Lying Rauner wins nomination

Rauner wins!

So the gold-plated turd INCUMBENT Illinois governor had to spend at least FIVE times the money of his lowly state-rep challenger to eek out a 51% to 49% win in his party’s primary. There really needs to be some criterion for running as a Republican other than money to spend. And if the pulse of the party is to be revealed maybe it ought to be understood that to be a Republican not showing up is the lazy person statement.  Show up, get a ballot and vote for other races or “present” if you must.   R Mall

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Tats for Christ OK, hammer and cycle too!

  • Pope is right – wearing a cross/crucifix does not make you Christian . . . but neither does a tattoo
  • Do and don’t illustrations follow

Il Papa comes out in favor of “tats”; a Cross on the forehead is better than a Cross on a necklace, sayeth the Pontiff (One’s an accessory, the other’s a ‘statement’?)

Also offers medical advice…too many tats can cause blood poisoning:

“Despite his criticism of wearing the crucifix as a piece of jewelry, on the following day the pope told a group of young people that he has nothing against tattoos, even in the form of a cross.

“Don’t be afraid of tattoos,” the pope said, noting that for many years Eritrean Christians and others have gotten tattoos of the cross on their foreheads.

“Of course, there can be exaggerations,” the pope said, remarking that people who get too many tattoos cannot give blood because of a “danger of blood poisoning.”

“Francis added that the problem is that some people exaggerate by covering their body with tattoos, but “the problem is the exaggeration, not the tattoos.”

Pope Francis: Do Not Treat the Crucifix like a ‘Fashion Accessory’ 

We are reminded:  Pope Francis says he wasn’t offended by the “Communist crucifix”given to him by Bolivian President Evo Morales during his South American pilgrimage.                   DLH

No ostentatious or political adornment for thee

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A brief history of blind hubris

Stephen Hawking died last week.  May he rest in the peace of having the Lord explain a few things to him, including that we are more than an advanced breed of monkey (his logic requires that that be understood as “an advanced breed of protozoa.”   The AP (or should that be the APe ) highlighted his special thoughts about mankind, actually rather ordinary atheist stuff.  His passing was dutifully given a half-page spread in the Dispatch-Argus. The APe story referred to him as one who earned Einstein-like status.  We think the better genius Albert Einstein who actually helped produce grand workable benefits to mankind. As to Hawking’s alleged profundity that we can understand the universe,” — no, we can  create some working theories about aspects of what we experience, as Einstein did, but thinking our pea-brains can really understand what is going on, that is hubris not genius.

Regarding Albert Einstein:

“. . . one of the most highly recognized and revered scientists of the twentieth century believed in religion. The founder of modern physics and Nobel laureate recognized the impossibility of a non-created university, quoted saying “Everyone who is seriously committed to the cultivation of science becomes convinced that in all the laws of the universe is manifest a spirit vastly superior to man, and to which we with our powers must feel humble.” Another famous quote of his was “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

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Buena Adios Ralph

More Max Boots on the ground

Based on the hysteria revealed by his bitter letter of resignation, Ralph Peters’ departure from FOX is very likely a blessing.

By any standard I believe rational people, conservative or liberal, cannot defend the behavior of Robert Mueller, based on his actions as Special Counsel. That Peters repeats the line that leftists and anti-Trumpers have eagerly embraced…that Mueller is “a model public servant ” (As to the “war hero” part, I’m not sure that is relevant to the instant case), is enough for me to conclude that Peters himself is a sad delusional character.

So, au revoir, Lt. Colonel Peters. As a soon-to-be highly sought after guest on all the liberal networks henceforth, you may now tell MSNBC and CNN of all your ‘disappointments’. (I only wish you’d take Shep (Smith) with you.)

An “Ashamed” Fox News Commentator Just Quit The “Propaganda Machine”


Read Peter’s letter and it boils down to accepting the Democrat narrative about Trump and Russia.  He needed to go. We wonder if maybe his days at Fox were numbered for one reason or another and Peters thought he could garner sympathy and a new gig by quitting.  What juicier way to appeal to competitors of Fox than his vitriol?  Peter’s  Trump hatred is the matter that is neither fair nor balanced along with his chicken little hysteria about Russia’s affect on our elections. No one including Trump has maintained that Russia does not try to be disruptive, there is nothing knew to that,  but a balanced individual commentator on politics would know by the evidence of their resource allocation and its effect it was minimal, a joke. Peters however has done much to propagate the discord that Russia desires.

R Mall

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  • Straight outta the horse’s ass*
  • Hip Hop too tame? Try I HOP !
  • Wrong pro-noun offense

Jimmy Iovine tells us what he thinks is missing from hip-hop today 

“Where’s the anarchy coming from?”

Jimmy Iovine has said that he feels that most modern day hip-hop is missing a sense of ‘anarchy’ and social commentary. Watch our video interview above.

