Gruesome and horrifying,  ghastly; grisly cadaverous, hideous, depraved, wicked, malevolent, malicious, heinous, beastly, maleficent, vicious, dismember, mutilate.

Planned Parenthood executives joke about decapitating fetuses in new video

Let’s just hear one denial from this murderous outfit

What, you can’t see them laughing on YouTube?

Just about any other depravity you can.  But this is the result of our trying to imbed the clip:

So it goes.  Thank goodness there is Livedleak


Excerpt from The Washington Times article:

Planned Parenthood executives joked about decapitated fetuses, admitted to altering abortion procedures to preserve fetal organs and said clinics have a financial incentive to sell human tissue in a new undercover video released Thursday.

The three-minute video was recorded at an annual National Abortion Federation meeting by pro-life investigators with the Center for Medical Progress. The advocacy group said it’s just a preview of never-before-seen content that has been sealed for almost two years due to legal fights.

In the video, Deborah Nucatola, senior director of medical services at the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, admits to altering abortion procedures to preserve fetal organs.

“You know, sometimes she’ll tell me she wants brain, and we’ll, you know, leave the calvarium till last, and then try to basically take it or, actually, you know, catch everything, and even keep it separate from the rest of the tissue so it doesn’t get lost,” Ms. Nucatola says.

. . .

Ann Schutt-Aine, director of abortion services at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, says she’ll hold a fetus in place with forceps to prevent partial-birth abortions.

“If I’m doing a procedure, and I’m seeing that I’m in fear that it’s about to come to the umbilicus, I might ask for a second set of forceps to hold the body at the cervix, and pull off a leg or two, so it’s not [partial-birth abortion],” she says.

Lisa Harris, medical director at Planned Parenthood of Michigan, says pro-choice proponents should just admit that abortion is murder.  . . .

She also jokes about trying to pull a decapitated head out of a patient.
“Our stories don’t really have a place in a lot of pro-choice discourse and rhetoric, right?” Ms. Harris says. “The heads that get stuck that we can’t get out. The hemorrhages that we manage.

Related reading

New Center For Medical Progress Video Depicts People Laughing At Abortion Horror Stories

‘I Might . . . Pull Off a Leg or Two’

‘I need 4 intact limbs’: Planned Parenthood abortionists describe beheading, ripping apart babies to sell body parts


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Probably just “fake news”



Hoped to attend non-public hearings on “Russian collusion” unseen and uninvited

An unconfirmed report is rumored to reveal that James Comey recently had a suit made for him from the material and pattern of the carpeting found in high security conference rooms in the U.S. House chambers where non-public hearings on national security are held.

Sources tell us that Comey planned to attend such meetings disguised as lumpy carpeting, uninvited and unseen by House members.

A similar gambit by Comey was previously reported by the N Y Times *.  The former FBI Director Comey allegedly wore a blue suit matched to the drapes in the White House “Blue Room”, the presidential reception chamber, so that media, visitors, and the president would not see him and think that he and President Trump were close friends.

Readers are cautioned that both of these stories could be “fake news”.

* “One of those occurred at the White House on Jan. 22, just two days after Mr. Trump was sworn in. That day, Mr. Trump hosted a ceremony to honor law enforcement officials who had provided security for the inauguration.

“Mr. Wittes said Mr. Comey told him that he initially did not want to go to the meeting because the F.B.I. director should not have too close a relationship with the White House. But Mr. Comey went because he wanted to represent the bureau.

“The ceremony occurred in the Blue Room of the White House, where many senior law enforcement officials — including the Secret Service director — had gathered. Mr. Comey — who is 6 feet 8 inches tall and was wearing a dark blue suit that day – told Mr. Wittes that he tried to blend in with the blue curtains in the back of the room, in the hopes that Mr. Trump would not spot him and call him out.”   (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/18/us/politics/james-comey-memo-fbi-trump.html)

Where Comey got the idea:     DLH






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Indeed, as Pope Francis has humbly said about himself, ‘who is he to judge?’



