeVos, Dr. Ben Carson, and UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley seem to be gamely carrying the torch high, one wonders if support within the new “company” will be there for them.

So, bottom line, Mr. Gulliver, I hope you are correct, but in my view, this is not how a very successful hostile takeover/friendly merger is supposed to work.

But, then, maybe I am “so isolated” and “have no concept of how things work” in the business world.


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The RPI did it, nine members* decided the caucus system is too dangerous

  • Former insurgents pulling up the ladder behind themselves

So early word is that the Republican Party of Iowa  (RPI) State Central Committee voted nine to eight, a bare voting majority, to implement without serious input from the grassroots dramatic (pathetic) changes to Iowa’s Republican National Convention (RNC) selection process.

We will update you on the specifics as they become available but if we understand the summary information we received correctly a committee composed of two members from each of Iowa’s four congressional districts will nominate who are to be the delegates to the RNC every four years.

We are not aware at this writing that that committee has any obligation to even approximate proportional representation according to caucus results. That may be impossible, but all the more reason to leave it to the individuals and “camps” directly vying for the positions. Even if there were a first ballot pledge requirement for all nominees, a potentially very weak manipulable feature, what will stop the employment of such a committee’s own biases in the selection as to resiliency after that and all matter of other factors? What is to prevent a set of biases being built into who is put on the committee or who they select?  The grassroots will no doubt be seriously encumbered in order to make changes on the state convention floor.

It would be no comfort to even have the nominating group come two by two out of the district conventions as that limits grassroots involvement as political events transpire and various “preference groups” coalesce or bargain.  This works to have the current power structure determine who will represent the candidate preference groups rather than the candidate groups themselves. This is an effort to limit the grassroots and unbecoming as such.

We have no doubt this is intended to work to homogenize the delegation, build in more likelihood of loyalty “responsiveness” to the current power structure, allow for rewarding donors more easily, and or influence the selection of the “politically correct” according to the nominating committee’s view, regardless of the authentic grassroots view.

Serious conservatives remain insurgents in the Republican Party, even though they are the majority in many or most states. This is a phenomenon that continues as those who run as conservatives “grow in office” and seek to pull up the ladder behind themselves. Some of the people who support this would be nowhere had the then current power structure been possessed of such manipulable rule features.

This willful implementation was done without serious involvement of the grassroots.  Something like this should only be considered methodically after every county Republican organization has been given time to have this on its well announced agenda, and then with time for committees and debate and then issue their recommendations. That it was done with the “authority” of a one-vote margin rather than consensus is all the more egregious.

R Mall

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Knock us over with a pink boa

Ever wonder where former Obama appointees and Democratic bureaucrats go when they leave the public trough?

I don’t, but once in a while, my interest is piqued when their antics in the public arena make them, once again, national embarrassments.

Just such an occasion arose this week.

Early in the week, Harvard University, the factory which produces many of America’s most prominent Progressives, schooled in the most up-to-date methods for diminishing our nation’s global and moral status, announced what they surely thought was a great societal coup.

Harvard had succeeded in persuading one of America’s best known transgender ‘ladies’ to join the university as a “Visiting Fellow” in its prestigious Kennedy School of Government, thus bringing to its students the wisdom one acquires from changing its gender, to dangerously compromising national security, to conviction for treason, and in serving hard time as both a man and a woman.

That’s hard to beat for real life experience and to be able to impart to future national leaders a first hand ‘how-to-guidance’ has got to make Harvard the envy of anti-American social justice warriors worldwide!

But then, late this week, reality and a semblance of common sense overtook Harvard’s self-endowed superiority over mere mortals.

The backlash to this appointment from virtually all corners of the political spectrum, and the general ‘benighted’ population of America forced the institution to rescind its appointment of the esteemed Chelsea Manning.

But here’s the kicker in all this for me.

The president of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government is none other than Doug Elmendorf, former head of the Congressional Budget Office under President Obama’s rule. He is the guy whose helpful “suggestions” to President Obama contributed greatly to the successful foisting of that wonderful program, Obamacare, on America.

Return with us to yesteryear, and recall when the early revelation of Obamacare was “scored” unfavorably by the “non-partisan” CBO. What happened next tells you all you need to know about Doug’s triumphant return to academia following his noteworthy stint in public service.

President Obama, in his usual graceless, ham-fisted, but always widely applauded manner, “invited” CBO Director Elmendorf to a little “sit-down” in the Oval Office. At this meeting, Obama “asked” for suggestions from Doug on ways which would win approving scores from the CBO for his program.

