FBI — “Unchecked power”

Think we are a bit overwrought about the current direction of the FBI?

Bill Gertz is a noted champion* of an effective intelligence and law enforcement apparat in defense of the Constitution and national interests. The following link and excerpts is from a report he wrote a few days ago at the Free Beacon:

FBI Increasingly Politicized Under Comey and Mueller
Analysis: Bureau operating as unchecked power

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, once America’s storied crime fighting agency, is under fire for an increasing leftward politicization blamed on recent liberal directors and a bureaucracy operating with nearly unchecked power.

Once a bastion of conservative anti-communism under long-time director J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI has become one of the more liberal political agencies of government, and some critics say appears increasingly to operate outside normal constitutional controls.

The shift is the result of a bureaucratic culture that emerged in the 1990s and was fueled by its two most recent former directors, James Comey and Robert Mueller, who ran the agency for the past 16 years. Mueller headed the FBI from 2001 to 2013, when Comey took over and served until he was fired by Trump in May.

Both former directors currently are at the center of a fierce political debate over the FBI’s competency and integrity.

“People are finally tumbling to the realization that this [FBI] has become a proto-KGB,” said a former senior intelligence official with extensive experience in counterintelligence. “We’re in a constitutional crisis. These guys are playing out a silent coup against an elected official.”

. . .

As for Congress, the FBI for years also has stonewalled overseers under both Comey and Mueller.

Even routine requests for FBI documents and information have been rejected or ignored, and congressional overseers have not taken action to force the FBI to comply.

The lack of congressional oversight and administration controls have left the FBI with enormous power and little accountability.

The former intelligence official, who spoke on condition of anonymity over concerns about FBI retaliation, said the mindset of Comey, Mueller and others of their group is that they are going to punish Trump for his criticism of the FBI.

“Mueller, Comey, and Rosenstein are going to make Trump pay for having dissed the bureau,” the former official said.

More details in the full article.       V’pac

*Gertz’ books include:

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How much of this will never reach the average American ?

  • Following this is a Feldman article relating to why the swamp (deep state, key elements in the Justice Dept, the left’s entire apparat) is so vicious in their attempts to stop Trump.





The following story via Conservative Treehouse, only exposes the tip of the political filth which lies beneath.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Devin Nunes is uncovering alarming evidence of the worst abuses of state power, but Americans will learn little of it from an equally corrupt liberal media;

Author “sundance” quoting extensively from Nunes:  (bold our emphasis)

Intel Chairman Devin Nunes Outlines Abuse in FISA Warrants and Government Surveillance…

There are obviously multiple investigative angles stemming from all the stories within investigations into the previous administration’s politicization of the FBI and DOJ. One of those angles is the system of applying for FISA warrants and surveillance of U.S. persons.

Against the backdrop of FISA court judge Rudolph Contreras mysterious recusal from the Mike Flynn case; and against increasing sunlight upon FBI investigative agent Peter Strzok, yesterday House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, discussed his ongoing concerns about abuse within the FBI and DOJ process.

“I believe there’s evidence that abuses have occurred,” Nunes said in his first interview since the House Ethics Committee dismissed allegations he had wrongly released classified information as part of the panel’s Russia investigation.

“We have had an ongoing investigation into DOJ [Department of Justice] and FBI since mid-summer for both FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court] abuse and other matters that we can’t get into too much. But it is very concerning.”

Nunes pointed to the leaked conversation of former national security adviser, Gen. Mike Flynn with the Russian ambassador. The congressman said he is unaware of any leak investigation by the FBI or Justice Department.

“I hate to use the word corrupt, but they become so dirty that, who is watching the watchmen? Who is investigating these people? There is no one.”

Nunes said he will call Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, whose apparent demotion was first reported by Fox’s James Rosen, over his contacts with the firm behind the Trump dossier — to testify. The congressman said he believes the Obama Justice Department – from Attorney General Lynch, to her deputy, Sally Yates, FBI Director Comey as well as FBI agent Peter Strzok who was fired by the Mueller Russia probe over anti-Trump text messages — may have valuable information.

“It’s hard to believe that all of them, there was a very small circle that we’re looking into the Trump dossier overall.” Nunes said. (read more w/ video)

June/July 2016 a FISA request is denied. This is simultaneous to FBI agent Strzokinitial contact with Christopher Steele and the preliminary draft of the dossier.

