Confront the states that are set on undermining the republic

Here is an article at Townhall by Laure Hollis outlining an effort by blue states to erode/eviscerate our republican form of government.  There is nothing to concede as if this process by the usual suspects was consistent with “states rights”. What they are attempting is the antithesis of that in the guise of “state” decision making. Nullifying the electoral college is an attack on the federal republic form of government and other states (indeed pure democracy is).

The big question is what is being done about it. Red states need to confront this attack, economically, politically whatever it takes.

The Sneaky Efforts to Undermine the Electoral College    (excerpts)

So it is with the Electoral College. By assigning electors (and their votes) to the candidate who wins the most votes in any given state, the Constitution establishes a system that elevates the impact of smaller, less populous states, and creates an incentive for presidential candidates to cultivate the support of the residents of those states. ….

However, efforts are afoot to eviscerate the Electoral College without amending the Constitution. …

Specifically, the National Popular Voteinitiative seeks to get enough state legislatures to pass a law whereby the state’s electoral votes will go to the winner of the popular vote nationally, regardless of the results in that particular state. Connecticut is the latest state to have joined the compact, passing such a law this month. …

This compact is being touted by its supporters as being more “fair” than the current system. It is no such thing. Such a law effectively disenfranchises the voters of the states that pass it, in favor of large, highly populated states like California, New York and Illinois. In both the 2000 and 2016 elections, the popular vote majorities were established by virtue of voters in California alone. One state, therefore, out of 50, would have effectively determined the outcome of the presidential election under the National Popular Vote compact. A presidential candidate can safely ignore less populous states which have passed such a law, knowing that their electoral votes will go to the winner of California, New York and Illinois.

It is no coincidence that the 11 states where the compact has passed are Democratic strongholds where Hillary Clinton won in 2016; they are still bruised and seething from her loss to Trump.

But it is no more “fair” to hand over your state’s electoral votes to the winners of states like California or Illinois, than it would be to demand that the structure of the U.S. Senate be changed so that more populous states have more senators than less populated ones. Both tactics would undermine the balance of power that is the cornerstone of the Constitution, and render smaller, more rural states effectively voiceless in national government.

The National Popular Vote compact is an underhanded way to gut the Constitution without amending it, and to disenfranchise large swaths of the American electorate. It should be opposed.

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The “NetFix” was in

Excellent article at Patriot Post. Bold emphasis ours.  Send Netflix a message with your unsubscribe.

Netflix Gives Obama a Huge Platform

Netflix has signed Barack and Michelle to produce original content sure to peddle The Narrative.

Louis DeBroux · May 23, 2018

For a man so obsessed with income inequality as president, Barack Obama sure has come out on the winning end of the equation since leaving office. He and his wife Michelle are living quite cozily in their $8.1 million DC mansion in the exclusive Kalorama neighborhood (when not at their California or Hawaii vacation homes), having landed a $65 million book deal for their memoirs, which has supplemented the $400,000-a-pop speaking fees Obama has racked up giving speeches to the very Wall Street “fat cats” he so recently excoriated. Perhaps the anti-capitalist progressives might see this as a tad hypocritical of Obama.

Yet apparently this lavish wealth isn’t enough for the former community organizer, as evidenced by the deal he and Michelle just inked with Netflix — a deal reportedly worth tens of millions of dollars. It’s hard not to see this as a kickback from Netflix to Obama for pushing through so-called “net neutrality” rules, bypassing Congress in the process, which prevented Internet service providers from charging a premium to streaming services like Netflix.

Announcing the formation of Higher Ground Productions to produce content, Obama said that their goal is to “cultivate and curate the talented, inspiring, creative voices who are able to promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples, and help them share their stories with the entire world.” How sweet.

When rumors of the deal surfaced in March, The New York Times reported that the Obamas did not intend to produce shows that “directly respond to President Trump or conservative critics.” However, considering Obama’s farewell promise that he would not follow the example of past presidents in refraining from criticizing his successor, but would instead continue to be a vocal opponent of Trump and the Republicans, one can surmise that his content will likely be partisan.

Still, in the spirit of cooperation, we offer some suggestions for possible documentaries that the Obamas could produce.