Following that meeting, Obamacare implemented a number of “financing” methods by which, lo and behold!, Obamacare “paid for itself”…and, amazingly, the CBO applauded.

For example, by taking over the Student Loan program, the federal government could use the unconscionably “huge profits” that private sector lenders were making from the program to offset costs of Obamacare. (We know how that’s turned out.)

Introduction of the next iteration of Obamacare featured the innovative approach of collecting revenue from taxes and fees during the first 10 years (on which CBO bases its scoring), but provides benefits for only 6 years…very creative, thus making the 10 year projection for Obamacare much more fiscally favorable.(Pro-Obamacare Politifact disputed this in 2009 but to read their analysis today makes their assertions laughable).

Then there was the so-called “CLASS ACT” program, also included in the ‘revised’ version. It was to be fully self-funding and provide a daily cash benefit to the elderly. It was another “freebie” to help sell O’Care. And best of all, NO taxpayer funds would be used to pay benefits under this provision!!

It imploded almost immediately and was discontinued by Congress because it was indisputably actuarily unsustainable …but no matter, it was after Obamacare was a done deal. (Wonder how the CBO missed that one??!!)

Whether any or all of these creative financing ploys were Elmendorf’s suggestions or not, the CBO Director emerged from his tete-ta-tete with Obama as giddy as a teen age girl getting a kiss on the cheek from Justin Bieber. He happily proclaimed to the media how his kids would be blown away by his having a personal conversation with His Highness!

Ah, but there’s more.

Mike Morrell, former CIA acting director, was another newly named “fellow” at Harvard…that one to the “Belfer Center” and a separate institution within the Kennedy School. Even though an Obama appointee, Morrell resigned in protest to Manning’s appointment. Great pains, however, have been taken to emphasize that the Belfer Center had no part in the controversial appointment.

But, guess who is head of the Belfer Center, and then tell me if you think the Manning appointment was not wholeheartedly and happily viewed as a great move.

Ash Carter, that’s who runs Belfer! You remember Ash…he was Obama’s last great Secretary of Defense…the man who spearheaded the diversifyin’ of our armed forces…women in combat specialties, active recruitment of gays and transgenders, etc

Does anyone think ol’ Ash didn’t wet his pants with joy over the Manning appointment, a giant leap for trans-ism, even though it was Manning who betrayed his former Defense Department?

Boy!! That Kennedy School must be some “learning” institution! Wonder what department Michelle O. heads…international child nutrition?

And, I’ll bet the bidding is fierce between those paragons of learning, Harvard and Columbia, to land Jim Comey and John Koskinen of the IRS, and Loretta Lynch to instruct young geniuses on how to administer “progressive justice and fairness” in their respective fields.

Ash Carter? You gotta be kidding!         DLH

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RPI – Completing the minimization of delegates to seat-warmers?

  • Will State Central Committee claim for itself National Delegate selection, further limiting participation at state conventions to listening to speeches?
  • No surprise, rumored effort spearheaded by committee headed by Judy Davidson

Ruling class at the RPI, either that or just plain power peddlers

Rumor (however sketchy) is that the Republican Party of Iowa (RPI) State Central Committee (SCC) has a proposal circulating that would eliminate or reduce  direct selection of delegates to the national conventions by way of putting it in the hands of perhaps a nominating committee controlled by the State Central Committee or the 16 member State Central Committee. Supposedly this is being pushed to avoid embarrassment of rogue delegates at the national convention and using the all-purpose bugaboo of responding to threats of removing Iowa’s first in the nation caucus status unless more control is exerted.

Talk about a grassroots destroyer, further deflating the efficacy of any formal party participation. We have all-comer caucus participation, just sign the slip about being a Republican for the day, listen to a few one-minute speeches, vote in the preference poll and go home. The goal seems to be to reduce the caucuses to little more than a voting booth primary.  Platform participation has been effectively reduced to rubber-stamping of some platitudes.  Attempts to add mere specifications in furtherance  of those platitudes are quashed as somehow writing legislation. Any excuse is offered to reduce conventions to sit-down-shut-up and pick your nose to the speeches events. You may applaud.  Even the platitudes have been reduced to meaninglessness as planks requiring elected Republicans to honor them with votes for continued party support have been eliminated.

To be sure much of this diminution has been self-induced by impatient if not lazy participants who think they have things in hand but are delegitimatizing any claim to the Party being of the grassroots. But this latest proposal is pure bureaucratic mindset in action, the anointed will decide.   It could turn into the RPI version of the Democrat party’s Super-Delegates, the scandal of that party, evidencing the lie that it is seriously grassroots in nature.