And here are the key points to give us a hint of how that meeting was perceived:

– “Wednesday’s meeting carries weight given the public sparring match last year, when the pope said Mr. Trump’s opposition to migration made him “not Christian” and Mr. Trump shot back that questioning his faith was “disgraceful”.

– “Abortion, an issue uniting the Trump administration and American catholic bishops, is a point of common ground, but ISN’T A PRIORITY FOR THE POPE.”  (caps ours)

“Francis has made a priority of addressing GLOBAL WARMING…” (caps ours)

That’s the stage for these two “seeking common ground”. The Journal did not mention another area in which there seems to be little…no, make that ‘no apparent’…common ground.

Pope Francis, whether his handlers and “cleanup crew’ are willing to admit it or not, is steadfast in his opposition to capitalism; his own statements have underscored his opposition.

President Trump is the embodiment of capitalism in the Vatican’s mind.

Pretty clear where we stand regarding these two and their positions.

For the “humble” pontiff to decide who is a “Christian” and who is not seems to us to be a topic well above even his pay grade. Trump is correct. Francis’ assessment is “disgraceful.

Abortion is NOT a priority for the “Vicar of Christ” but it is for the “non-Christian” Trump!

“Global warming is Francis’s big deal…as is redistribution of wealth and income; “global warming” and “climate change” are widely understood to be the means to achieve the latter…and if it takes alarmism, misinformation, and political intimidation to do it…well, that seems OK to advocates like His Holiness.

Nope! Put us down as not optimistic about achievement of that elusive “common ground”. President Trump dutifully headed into a set up.            DLH

Addenda:  One after action report indicates to us that Trump was the more forgiving, the more amiable.  Our interpretation — His Humbleness Pope Francis’ demeanor was condescending toward the noted capitalist and in our opinion genuine champion of life, freedom and abundance for all.

Pope Francis reportedly ‘did not say anything’ and ‘did not smile’ in response to Trump greeting    R Mall

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For sustainable superior universal health care delivery, get away from the peculiar institution

• What we should be focusing on as Republicans finalize a plan

• No overseers and slaves, market approach delivers product 

• Make taxpayers decision makers to control costs more so than indentured servants visiting company store

Triggered by an article in today’s The Federalist, we also reviewed related links in the publication we found meritorious and set forth links and some excerpts below.

Practical Ways The Senate Can Adopt A Free-Market Approach To Health Care    Provocative title, explained philosophically and in terms of human nature.      Derek Monson article.

Only free-market reforms are likely to simultaneously offer Americans improved health, affordable coverage, accessible health care, and fiscal responsibility.

Why Nobody Has A Right To Health Care   (excerpts, David Weinberger article)

But just because our rights are secured by government, it does not follow that they must be provided by government. This means that while it is correct to suggest that people have a right to food, it is incorrect to say that the state must provide it. Indeed, flowing from our rights to liberty and life, we have the right to keep the fruits of our labor, through which the marketplace has proved superior in providing access to food, as failed communist states have made clear. This brings us to the heart of what is wrong with declaring health care—ex nihilo—a human right.

If Health Care Is a Right, Doctors Are Slaves

Medical care stems not from human nature but from outside of it. This “positive rights” view allows for government to grant as a “human right” anything that may be desirable. But this leads to the problem of our “rights” competing with and contradicting one another. If I have a right to health care, then resources must be channeled for that purpose. But what if doing so sucks resources away from providing access to, say, food? Which right trumps which?

Some might reply that the solution to this dilemma is to simply legislate food as a human right, too. But that is no solution. For what, then, about housing? A decent wage? Education? Transportation? On what grounds can we reject these as “rights”? The regrettable fact of life is that our desires are infinite, but resources are not. Natural law remains the sole remedy for this predicament.

Importantly, areas of the health industry where Uncle Sam has interfered least, such as cosmetic surgery and eye surgery, have witnessed either stable or declining prices. We would therefore do well to move health policy toward a more, not less, free-market solution.