Abandoned: The Neda Agha-Soltan Story — this documentary would chronicle the story of Neda Agha-Soltan, a young Iranian woman shot to death in the streets of Tehran for protesting the rigged election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Obama was silent as peaceful protesters were shot to death; it was only later that we discovered Obama’s silence was calculated. He wanted a nuclear deal with Iran and was willing to do anything to get it, including abandon peaceful democratic protesters to the atrocities and brutal repression of the Iranian government, not to mention secretly flying nearly $2 billion in ransom cash to the Iranian government to get around U.S. sanctions of the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism.

Bye Bye Bibi: Rigging the Israeli Elections — with lefty conspiracy nuts desperately seeking evidence that President Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to rig the 2016 presidential elections, most Americans have forgotten (if they ever knew since the media didn’t exactly cover it broadly) that none other than Barack Obama used U.S. taxpayer money to send Democrat operatives to Israel in 2013 with the sole purpose of defeating the sitting Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. It is no secret that Obama loathed Netanyahu, whose strength in the face of evil was an embarrassing contrast to Obama’s appeasement.

Civility: How to Tolerate Gun-Toting Religious Losers — since the Obamas claim they want to “promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples,” maybe they can start by extending an olive branch to the unwashed masses in “flyover country.” You know, those places filled with intellectual and cultural troglodytes who are so stupid that they actually believe in God, the Constitution, and natural rights; people who were proud of America long before Obama was nominated. Or, as Obama described them, people who “get bitter … [and] cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them.”

These are just a few suggestions, of course, and there are plenty more. He could do a documentary on how the U.S. leads the world in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, despite being condemned by other countries for refusing to ratify the Kyoto Protocol or dropping out of the Paris Climate Accords.

Or maybe a segment on how he became the first president in U.S. history to never record even a single year of 3% GDP growth, despite (read: because of) his nearly $1 trillion “stimulus” bill that never brought the promised “shovel ready” jobs. He could tie that in to the $10 trillion in new debt he added, with anemic economic growth and high unemployment to show for it.

Or an exposé on ObamaCare, which caused 25 million Americans — twice as many as got coverage under ObamaCare — to lose health care coverage they liked, leaving cancer victims and others suffering serious illness with no way to get adequate care.

Yes, the possibilities are indeed endless when you can work in the fertile fields of Obama’s progressive hypocrisy. Candidate Obama’s lofty, unifying rhetoric quickly gave way to slanderous, dehumanizing attacks once he was parked in the Oval Office, routinely describing conservatives and Republicans as an enemy to be destroyed, rather than as fellow Americans with whom differences should be resolved.

Given that track record, we can expect many things from Obama TV, but one suspects truth and civility won’t be among them.

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Pass the aspirin already!


All these headlines occur every night on our major news networks. EVERY NIGHT! And every morning those pronouncements end up on page eight below the fold. What do we read above the fold on the front page? Lately it was the Royal wedding. This world is in utter turmoil and we are bombarded with the dysfunction in Harry’s in-laws family.

Every night we are given a grain of hope that finally the Deep State is uncovered and heads will roll. People will finally be charged for their misdeeds. Every morning I head to the medicine cabinet once again to find relief for the continuous headache resulting from non action on the breaking news from the night before. It’s no wonder there is a drug problem in this country. Just look at Congress.

I will try to remain optimistic. That’s who I am. However, the only thing that breaking news is breaking is my spirit. And that frustrates me to no end. Please pass the aspirin.   DG

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‘You needn’t attend, Jeff, Roddy will fill in for you’


Is this a joke?

WASHINGTON – White House Chief of Staff John Kelly plans to convene a meeting between top law enforcement and intelligence officials and GOP congressional leaders to “review highly classified and other information” the lawmakers have requested about the FBI’s use of a confidential source to aid an investigation of the Trump campaign, a White House spokeswoman said Monday.

President Donald Trump met for about an hour Monday with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats. The meeting came a day after the Justice Department asked its inspector general to investigate Trump’s claim that his campaign may have been infiltrated by the FBI source for political purposes, and amid continued demands from GOP lawmakers that the department produce materials on the person.