We can see the SCC in the effort to choose “dependable” people rewarding donors or the existing political class to “represent” this or that candidate (assuming the caucus results are split and representation even enters into the equation). Even candidate organizational recommendations can be easily reduced / controlled in such as system as “those are the rules.”  The effort would be a pure bureaucratic power play by those who do not care about  the grassroots, the factor that legitimizes the caucuses and the Party.  It would be an effort by those who either find the rough and tumble of grassroots decision-making anathema, or having “arrived” grown tired of it and want to limit the efforts of challengers to their perks and influence.

It is also an effort to limit transparency and accountability, qualities which can only come from the vibrancy of enhanced grassroots participation, not limitations on it.  It seems no surprise that this effort emanates from the “organizational committee” headed by Scott County’s own Judy Davidson who, when Chair of Scott County, did her best to limit grassroots involvement, gutting the platform and dishonoring the integrity of the caucus system, in our humble opinion of course.  To review that history toggle in our Category section at right “Scott County Republican Matters.”  We fully expect, well hope, if such a proposal rears its head, that support or opposition to this will heavily impact the selection of future RPI SCC members.

R Mall


Testing our faith

  • Key fans of Trump are posting warnings
  • If Trump loses Breitbart . . . does he consider that a win?
  • Dance with the ones that brung ya
  • The Denizens gaze back
  • Contra view: Trump is just playing one side against another as need be

These are not to be written off as fair-weather friends.  Having not been their favorite for the nomination, but vociferous defenders, indeed champions of Trump through the election and still now, these posts from Kurt Schlichter and David Limbaugh (links from Town Hall) should be of concern. Our own DLH posted dire concerns at least ten days ago, just after the debt extension agreement, (set forth below) something we agreed would have ended up being the result were Ryan and McConnell in on the act, but nonetheless disappointing as communicated.

Kurt Schlichter:

Read My Lips: Schumer Is Playing You For A Fool, Mr. President 

David Limbaugh:

Holding Trump Accountable When Necessary

Trump has been a favorite at Breitbart all along.  Here are some very recent links to reports and opinion posted there, including one from Tucker Carlson:

9 Lies About DACA Trump Is Buying Into

 Families of Illegal Alien Murder Victims: Trump ‘Looked Us in the Eye’ and Said They ‘Didn’t Die in Vain’

Pelosi: Trump, Ryan Agreed to Move on DREAM Act — with Path to Citizenship

…‘The Wall Will Come Later’…

…‘We’re Not Looking at Amnesty. We’re Looking at Allowing People to Stay’…

 Trump Defends DACA: ‘Does Anybody Really Want to Throw Out Good, Educated People?’… 

Tucker: ‘No Reason to Be Optimistic’ About Trump’s Deal on DACA

Speaker Ryan Asks GOP Panel For Amnesty Plan

When you gaze into the abyss . . .

It appears the coup is now complete. The election of a Republican president, espousing conservative actions to check the dreadful march of the leftist, ultimately anti-America Washington Establishment has been effectively overturned.

The last brick to be put in place, we believe, was the Gen. Kelly appointment which was followed by completion of the purge of MAGA forces. Conservatives are now shut out of access to Trump.

Ivanka, Jared, Gary Cohn are all happy as clams.

McConnell and Ryan are fully exposed for the mendacious fools they are…irrelevant and despised by all.

None of it is good but, for Trump it is spectacular, though silly, spiteful revenge.  The cost , however, is enormous, for America and for the entire world. For Trump it must seem delicious payback to a party without character or principal, a lasting contempt for some very contemptible people. But for conservatives and the many who went to the polls to elect one who promised to Make America Great Again, it is a crushing betrayal, first by their treacherous congressional leadership, and now by the man who promised much, accomplished what he could, but ultimately succumbed to the faithless Republican party and its greedy supporters.

As Friedrich Nietzsche said:

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

The same can be said for ‘gazing into the swamp.   DLH

We see such concerns about being overtaken by the swamp in some of the commentary by none other than Sean Hannity,  although he remains an all out Trump admirer, he warns that, while people voted for change, not any change will do, and that he (Hannity) is not exactly sure what is up.  Still another take,  along the lines of ~~ Trump is smarter than everybody ~~, and is playing both sides against one another to serve his agenda is this item that first came to us via Hugh Pries about some White House affairs of late. He sent it  without necessarily an endorsement but as another take. The article has been making the rounds, we found a link to it as set forth below. Actual author unknown.