Why Medical Price Controls Are A Terrible Idea  (Phillips Gausewitz, MD article)

Excerpting a few points from lengthy article.  The title refers to the substance of so much that is intrinsic to current approaches to gov run medic care as repoints out a fools arena experientially a fools errand Excerpt Phillips Gausewitz, MD article)

 . . .   Third party payment insulated patients from the cost of coverage as well as the cost of the care they consumed.  They didn’t even see their bills as doctors and hospitals billed the insurance companies or the government directly. Employees didn’t realize that their insurance benefit was off set by lower pay and came to believe that their medical care cost very little leading to over utilization. We developed a payment system in which, because patients had no concern about costs, neither did doctors, hospitals, insurers, regulators and politicians. No wonder prices kept rising.

Finally, in a misguided attempt to control costs, Medicare price controls were imposed on hospitals in 1983 and on physician fees in 1992. Insurance companies piggybacked on the government rules, resulting in about 90% of physician fees being covered by government or contractual controls.       . . .

There is general agreement amongst economists that if price controls succeed in keeping prices below the normal market level they result in increased demand, shortages, lower quality, and black markets. They are particularly destructive in Medical Care where, in addition to economic problems, they result in needless suffering and death.

The damage from Price Controls began in 1993. Of the inevitable results: shortages, lower quality, increased demand and black markets, the shortage of physicians and resulting decrease in quality are the most important. The conservative estimate of the American Association of Medical Colleges is that there will be a shortage of 91,000 physicians by 2020.  Physician responses to having their incomes severely limited while their expenses and the incomes of comparable professionals increase are what would be expected from rational individuals and are harmful to patients.

The most obvious response is to see more patients and decrease the amount of time spent with each patient. Appointments are often scheduled for 10 -15 minutes each, much of which is spent on paperwork. If more time is needed for more than one problem  additional appointments are scheduled.

Since they are only paid for procedures that are included in the CPT codes, a physician’s incentive is to cut back on the many valuable services which are not included in the codes such as: more time for a careful history and physical examination resulting in better diagnoses; education of patients and their families about medications and healthy lifestyles; telephone consultations; and, discussions of the patient’s situation with them and their relatives. These not only provide better service but save costs.

The incentive is to seek patients who are able to pay reasonable fees and avoid those who, because of their coverage restrictions (Medicare, Medicaid, HMO) can not. As a result Medicaid patients have difficulty in getting appointments and many physicians refuse to take new Medicare beneficiaries. This emphasizes the fallacy of the delusion, apparently shared even by our President, that medical insurance and medical care are the same thing. They are not, and the fact is that without access to physicians and hospitals insurance is as worthless as a free pass to a full parking lot!       . . .

Fortunately there is ample evidence that these benefits will occur based on the experience in places where price controls did not or do not exist. The first is the history of our own country before price controls. Medical bills were paid the same way as any other bill. For those in need, physicians would discount or forego their fees and the quality of care was comparable to that of privately paying patients. Refusal of care for inability to pay, age, or perceived economic value to the community, determined by a government board, was unheard of.

For The Cost Of Obamacare Bills Congress Could Build And Run Free Clinics Everywhere For A Decade

Interesting Scott Ehrlch piece. We put this in the area of  “don’t challenge the proponents of government run healthcare with this, it is what they want.”  Provocative title intended to challenge the big number costs of recent House proposal but it is a largely static analysis and short sighted in not including more commentary on why  the theoretical less cost is still a bad idea. Such a system will devolve in so many ways.  The theoretical numbers won’t happen. Control will.

Trumpcare Would Make U.S. Health Care A Little Less Socialist 

Coverage is the big problem with U.S. health care. People with coverage have little or no incentive to economize, so costs balloon out of control.

Nathan Smith post also delves into delves into conceptual framework of health care delivery and the psychology of it.

R Mall

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A passing thought . . . (Mutually Exclusive terms: “Quad City Times” and “Journalism”)

When I read the Quad City Times I recall a modern American folk story which has been passed down by generations of eastern Iowans .

It tells of the liberal parents whose young child announced that “when I grow up I want to be a columnist or an editor for the Quad City Times.” 

To which the liberal couple had to sadly inform their young offspring: “If you grow up, you can’t be a a columnist or an editor for the Quad City Times!”