With Jeff sessions in Firm Control of the Justice Department, Ham Sandwiches Everywhere Can Feel Secure … Safe From Indictment For Anything!
Rowdy Roddy Rosenstein has once again, proven himself to be in charge.
You want an “investigation” that is certain to last until after mid-term elections, and possibly way beyond? Give it to the Inspector General!

With no power other than to make “criminal referrals” the IG can go through all the motions of an “investigation” without endangering the livelihood of any of “Rowdy’s” Deep State buds.

Remember how long us rubes have been waiting for the ‘explosive’ IG report on all the DOJ, FBI, et al’s misdeeds?

You know the one. It’s gonna be so devastating for the anti-Trump, anti-American voters that every Obama miscreant will be wearing prison stripes before the year is out! Kamala Harris will go into a nunnery, Nancy Pelosi will not be seen again until she emerges on a Frisco street corner babbling about what a ‘master legislator” she used to be.

To raise money for his defense fund, and until sentencing, Jim Comey will have to wear a sandwich board on Times Square inviting passersby to ‘kick the weasel…25 cents’ !

Great fun will be had by all good Americans!

The IG report, despite outsize expectations, is likely to be another “nothingburger”, as reported by the leftist media.

Oh, and incidentally, that big sit-down at the White House, where Roddy allegedly gave in and agreed to let Devin Nunes and the boys take a peek at the controversial “FBI/Mueller papers”.

We felt good about that until we heard that Christopher Wray had ordered another 1200 barrels of “redaction ink”. Verifies our apprehensions about a Trump nominee who could get all but 5 Democrat confirmation votes.

And…where was ‘what’s his name’…Jeff Sessions? Get caught in traffic and missed the meeting? Maybe he was wearing one of Comey’s suits that blend in with the carpeting and drapes in White House meeting rooms so he wouldn’t be noticed hobnobbing with, ugh, Trump.

By the way, anybody wonder what happened to John Huber, named by Sessions to “get to the bottom of…well, everything. Remember this from way back in March?:

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions designated U.S. attorney John Huber as the prosecutor tasked with looking into allegations of abuse of power at the FBI.

“In a Thursday letter to Congress, Sessions said this appointment was made in response to requests for a special counsel investigation of the claims. The attorney general said, however, that Huber will be the one determining “whether any matters merit the appointment of a special counsel.”

“Sessions cited Justice Department regulations which stipulate that a special counsel appointment should be reserved for only the most “extraordinary circumstances.”
“If the situation doesn’t “justify such a departure ‘from the normal processes of the Department,'” Sessions said the guidelines allow the attorney general to make alternative arrangements that would sufficiently “mitigate any conflicts of interest.”

The word I get is that immediately after Huber was named he admitted himself into the Witness Protection program under the name “J Buffet’ and was last seen wasting away somewhere, searching for evidence of abuse of power, and, his last jigger of salt.


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The furry of the denizens loosing grip

From the remarkable article by former Clinton pollster Mark Penn, writing in The Hill which we referenced in the previous article:

Stopping Robert Mueller to protect us all

“Time and time again, investigators came up empty. Even several sting operations with an FBI spy we just learned about failed to produce a Delorean-like video with cash on the table. But rather than close the probe, the deep state just expanded it. All they had were a few isolated contacts with Russians and absolutely nothing related to Trump himself, yet they pressed forward. Egged on by Steele, they simply believed Trump and his team must be dirty. They just needed to dig deep enough.”


“they simply believed Trump and his team must be dirty.”

Anybody buying this? I don’t think “they believed Trump and his team were ‘dirty’.” He just represented an enormous threat to their power and to the way it has been achieved and preserved. Trump had to be stopped before all their criminal corruption was exposed!

Yes, this piece is a surprisingly explosive attack on the Mueller investigation, and indirectly, the Obama “team” by Mr. Penn.

Reflecting on this column, many of us conservatives, and hopefully most ordinary Americans, are on the verge of giddiness over the prospect of the ‘Mueller Inquisition’ falling apart and, at last, for all to see, the spectacular exposure of the incredibly illegal, treasonous, dishonest deeds by the dirtiest, most dangerous presidential administration in American history…Obama’s!