October 2016 a FISA request approved. This is simultaneous to agent Strzok and Assoc. Deputy AG Bruce G Ohr in contact with Christopher Steele and the full dossier.

It would be EXPLOSIVE if it turned out the FISA warrant was gained by deception, misleading/manipulated information, or fraud; and that warrant that led to the wiretapping and surveillance of General Flynn was authorized by FISA Court Judge Contreras – who would now be judge in Flynn’s case.

As our lede at the top of the page indicates, Clarice Feldman writing at American Thinker comments on why the swamp (deep state, key elements in the Justice Dept, the left’s entire apparat) is so vicious in their attempts to stop Trump.    The title to the article is perhaps misleading. We suppose whoever wrote the headline to the piece was presuming that readership would relate the information in the article to the leftist refrain about Trump, that he is Hitlerian. Clearly it is the swamp dwellers who are fomenters of a putsch in reaction to Trump thwarting of the gravy train they have  been riding to gain and sustain power. “Trump derailing  the gravy train” might be a more explanatory title.  The article very much reinforces the Nunes story.

Trump’s Decidedly Not Hitler 


* Graphic seems appropriate as to how the swamp denizens see themselves. Source relates to politics in Malaysia

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Stand-up guys, button men for The Swamp . . .

Is that what the FBI/DOJ capos have become?*


                              FBI’s “most wanting” for justice

Consider these commentaries from a variety of reporting sources:

GOP lawmakers cite new allegations of political bias in FBI    (The Hill)

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.): “The data points we have regarding politicization are damning enough but appear all the more problematic when viewed against the backdrop of investigations whose ferocity seemed to depend on the target: the Clinton case was investigated with an eye towards how to exonerate her and her associates, while the Russia investigation is being conducted using scorched earth tactics that seek to find anything to use against Trump associates…”

Whistleblower Witnessed Top FBI Executive Suggest FBI Had Personal Motive in Investigating Flynn to Ruin His Career     (Gateway Pundit)

A whistleblower told Rep Ron DeSantis that he witnessed a senior FBI executive suggest the FBI had a personal motive and targeted Flynn with the purpose of ruining his career.

Stray Strzok thoughts   (Powerline)

“At the FBI, all roads lead to Strzok. Strzok had served as a trusted lieutenant of former FBI Director James Comey. He had a big hand in the FBI’s “investigation” of Hillary Clinton and came up with the characterization of Clinton’s use of a private server as “extraordinarily careless” rather than “grossly negligent.” (I think these phrases are synonymous.) He had a hand in the FBI’s questioning of Michael Flynn. He moved on to Mueller’s team. He is a key figure in every matter roiling the

Comey Exemplifies the Effort to Get Stupid         (American Greatness)

“The cries of obstruction of justice disguise the growing—and ultimately servile—impulse to subordinate elected power to unelected power. This impulse—this yearning to get stupid—is beneath the dignity of a free people.”

Trump is bringing Mueller down   (Don Surber Blog)

“Over the weekend, the results of Trump’s investigation of Team Mueller surfaced. Mueller had to fire his top investigator because that investigator left a trail of anti-Trump emails, and was caught destroying evidence and altering statements in that Fake Investigation of Hillary’s emails.”

GOP Lawmakers Press for Investigation of FBI’s ‘Special Treatment’ of Hillary Clinton Probe  Scott Perry, R-Pa.    (Daily Signal – Heritage Foundation)

“Why are there two different standards of justice? Why doesn’t the FBI and the Justice Department have to comply with subpoenas by the Congress for information that the American people need to have and should have and should have access to? Why is that happening?”

Top DOJ official demoted amid probe of contacts with Trump dossier firm    (Fox News)

Evidence mounts as key FBI personnel are outed as apparent partners of the “Resistance”:


In the congressional hearing this Thursday, democrats on the committee demanded to know if the new FBI director had been asked by president Trump to ‘take a loyalty pledge’. the reply was “no”!

This is a characterization of Trump’s alleged demand of Comey. accurate or not, other presidents have very likely felt a need for and properly expected a positive response to their question of whether they could trust their selected appointee.


In my view, the answer to the first question is, an emphatic YES! Short of a public announcement from the FBI Director himself (his name is Wray…other than that, where is he??) that the agency will begin rounding up “enemies of the state”, it couldn’t be clearer that there is something radically amiss at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C..