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Russian ties to leftist environmental agitators

Newsweek not alone — leftist publications like the NYT, The Guardian, Foreign Policy and others reported Russian influence used to support anti-fracking groups.  But now leftist publications somehow think Russia was interested in electing pro-fracking Trump as opposed to anti-fracking Hillary. Anything to get them past the day their queen lost. *

Excerpts from a Newsweek opinion piece. This piece offers references for actual Russian collusion with leftists who have been uniformly intent on electing Democrats, not a pro-fracking Republican Donald Trump:

Intelligence: Putin Is Funding the Anti-Fracking Campaign  
By Drew Johnson  1/29/17 :

. . .   Buried within the U.S. intelligence community’s report on Russian activities in the presidential election is clear evidence that the Kremlin is financing and choreographing anti-fracking propaganda in the United States. By targeting fracking, Putin hopes to increase oil and gas prices, destabilize the U.S. economy and threaten America’s energy independence.

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is a decades-old drilling technique in which water and sand is pumped through rock at a high pressure to release previously unreachable deposits of oil and natural gas.

Fracking is the major reason why the United States is on pace to become completely energy independent by 2020. America relies on fracking to produce more than 1.5 billion barrels of oil a year — over half of the total U.S. oil output.

Russia sees all this as a threat.

The Russian government, which relies heavily on energy exports for revenues, is concerned “about the impact of fracking and U.S. natural gas production on the global energy market,” according to the intelligence report. Increased U.S. gas exports, the report continues, creates “potential challenges” for the profitability of Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned oil and gas monopoly.

In response to America’s growing fracking industry, RT, Russia’s government-funded international media outlet, aired air a slew of dubious attacks against fracking.

Over just seven months in 2015, RT managed to ram 62 different anti-fracking television stories and news reports down viewers’ throats. That doesn’t even include an hour-long, largely discredited anti-fracking documentary that airs regularly on RT in America and around the world.

It’s little wonder why the intelligence report called RT “the Kremlin’s principal international propaganda outlet.”

This isn’t the first time the Russian government has been accused of masterminding anti-fracking activism.

In 2014, intelligence information led then-NATO secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen to conclude that Moscow conspired with environmental groups to block fracking activities in Romania, Lithuania and Bulgaria.

“Russia, as part of their sophisticated information and disinformation operations, engaged actively with so-called non-governmental organizations — environmental organizations working against shale gas — to maintain dependence on imported Russian gas,” said Rasmussen.

Here in the United States, a Senate report found that the Sea Change Foundation funneled more than $43 million to environmental causes in 2011 — padding the budgets of ardent anti-fracking organizations like the League of Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council. The Foundation is heavily funded by a Bermuda-based shell corporation with direct ties to Putin and Russian oil interests. The shady firm is currently under indictment for offshore money laundering.     . . .

Read the entire informative piece here.

Other publications not identified with being pro-Trump reported on Russian influence on politics favoring leftist causes:

Russian Money Suspected Behind Fracking Protests    NY Times

 Russia ‘secretly working with environmentalists to oppose fracking’    The Guardian

Russia’s Quiet War Against European Fracking    Foreign Policy
    Environmentalists trying to block shale gas exploration across Europe are     unknowingly helping Putin maintain his energy leverage over the continent.

R Mall

*Graphic via http://energynation.org/meme-contest/

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Synthesizing the alleged Russian orchestration

After Requiem for Hillary, a nice little cantata for the castrato in the press

“Best synthesis ever”

Thanks to Hugh Pries who sent us a link to a Victor Davis Hanson interview by Tucker Carlson devastating the logic of Putin preferring a Trump Presidency.  YouTube clip below excerpt.

And then it was very unlikely, because Donald Trump, he didn’t dismantle Eastern European missile defense, he didn’t go to Geneva and press a plastic red button, he didn’t make fun of Romney for saying Russia was an existential enemy, he didn’t have a hot mic exchange with the Russian president saying he would be ‘more flexible’ after the election.

The entire ‘Reset’ appeasement of Russia came from the Clinton-Obama team, not Donald Trump. And now we’re here.