Further sober reflection, however, produces a depressingly more realistic and likely, outcome.

I believe it is a fair question, buttressed by many disappointing outcomes in the recent past, to ask, “are we being played again?”

Are the hopes of millions of Americans…not just Trump voters, but newly aware people of good will who are seeing at last what an evil regime has governed America from 2008 through 2016… are we all just being set up?

We have been inundated, for months, from both sides of the media spectrum to expect unparalleled revelations coming from the DOJ’s Inspector General report, and from Congressional investigations into the seemingly undeniable corruption of the previous administration, our legal and law enforcement structure and our government in general. From  the left, the media seems to tell us that, well, yeah, there’s going to be some very sensational claims of deep and broad corruption in our most revered government agencies, but, when understood in the proper context, they are simply highly partisan, wildly misleading presentations of fact and speculation.

From the right, we are led to believe that THIS IS IT ! We have been waiting for the truth of how widespread the political corruption and illegality of the 8 years of Obama to finally come out!

How many times in the recent past has the same accounting appeared to be imminent and ultimately decisive?

We’ll see…                  DLH

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The Provocateurs a.k.a. “Lying Scumbags”

Travellers Club, London

Regarding recent revelations about the Mueller witch hunt , the articles we recommended yesterday confirm “Russiagate” as a get Trump conspiracy of the Deep State comprised in significant part of the usual suspects in the GOPe extending back to G H W Bush years.

That is said with due acknowledgement to  “Sundance” at the “Conservative Tree House”…a blog that we have mixed feelings about and cannot admit to trusting its reporting in any and all instances. Their reports often deal with intricate “conspiracies”, real or imagined, in our opinion, but always appearing to be exhaustively researched and well-documented.

Their piece is worth reading by serious political ‘junkies’. It suggests…nay! asserts that that Stephen Halper, the newly uncovered “Deep State” spy actually developed his estimable skills in the Reagan and Bush administrations, actually spying on the Carter administration, for one. We regard these revelations as unsurprising in the case of the Bushes but disturbing in the case of Reagan.

In hindsight, to us, it is easy to see how such methods and tactics Halper is said to have used on behalf of the G H W Bush presidency could easily morph into Obama administration weapons. It seems not ‘above’ the principles of the Washington Establishment to share methods and tactics against political opponents freely. We’re seeing the Bushes applauding, if not facilitating, the ‘war’ on Trump by, first, the Obama administration and, now, the Deep State/”Resistance”.

We remain, however, skeptical of “Sundance’s” allegations regarding the Reagan presidency. But maybe that’s because we’ve always held Reagan in high regard as Reagan had similar problems as Trump – holdovers from the G HW Bush years at the CIA and his, and his element’s general influence.     Sundance’s resume build of Halper’s career and associations is telling.          DLH

Stefan Halper Agent Provocateur – In His Own Words…

Clarice Feldman lays out the whole stinking  “Deep State” mess. Read carefully, there can be no question that this, as Trump suggested, the most explosive political scandal in American history!

H.A.L.P.E.R. Spells Game Up for Obama’s Spies

But try discussing this case with a liberal “friend” or a Hillary voter, or an Obama fan. You will find they are blithely ignorant of any of the damning details and will repeat only what NPR, the NY Times, et al, has furnished the ignorant media (that’s spelled “Q.C.T.I.M.E.S.).

Sadly, and alarmingly, it is not likely the true story will never be widely disseminated nor fully absorbed by a large segment of the American people.    DLH


Planted innuendo, perfidy, misinformation, press stooges, CYA gambits, all things Mueller is part of — but real Russian collusion with Hillary — Mueller is not investigating

I appreciate former FBI agent Wauk’s analysis.  Sundance paints a picture but I think Strassel and especially Clarice are more reliable.  Sundance picture was good for giving Halper “resume” as more than an “academic” He was a hard core operative of the seedy manipulator “we are in charge/ we know best” class.  That is nothing all that revealing about political operatives.   That he was primarily operating with and for the deep state as regards internal US elective politics is damnable.