Keep in mind, this is an all powerful government entity which can destroy peoples’ careers, bankrupt them, imprison them without evidence of wrongdoing…only having a different recollection of long ago events from the recollections of individuals the agency alone considers more credible. With an uncontrolled political agenda, the FBI is a monstrous threat to the freedom of every American citizen.

The bureau, under the overall authority of a Justice Dept. led by Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, arguably in our view, the two most corrupt Attorney Generals in American history, has descended sharply into an entity that, if not feared, is most certainly mistrusted by many American citizens.

To answer the second question, the FBI’s descent into abject corruption, best illustrated by the historic and bizarrely conducted “investigation” of a high government official maintaining a private internet server and destroying government documents and deliberately obstructing justice, seems to be almost a roadmap to how secret police agencies come into being…or behave after becoming a state secret police agency.

With a president like we’ve endured the past 8 years, encouraging and protecting the likes of a Robert Mueller, succeeded by James Comey, the once proud agency suffered from the most despicable actions by two of the most incompetent, dishonest bureaucrats in Washington at the time…and that’s saying a lot!

(It is interesting to hear Trey Gowdy stubbornly “hope” that Robert Mueller will conduct a fair, thorough investigation of…what? Russian collusion? Obstruction of Justice? Trump’s various business deals Mueller doesn’t approve of?  Not being nice to Hillary?

Recall Rep. Gowdy conducted that “fair, thorough investigation” of the Benghazi tragedy. Like us, many were delighted when Gowdy was named to head the Select Committee…which turned out to be another in a long list of GOP flops.)

And, now, with a new president and a new administration , the minions of these two remain in key positions within the DOJ and the FBI, cynically and successfully frustrating all efforts to expose how deeply corrupt our top law enforcement entity has become.

Withholding evidence from Congress, ignoring the obvious obstruction of justice by Hillary in destroying 30,000 emails, conducting an incredibly unprofessional, inept, “interview” of the primary target (Hillary) of the investigation, granting immunity to just about everybody but unknown passersby, etc…this is your FBI today!

How incredible is it for Americans to learn that an FBI Director leaks confidential information to the media, withholds essential information from legitimate congressional investigators, lies to or misleads the President  on vital security matters, and then winds up being instrumental in getting a close friend appointed to “investigate” the president who fired him because he could not be trusted to act in accord with his Constitutional duties?

Many on the right tell us that while there are those in leadership positions in the agency, both Obama holdovers and “NeverTrumpers”, the ‘agents’ themselves are dedicated, honest, devoted to the search for truth and justice.

That may be true, but if the overwhelming majority of FBI special agents, and lower level people within the agency are unaware of the abject corruption the agency has descended into, it is alarming. Even worse, though, is the likelihood that they are aware and choose to continue to serve.

Perhaps, with our livelihood on the line many of us would do the same…but that is not reassuring to the American people. There may well have been those with similar concerns in the Stasi, the NKVD, the Gestapo, the SAVAK, the Mukhabarat, Uganda’s State Research Bureau, etc, etc, who were eventually moved to dutifully carry out the ghastly orders of their superiors.

After all, they did have their jobs and their families to think of.


It just goes on and on — maybe this is the worst so far:

Rod Rosenstein Overcome by Soros Swamp Gas      (PJ Media)

Read the articles linked to above for some of the background that justifies our concern. And the stand-up and buttons analogy, well you can find references to them here.


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Al Franken “intends to resign” in coming weeks

  • Is he keeping his options open or is there some additional self-service at hand (his trademark as a human being)?
  • Answer — “both”

We anticipate he will at least hang on ’til late January for the bump in his pension and in case dynamics change, like a grand up-swell of support for him from his constituency and you know the drill, further reflection away from the glare allowing him to conclude it is better for the good people of Minnesota that he stay.

The weasel-worded announcement serves to placate the urges of others for now (rather unlike his usual MO). He was pushed kicking and screaming to make such a move for the PR value of allowing  Democrats to conveniently at NO risk preen about women being respected and such leading into the Alabama Senate race.  See our post yesterday. Of course if any Senator from an at-risk state had Franken’s spastic hand disease he or she would be defended to the hilt, the accusers attacked.