And it is very unlikely generally, because he actually ran as a Jacksonian, who was going to beef up U.S. defenses, and get tough with our enemies, our adversaries, our rivals abroad, so it wouldnt be necessarily logical for Putin to want him to be president, yet here we are.

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Mind over media

“Never let them get control of your mind.”

I’ve used that phrase my whole life. It means think critically, don’t let emotion cloud your intellect. The media today, doesn’t subscribe to that philosophy. They don’t control their own minds. Donald Trump does.

Mainstream media laughed off his candidacy. There was a belief he wasn’t serious. You Tube videos abound with entertainers, pundits and politicians saying, “Donald Trump will never become president.”

The majority of pollsters, operating in a “used to be” reality used old methods to canvass a new world.

“Popular culture,” unaware they are neither popular, nor culture, made it socially unacceptable to publicly support Trump. Violent “antifa” thugs provided muscle to enforce that. The Democrat Party, listening to themselves, sabotaged Bernie and coronated Hillary for the cakewalk to the presidency.

Except, Trump won. The media empire: New York Times (and clones), Associated Press (AP), network and cable news, Hollywood, and the polling industry got embarrassed. Vain, self proclaimed experts, a full year of their lives was shown to be a total mistake (or fraud). Embarrassment turned to rage. They lost control of their minds.

Rather than adjust to a new reality, they decided to recreate the old one. They became the hell spawn of Chicken Little crossed with the Boy who cried wolf. Everything Trump does isn’t only wrong but dangerous. Press briefings have become “gotcha” contests. Rumors which once would have been deemed implausible are now reported as fact. Judges make rulings based on Trump, disregarding the law. Late night hosts have thrown away decency to smear Trump and his family. College students threaten riots against speakers they disagree with.

Democrat leaders decided that with cover from the media, they can not only obstruct Trump, but destroy him. Investigations, prosecutors and impeachment fill their dreams. They throw these terms around like candy at a parade. Vulgarities have become a staple of their discourse. It’s trickled down to the average democrat. Clinging to a phantom “popular vote” victory, they chant, “not my president,” reminiscent of those shouting “no rain” at Woodstock. It rained.

The precedents being set in the area of media bias, coupled with the trend toward restricting “unpopular” speech are unsettling. The AP, google, and facebook declare themselves fact checkers and censors.

I believe there are many in the media with unclouded minds. They must be appalled by the state of their industry. Today’s financial realities force local outlets to depend on the AP for national stories. They expect real journalistic standards from their local reporters, but have little control at higher levels.

Partisans do not care if we abandon principles of truth and fairness in reporting. They view Trump as a danger to their world view, or more likely, the gravy train the current system provides. “By whatever means necessary” is their mantra. It’s shortsighted. Pendulums always swing back. Those who lie, distort and smear inevitably become targets of the same. Half the population considers them “fake news”. Can the other half be far behind? A liar’s seldom believed, even when telling the truth. We may be entering journalism’s “steroid era” where supposedly factual articles have asterisks attached. I’m not sure the “powers that be” see it coming through the rage controlling their minds.

What seems to be lost in this are the nearly 63 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump. The elites didn’t see them before the election, and don’t see them now. Voters were exposed to a year of unfavorable press and a campaign full of questions about Trump’s fitness. They elected him anyway. They expect him to fulfill his promises, and see him trying. With clear minds, they see what’s being done to Trump, and by extension themselves. They’re not happy.

Journalists reporting real news would allow debate on the merits of a Trump presidency. That’s not happening now. We may be nearing the point where it won’t matter.

Eugene Mattecheck Jr.

Note: an amended version of this article was the featured guest editorial in Views From The QCA in the Dispatch-Argus today

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~~ Massaging~~ the Internet, influencing the information flow

We have also complained of this. You can test this on any number of topics if you’re looking for a conservative source

Does Google Have a Liberal Bias? Search Results for Roger Ailes Speak Volumes

Google is no great friend of unfettered Internet

How Google’s Silence Helped Net Neutrality Win  

Three years ago, it hired the FCC’s top lawyer, Austin Schlick, and he’s lobbied the FCC several times over the past year, according to the FCC. But there was no Net Neutrality Google Doodle on the front page of the company’s search engine—not even a press statement from the company after the historic FCC vote this morning. And it wasn’t the only one.