Just Business

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Bless us Papa, for we have sinned




  • “WHO AM I TO JUDGE?” (at least on the subject of gays…)

——–excerpts from various accounts of Pope Francis many expressed opinions——-

Aboard the papal plane (CNN)If US President Donald Trump considers himself “pro-life,” he should reconsider his decision to end a program that allows the children of undocumented immigrants to remain in the United States, Pope Francis said.

“The President of the United States presents himself as pro-life and if he is a good pro-lifer, he understands that family is the cradle of life and its unity must be protected,” Francis said.

The Pope’s comments came during a news conference Sunday aboard the papal plane, as he returned to the Vatican after a five-day trip to Colombia. In the wide-ranging Q&A with reporters, the Pope also said history will harshly judge deniers of climate change.

The Pope acknowledged that he was not familiar with the specifics of DACA. “I think this law comes not from parliament but from the executive,” the Pope said. “If that is so, I am hopeful that it will be re-thought.”

Trump and the Pope have tussled over immigration before, with the Pope saying last year that anyone who thinks only of building walls instead of bridges is “not Christian.”

Trump fired back, saying that no religious leader should question another man’s faith.

The US Catholic bishops have also battled a former Trump administration official on DACA in recent days.

Steve Bannon, who until recently was Trump’s chief strategist, accused the bishops of having an ulterior motive in advocating for families affected by the decision to revoke DACA. They have called the decision “heartless” and “reprehensible.”

Bannon said the bishops “need illegal aliens to fill the churches,” a charge the bishops called “preposterous” and “insulting.”


History will judge climate change deniers

As the papal plane prepared to cross over Hurricane Irma’s path on its way back to Rome from Cartagena, Francis issued a stern warning to climate change deniers.

“If we don’t go back, we will go down,” the Pope said, referring to a study which suggested the world must reverse course within the next few years or suffer dire consequences.

Francis said he was particularly struck by news last week of a Russian boat that managed to go through the North Pole without an icebreaker.

“Whoever denies it has to go to the scientists and ask them,” he said. “They speak very clearly, scientists are precise.”

“Then they decide and history will judge those decisions.”

When asked why some governments refused to see the importance of the issue, Francis quoted the book of Psalms in the Old Testament.

“Man is a stupid and hard-headed being,” he said


North Korea / Columbia

Francis said he did not fully understand the crisis in North Korea. “I’ll tell you the truth, I don’t really understand the world of geopolitics,” he said. “I think what I see there is a fight for political interests.”

Ed Note: “Political interests”, seriously, threats to incinerate freedom loving people are reduced to “political interests”. The mans ignorance of “geopolitics” not to mention geomorality knows no bounds.

Francis’ message throughout his five-day visit to Colombia had been one of forgiveness and reconciliation. It is a hard message for many Colombians, who still have the trauma of kidnappings and killings fresh in their minds, but one which seems to have already had an important effect.

The leader of the guerrilla group FARC, Rodrigo Londono, asked forgiveness on Friday for the suffering his group caused to the Colombian people, in an open letter to Pope Francis.

“Your repeated expressions about God’s infinite mercy move me to plead your forgiveness for any tears and pain that we have caused the people of Colombia,” Londono wrote.

Ed Note: OK fine, what about the other side


Border protection

——–(CNN)Thrusting himself into the combative 2016 presidential campaign, Pope Francis said Thursday that GOP front-runner Donald Trump “is not Christian” if he calls for the deportation of undocumented immigrants and pledges to build a wall between the United States and Mexico.

The Pope, who was traveling back to Rome from Mexico, where he urged the United States to address the “humanitarian crisis” on its southern border, did not tell American Catholics not to vote for Trump.

But Francis left little doubt where he stood on the polarizing issue of immigration reform.

“A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not the gospel,” the Pope told journalists who asked his opinion on Trump’s proposals to halt illegal immigration.

Ed Note: Then tear down the Vatican walls, . . . what’s that you say  . . . no because of great historical significance . . . you mean like repelling Muslim invaders . . . wall for me, not for thee.


Climate change doubters

Pope Francis on Monday slammed climate change doubters as “stupid” in the wake of a spate of hurricanes that have thrashed the US, Mexico and the Caribbean.

“Those who deny it (climate change) should go to the scientists and ask them. They are very clear, very precise,” the pontiff said Monday during a press conference on the return leg of a five-day Colombia trip.

“A phrase from the Old Testament comes to mind: ‘man is stupid, a stubborn, blind man’,” he added.

Francis said individuals and politicians had a “moral responsibility” to act on advice from scientists, who had clearly outlined what must be done to halt the course of global warming.