Al, who has no shame, figures he deserves something for bucking the good folks in his home state who preferred Bernie. Hillary, who also has no shame, was jiggie wit it.

After the hoopla of the Alabama senate race is over, Franken having done as he was told, there is the possibility the powers-that -be will manufacture a grassroots movement to beg him to stay.  We say “manufactured” as the rank and file DFLers are likely not all that happy with Al after he voted for Hillary using his “hell with what you little people say”, super-delegate status to vote for Hillary at the DNC convention.  Doing so he subverted the will of the huge DFL turnout in the 2016 caucuses where they supported Sanders by 61% to 38% for Hillary.

Then there is the pension bump of 12% or so he gets for completing his ninth year sometime in January. It is not huge money, five thousand or so a year by our calculation, but over his likely remaining years on the planet a tidy some and worth the wait.

Shall we say he is less than transparent or actually contrite.

Related reading:




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Lindsey Vonn: I won’t be representing US President at Winter Olympics  

St Moritz, Switzerland (CNN)A number of US athletes have spoken out against Donald Trump during his presidency — and skier Lindsey Vonn has become the latest to have her say.

Targeting Olympic gold at February’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Vonn is in St. Moritz, Switzerland, where she spoke passionately about what it means to compete for the US ski team.

“Well I hope to represent the people of the United States, not the president,” Vonn told CNN’s Alpine Edge.

– I’m an “American” Ms. Vonn but I don’t want you performing for me. And I have a feeling there’s a whole lot of the “American people” who don’t give a crap if you ski at all.

– Further, I don’t think you are serving your fellow athletes well; For me, you’ve given me an excellent reason to watch “I Love Lucy” reruns rather than the Winter Olympics

As they say in show biz, “break a leg”, Lindsey

Note to CNN — Don’t say “targeting” when referencing South Korea

Oh, and Lindsey, the cap is just so apropos        DLH

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So Franken resigns

My guess was wrong. But maybe after a successful rehab Al will run again for the Democrat nomination.

Will his exemplary decision (gag now) increase turn-out for Jones vote in Alabama?  Will it diminish Moore’s support there?  It should not and we hope not.  Republicans should expose the cynicism, point to protected Dems when it was inconvenient to morally preen about them.

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Franken turn is convenient for Dems

Yesterday our Illustrious Senior Editor (ISEman) DLH sent a perceptive observation about the Democrat political scene, posted this morning.  His perceptiveness was confirmed by dominant “mainstream” reporting later this morning. The political convenience of the Democrats picking on Franklin should not be lost in the discussion as it often is in the mainstream media but nor should the key differences as regards any comparison of  the culpability of Franken and Roy Moore.

Frankiln has admitted at the very least to boorish behavior and his history is recent and the evidence corroborated by photographs, timelines and directly by people other than the accuser.  Among the Washington establishment, given his background, there is probably no serious doubt the initial accusations are not true (allowing for attempts to pile on in pursuit of #metoo and any attendant celebrity).  Roy Moore denies the accusations and none of the listed definitive aspects about Franken apply. They are fundamentally different cases.

Now back to the convenience of throwing Franken under the bus.  The Democrats choosing now to sacrifice or at least preen about Franken are exercises in costless damage control as regards what they see as their base – liberal women.  The recent sex scandals overwhelmingly relate to Democrats and the party apparat is a bit embarrassed (we don’t know why as they soldiered on with Bill Clinton, even offering Lewinskies in full comradery).  Franken’s is a currently safe Democrat seat. The Democrat Governor of Minnesota Dayton, will appoint his replacement.

Alabama is a current safe Republican seat ONLY if Moore wins.  Obviously if Moore drops out prior to the election the Democrat will win.  If Moore loses as a result of the attack campaign against him the Democrats have the seat until the regular term expires, a leg up on that campaign and a claim to big mo into the 2018 mid terms where they desperately want at least one of the houses of congress.

Only if Moore wins is the pertinence of the Republican governor come into play.  If you are a Republican and are undecided about Moore’s guilt, you want the process to take its course and not affect the election for Republicans.  Elections should be about furtherance of the party platform and Moore professes support for that as he professes innocence of the accusations against him. That should be enough to vote for him.