Related reading appearing today at Daily Caller – by Chuck Ross:

An Email Referring To ‘Collusion’ Sheds Light On Cambridge Prof’s Interactions With Trump Aide

And this stunning admission from a former Clinton pollster

Stopping Robert Mueller to protect us all

R Mall

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Reading assignment — latest on Deep State perfidy

Clarice is the priority as she references these other reports adequately and pulls them and other revelations together.  Next would be Kimberly Strassel at the WSJ and then Sundance at Conservative Tree House.

Some comments from your humble servants here at Veritas to follow.  We will assume you have read at least Clarice.


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Francis for Fed Chairman…?

Perhaps Pope Francis’s nose is out of joint because he wasn’t chosen to be Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Perhaps this “humble” man isn’t busy enough with his Vatican stuff…and his ‘crusades’ against climate change, “unfettered’ capitalism,  and income inequality… and his efforts on behalf of ‘social justice’…and…and…

Pope says financial derivatives are a ‘ticking time bomb’…

  • The Vatican called for more regulation of markets and financial systems.
  • Two Holy See departments drafted a document saying economic crises showed markets were not able to govern themselves and needed a strong injection of morality and ethics.
  • The Vatican’s pronouncement is considered official teachings of the Catholic Church and could affect the attitude of the church’s 1.2 billion members.

…but hasn’t commented on President Trump’s strong pro-life actions

Trump administration to bar abortions at facilities receiving federal family funds.    DLH

May 18, 2018,CNN

“This proposal does not necessarily defund Planned Parenthood, as long as they’re willing to disentangle taxpayer funds from abortion as a method of family planning, which is required by the Title X law,” said a Trump administration official. “Any grantees that perform, support, or refer for abortion have a choice — disentangle themselves from abortion or fund their activities with privately raised funds.”

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Pithtures — Society, Russiagate, 2nd Amendment

Thanks especially to HP for several of the forwards in this group. The rest chalk up to that guy Mitch Ellaneous

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Beck joins basket of deplorables

Image result for hillary gif deplorables

Proves no one is irredeemable

Virginia Kruta at the Daily Caller reports:

Glenn Beck Blames Media For Complete 180: ‘I’ll Vote For Trump’
Conservative radio host Glenn Beck announced during his Friday show that despite his opposition in the past, he would vote for President Donald Trump in 2020.

Beck began by predicting that Trump would win re-election, and then he explained why.

“Here’s why I’m predicting a 2020 win. When I saw yesterday how the press was all reporting the same damn story — that Donald Trump was calling MS-13 gang members (they left that out of the story) ‘animals’ — they were spinning it as if he was saying that about all immigrants. I had enough. I’ve had enough.”

Beck then took out a red Make America Great Again hat, saying, “Media, if you can get me, Glenn Beck, to do this … If you can drive me to the point where I say, ‘you know, I’ve had enough,’ I’ll vote for him in 2020. Gladly, I’ll vote for him in 2020. And not really even on his record, which we’ll talk about here in a second, is pretty damn amazing.”

.@glennbeck has heard ENOUGH from the mainstream media.
It’s time to acknowledge everything @realDonaldTrump has done for America.

— TheBlaze (@theblaze) May 18, 2018

Agreeing with the president’s opinion of MS-13, Beck posed a simple hypothetical: “If those animals took your daughter and did what they’ve done to other Americans’ daughters, you’d call them an animal. And if they’re not animals, I don’t know what is.”

Beck’s final assessment was that if the media had so offended him that even he — who once famously mocked President Trump by putting his face into a bowl of Cheeto dust — others had certainly been pushed to that same limit. “When you can get me to don a Make America Great Again hat, I think it’s permeated everywhere.”

DLH offers:

“Beck then took out a red Make America Great Again hat, saying, “Media, if you can get me, Glenn Beck, to do this … If you can drive me to the point where I say, ‘you know, I’ve had enough,’ I’ll vote for him in 2020.”

So what?! Glenn Beck lost his credibility over two years ago, if not before. Had Beck the ‘power’ to do so, Hillary Clinton would be president now. When Beck promoted Evan McMullin as a “presidential candidate” solely in an effort to destroy the Trump campaign…and thus put Hillary in the Oval Office…he officially became irrelevant in the extreme!

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