“These aren’t opinions pulled out of thin air. They are very clear,” he said.

“They (world leaders) decide and history will judge those decisions,” he added

Ed note:  In all of this , does it not strike objective people as the Pope being one: a person who, while preaching the significance of an issue, has not attempted to read the objective evidence countering the matter, and two: a person enamored with the managed society, scientific materialism and dialectic i.e. Marxism, which by the way he does not object to being called.  See also here and here    The only apparent wrong with Marxism by the Pope’s lights seems to be that it fails to recognize Jesus as the first Marxist, or something.   R Mall

Gay lobby and more:

“When I meet a gay person, I have to distinguish between their being gay and being part of a lobby. If they accept the Lord and have goodwill, who am I to judge them? They shouldn’t be marginalized. The tendency (to homosexuality) is not the problem … they’re our brothers.”

The problem, he said was, lobbies that work against the interest of the church.

In 2005, during the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican issued directives barring from the priesthood men “who are actively homosexual, have deep-seated homosexual tendencies, or support the so-called ‘gay culture.'”

Francis’ brief remarks seem to signal a sharp shift from that policy.

Ed note: The question of late, responses muddled  by unwillingness to clarify, is whether you can be a practicing homosexual, married perhaps by a civil union, and in “communion” with the church.

DLH with R Mall

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Letters from Timbuktu*

Consider this fanciful refrain which would be heard round the world, the truth be known.



We now know you recipients are more moral, more deserving, have a unassailable claim to all the largess in the US just for being there, compared to us schleps.  We know that your folks were just more clever in sneaking across the US border to grab the goodies for you.  THAT MAKES YOU MORE WORTHY THAN US ‘cuz you’re there.

WAITING IN LINE IS SUCH A DRAG!  Sure, a country can only accommodate so many immigrants, and has a right to control its borders, but diminishing our legal chance because your folks elbowed us out, taking our places for you, proves your worth ever more!  IT’S A NO-FAULT WORLD AFTER ALL. 

We understand it has never been hard to do, getting across. The US has the most lax enforcement just about anywhere WITH THE BEST ENTICEMENTS TO COME ILLEGALLY — YOU GUYS ARE THE ABSOLUTE PROOF POSITIVE!

We get that certain industries and illegal vote mongers love to exploit the system in your country. Heck they are your publicity arm, just look at the dominant media in your country.  Of course the incomparable benies and repetitive amnesty means the enticements are always there for the pickings.  THAT MAKES YOU MORE WORTHY THAN US AND THEM, AND EVER SO MORALLY SUPERIOR!

Its great to be able to claim to be a US tax payer of some sort.  However you benefited from your parents illegal entry, presence, and activities, getting subsidized education and more SO WE WON’T TALK NET. We hear Mafia kids get to use that dodge and keep without recourse what the folks saw to it that they have.   IT’S A GREAT COUNTRY, no wonder people make the trip and enter illegally.  

Now that most of you are adults  (you are adults or the taxpayer claim kind of falls flat doesn’t it) you are better than us cuz of course we would never want to pay taxes in America.  

YOU GUYS ARE SO COOL. Most of you speak a second language and employers love that because then they get you to deal with the low wage illegal immigrants who continue to be enticed  because of the endless repetition of amnesty which they advocate and exploit. WE WOULD LIKE TO BREAK INTO THAT CIRCLE, but alas, our folks, while desperate for us, are just not that clever.  It’s hell to be law abiding.

We know that the truth is that the employers who support DACA are just part of shoving the real costs onto the majority of tax payers, and looking for that good old competitive advantage.  NO FAULT THERE, RIGHT!  Otherwise they would offer to pick up the tab for your education and all other benefits received. BUT THAT’S JUST NOT WHO THEY ARE.

With what you have going for you we realize it is easy to crank up the sympathy vote, just keep our pictures out of view. But we are a bit dumbfounded by the success of the family unity argument. Talk about illogic.  Seriously, your parents spirit you across or send you across as unaccompanied minors, thereby achieving the sympathetic main purpose, maybe sending you to a relative in the US or leaving you with one.  In doing so they abandon the majority of relatives in your native country and you by their indifference to laws if they are ever deported. Then, everyone cries that family unification requires that everybody gets to come to the US for family reunification. Talk about an endless one-way troop train.

This fanciful post is intended not as a response to every legitimate argument about DACA but rather  the speciousness of  the moral arguments often used and the self-interest of the proponents. The free pass  DACA proponents get in mainstream media while proponents of serious immigration enforcement  are painted as immoral is extensive.

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