Also ask your Democrat antagonists, or anyone wanting Moore out — would Democrats not circle their wagons around Franken if he were not so expendable? Consider purple states or any state with a Republican governor and a Democrat Senator if that senator was involved in any sort of scandal would they be so inclined to throw that senator out.  How about Claire McCaskill — will her scandals be allowed to rise to the level to push her out so that a Republican governor can appoint her replacement? We think not. Similar situations pertain in Nevada, Indiana, West Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Massachusetts and any state which has a Democrat Senator but a Republican governor to “keep” Democrats dishonest.

Related reading:

Democratic Senator Franken to address calls to resign

If Franken leaves, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, a Democrat, would appoint someone to take his place, meaning the party would not risk losing the seat for now. Republicans hold a 52-48 majority in the Senate.

Democrats turn on Franken to get to Moore 

WASHINGTON — By calling on one of their own to resign Wednesday, Senate Democrats tried to seize the moral high ground on sexual misconduct.
The push to oust Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn. comes before an Alabama special election next week in which President Donald Trump is supporting Roy Moore, a candidate dogged by multiple accusations of sexual misconduct with teenagers decades ago.
The Democratic dam burst on Wednesday afternoon when Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, R-N.Y., publicly urged Franken to resign his seat over a series of groping and unwanted kissing allegations. Gillibrand, whose call was echoed by more than two dozen Democratic colleagues within a few hours, said there should be no tolerance for sexual misconduct.
. . .
It was clear by late Wednesday that Democrats felt sacrificing Franken will allow them to claim moral superiority over Republicans in a way that they couldn’t if he remains in office.
“Before you get into the race in Alabama, I hope that members of both political parties will be guided by sound principles, even when it’s painful,” said Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, the number-two Democrat in the Senate. “And this is painful. Al Franken’s my friend.”

Personally I think Franken will resist calls to resign.

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  • A long, cold winter in DC is coming

Unlike the US Navy heroes depicted in the 1945 movie of that name, John Conyers and Al Franken are not heroes and are not honorable. They are merely the once “much-loved” Democrats (by their party’s leadership and most faithful supporters) who, unfortunately for them, find themselves “expendable” for the “greater good” of the party.

The “greater good”, of course, is the hopefully bloodless overthrow of the US government and the removal of a duly elected president who doesn’t share their anti-American, anti-US Constitution ‘values’.

Both men have been well-known for years, as abusers of women while claiming to be big supporters of “women’s issues”…abortion, “equality”, etc

But now, the time has come.

Having been unavoidably exposed as despicable lechers and incredible fakes, they must go…relinquish their positions of power and great privilege and their carefully crafted images. Their party needs them…needs them to crawl under that ‘bus’ of their own free will.(To paraphrase from another Hollywood hit film, “Jaws”, the Democrats already “need a bigger bus”.)

Conyers and Franken, only recently party “icons” will thus clear the decks for Democrats to sanctimoniously regain their ludicrously claimed role as earnest “chivalrous knights” on the side of women against the Republicans’ relentless “war” on the ladies.

Soon to come…the screechy liberal calls for Republicans to join in ridding civilized society of Donald Trump, the “Frankenconyers”, only 10 times worse, who stole a woman’s rightful claim to the US presidency!


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Who is the more reprehensible, McConnell or Flake?

  • Who to thank for Roy Moore?
  • Who helped Roy Moore more yesterday?
  • We answer, you decide

First of all, Mitch McConnell and Jeff Flake are the reason Roy Moore won the nomination. If they are distressed that he is the nominee who more to blame than themselves?  They are legitimate targets of overwhelming anti-Washington sentiment among Republicans in Alabama.  Anyone they endorse could properly be seen as more of the same . . . part of the problem.

So anyone they endorsed was to be handicapped.  Every dollar McConnell invested in Strange, Luther in the primary — was buying votes for his opponents as the association with McConnell was “contra-interests”.  Both he and Flake are poster boys for so much that is rightly rejected by Republican voters  — weakness if not treachery with respect to the Republican platform, being denizens of the swamp.

Both are obviously culpable in intent, McConnell happens to have much more power and money and recognition to direct. So thanks to both but Mitch wins.

Now as to the question of “reprehensible”  — it is a trick question —  as it includes intent — on that how do you pick between McConnell and Flake given their statements, timing and actions designed to hurt the Republican nominee without giving any benefit of the doubt as regards accusations against Moore?