We saw much the same thing from other internet giants—Facebook and Microsoft, for instance—that have benefited from the idea of net neutrality and stand to gain financially if big internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon are blocked from charging extra for priority access to their customers.

Google To Charge Merchants For Shopping Search Placement 
Google is returning to China? It never really left 

While Google search and other apps have been blocked in mainland China, another arm of the company – Google Analytics – the largest web analytics service in the world – has continued to actively operate in China to this day. According to Google, the Analytics service allows website operators to “analyse visitor traffic and paint a complete picture of [the] audience and their needs.” Essentially it means Google Analytics is able to create a record of what pages are visited and how a user has interacted with a given page. Google Analytics provides this service at no cost to website operators around the world, including those based in China

Report: Google will comply with censorship laws to get Play into China

Today The Information reports that Google is making plans to get a version of Google Play back into China and that it’s willing to work within Chinese censorship law to do it. The company “will follow local laws and block apps that the government deems objectionable” in the interest of regaining control over its own operating system. Google also wants to help Chinese developers distribute their apps outside of China and help international developers sell their apps within China.

Censorship by Google   (a Wikipedia article)

DLH with R Mall

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Make repulsive asses of themselves…soil their underwear in public…and believe that civilized people think they’re admirable

Another ‘Great Moment’ in a Corrupt Party’s History:

CA Dem leader waves middle fingers, leads ‘F*ck Donald Trump’ chant at convention

Democrat anger and bitterness were palpable in Sacramento, California on Saturday. Outgoing California Democratic Party chairman John Burton left his position by waving his middle fingers in the air and leading the convention hall in a chant of “F*ck Donald Trump.”

Politico’s Carla Marinucci, who tweeted video of the moment, reports Burton received a standing ovation.

We note from the article that Nancy Pelosi was seen expressing joyful mirth about the display.

And their celebrity stable is of the same ilk

When Robert DeNiro calls you names, you know you’re doing something right. The actor has become a repulsive caricature…a creepy old “get off my lawn” grouch who can only express himself in obscenities !

Robert De Niro: Trump a ‘Pig’ Worse Than Madoff

Actor Robert De Niro delivered an outburst of anti-Trump vitriol just before the Saturday night debut on HBO of The Wizard of Lies, a movie in which he plays Bernie Madoff.

He told USA Today that Madoff’s story still “resonates” thanks to President Donald Trump and that while what Madoff “did was horrible and awful; monstrous,” Trump is worse than the Ponzi scheme criminal since he’s a “bad con artist” who every day is “doing something that is absolutely — what word can I use? He’s just a slob. He’s a pig.

DeNiro knows of what he speaks. The poor man must be paying the inevitable price of rooting around in a cocaine-fueled sty for many years.

There may be few more talented actors or richer Hollywood-ites than Robert DeNiro, but there may also not be very many bigger or more garbage covered ‘pigs’ than the actor.
Apparently when Robert is not getting the attention he believes he deserves, he blurts out such stuff as the above which sounds very much like an addled old has-been seriously off his meds:

Via the Daily Mail:

Robert De Niro threatened his on-off lover in bid to force her to abort his secret ‘daughter’ during his cocaine-fuelled 1980s wild years – and his ‘method acting’ inspired John Belushi to inject the drugs which killed him

De Niro started on-off affair with Helena Springs when he followed her car down a Los Angeles boulevard and asked her out to dinner
She became pregnant and he ‘threatened and intimidated’ her in bid to convince her to abort their child
Daughter, Nina, was born in 1982 but when she sued for maintenance 10 years later tests showed he was not the father
New book reveals his last night with John Belushi and how he cried a few hours later when he was told of the comedian’s ‘speedball’ overdose death
Details private partying and cocaine use by Oscar-winner who has become property tycoon and one of Hollywood’s wealthiest men


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