They are not in a position to know if any of the actions are true and have a responsibility frankly, to give the benefit of doubt at least to the Republican voters in Alabama and hold their tongues in the exigent situation. Again although Flake by his statements, snideness and actual support of the Democrat, a reprehensible party, implies he would be as irresponsible and biased as McConnell.  But McConnell as far as we know never gave cash to the Democrat but has given what he thought would be ammunition to the Democrats by gratuitously casting innuendo against Moore.  Instead of no comment he injects a calumny by its presumption.

McConnell: No ‘Change of Heart’ on Moore 

If elected, Moore would “immediately” be subjected to an ethics committee investigation, McConnell pledged.

McConnell has more responsibility as Majority Leader because of his exalted position, Flake is a twit going out the door soon.   People can ignore Flake.  McConnell not as much.  McConnell’s high profile more effectively reminds Alabama voters that the RINO establishment is still present and fighting against Moore.  McConnell is more reprehensible in intent but more helpful in effect because he raises the profile of the race higher, reminding people what they are voting against and for. So thanks again Mitch.

Honorable mention to  Mitch Mitt Romney  and a reminder of local perps

Mitt Romney’s referring to Moore as a “stain” provided a nice touch and because of who he is, definitely encourages the Alabama vote for Moore.  Constant reminders are good in poolitics. The medium (reputation of the utterer) is the message.

We do note to their credit that McConnell, Flake and Romney in their snideness, undermining, calumny, distortions and presumptions — while reprehensible — are at least not as “eleventh-hour reprehensible” compared to the groundless attacks Republican low-lifes perpetrated locally —  exposed by toggling the item “Shameful”  in our page bar above.

R Mall

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Alternative Voices

But seriously . . . you make the call…

President Trump summons his friend, 1st major endorser, and Attorney General, Senator Jeff Sessions to the oval office, “We’re going to have to color outside the lines on this one, Jeff. I want you to recuse yourself from this Russia thing.”

“You can’t be serious, Sir.” says Sessions. “That would mean a special counsel for sure!”

who’s the puppet master

“Hear me out,” replies Trump. “My plan requires a special counsel. I need you inoculated from me to get the immigration/sanctuary city policy going. The recusal will be the start of our “feud”. I’m going to threaten to fire you. It’ll be in the Washington Post by morning. The swampers in the Senate (both sides) and the press will deify you, and you’re home free. I’ll tweet you some shade any time things get hot.”

“Hmmmm. could work,” muses Sessions. “What about the Russia probe?”

Trump gives that famous grin, “There’s no “there” there, let ’em look. They are so crazy with anger, they’ll select the most partisan agents the Bureau has on hand. Probably some that worked on the Clinton email/foundation cases. They’ll leak like sieves. The press will run it all. Eventually the dossier thing and the hack FBI agents will be exposed. How’s it going to look when the guys that soft pedaled the Clinton thing are the lead guys on the witch-hunt. Which leads us back to the Clinton stuff being re-examined. Not EVERY FBI agent is a liberal. It also will segue perfectly into our fake news narrative.”

“It’s risky Sir.”

Trump sighs, “What choice do we have? It’s going to be a rough couple of years, Jeff. The swamp and the press won’t go quietly. The feud starts now. I’m going to miss our socializing.”

Sessions rises and turns to leave, “I understand sir, it’s what I signed up for.”


President Trump says to his friend, 1st major endorser, and Attorney General, Senator Jeff Sessions, “WTF, Sessions?!? You recused yourself? Somehow you didn’t find that relevant when we discussed this job? Now I’ve got a Special Counsel to deal with.”

“Don’t take that tone with me Donny boy, I made you,” snarls Sessions. “Why I gave up my Senate seat to get on board this runaway train, I’ll never know. Tillerson’s right, you’re a moron.”

Trump’s glowering, “I’ll fire your sorry ass.”

“Try it!” retorts Sessions, “I’ve already talked to Graham, McCain and Chucky. Fire me and you’re toast. Did you forget I was part of that body? The press would roast you like a pig on a spit.”

Trump’s shoulders slump in resignation, “I guess all my friends are deserting me.”

Sessions says, “I’ll see myself out.”

Using Occam’s razor and the “reasonable man standard”, which scenario…..?

Eugene Mattecheck Jr.

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