The record producer and Beats co-founder was speaking to NME on the red carpet of the premiere of Netflix’s new original series The Defiant Ones – which tells the story of the rise and success of Dr Dre and Iovine in their early days through to meeting and building an empire together.

Asked if he felt any names in modern hip-hop were carrying on the legacy of the likes of Dre and NWA, Iovine replied: “I don’t know. I’m always looking for the lyricist and to see where the anarchy is coming from – words about social injustice you know. I don’t see anything like that right now.

Read more: Straight Outta Compton – The real story of NWA


There seems to be one common element in virtually every story, and there are many, about violence in restaurants, Wal Marts, malls, amusement parks, and various urban ‘venues’. And it ain’t ‘anarchy’…it has to do with ….

(To know what is, you have to see videos, ’cause it isn’t noted in ‘news’ stories otherwise.)

Jus’ saying’.

( To see video: )

Reading the police narrative:  Al Hourani told officers that “one of the reasons why the suspects got so upset was because he kept calling them sirs even though the suspects were dressed like ladies.” The police report identifies the assailants–both men and women–as between the ages of 20 and 25.

So there you have it. Act up all you want, destroy the peace and quiet of the restaurant but damn don’t let anyone refer to you by the wrong pronoun, your civil rights have been disrespected.

DLH with R Mall

* Jimmy must not pay attention to the lyrics regarding the anarchy thing. He must be referring to the music as it is all the same.

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Ives is Illinois only salvation

Contested Illinois primary races –  Vote Ives/Morthland and Grasso AG

Today is primary day in Illinois.  Polls are open until 7:00PM . Voting locations for Rock Island County can be found here.

We definitely disagree with Republican County Chairman Mike Steffen’s personal conclusion, as quoted by KWQC news:

“We do have a very conservative base here in Rock Island County among the Republicans, a lot of those people like Ives,” said Rock Island County Republican Chair Mike Steffen. “I think either one would do a great job as governor.”

So Mr. Steffen your base is conservative but you think either one would do a great job as governor? You seem then both out of sink with the base and insentient.

Vote Jeanne Ives as Bruce Rauner does not deserve Republican support even against a Democrat. Rauner is the rare special case for us and it is the result of his own character. The stakes in Illinois require an honorable politician and that leaves Rauner out. Rauner lies, he distorts, he has key positions that are antithetical to Republican core principles (life) and interests (sanctuary cities) and more.  His grubby political ways are as  corrupt as Democrats use. If he is supportable then let him run as an independent. He has the money and time to get his name on the ballot.  Why sully the Republican line with his name. Why be indifferent to such blatant characteristics.

You cannot listen to local conservative talk radio and not hear the ads Rauner is running.  They are despicable. From Illinois Family Action:  (Pinocchio graphic in original but see our offering at end)

Rauner’s Deceitful Campaign Ads 

Pinocchio Rauner has astoundingly deceitful campaign ads about campaign rival Jeanne Ives running on Fox News and appearing like stinkbugs and cockroaches in the mailboxes of the good people of Illinois.

Let’s take a quick look at the putrescent propaganda that I found stinking up my mailbox. Here are Rauner’s lies in yellow (purple here) followed by the truth.

Rauner lie #1: Ives is a “career politician.”

Truth: The 53-year-old Ives began her career in the Illinois State House in January 2013, so she just completed her 5th year in Springfield. Rauner just completed 3 years in Springfield. If Illinoisans are foolish enough to re-elect Pinocchio, will he be a “career politician” in a mere two years?

Rauner lie #2: “Jeanne Ives supports Mike Madigan’s 32% tax increase.”

Truth: While 15 Republicans voted for Mighty Madigan’s 32% tax increase, Ives was not one of them. She voted “No.” Note that weaselly Rauner did not say Ives voted for the tax increase. His ad says she “supports” Madigan’s tax increase. So, since she voted against the tax increase, on what basis can Rauner claim she “supports” Madigan’s increase?
In a teeny tiny footnote on his despicable campaign mailer, Rauner cites the January 23, 2018 issue of Crain’s Chicago Business Magazine as the source for his claim that Ives supports the tax increase she voted against. So, let’s take a little look-see at what Crain’s actually reported:

Ives said she’d start by working to repeal the income tax hike that was approved over Rauner’s veto. But “I wouldn’t do that immediately,” she said. “I suspect that, within two years, we could set that out as a goal.”

Some of the reason for the delay is that the money is needed [to] pay off short-term state IOUs which ballooned to more than $12 billion while the budget stalemate raged, she said. Another reason: Realistically, it will take that long to get something through a General Assembly that, unless something changes in November, will be dominated by Democrats, she said.

Rauner was counting on Republicans not following up on his teeny tiny footnote.

Rauner lie #3:Ives opposed freezing property taxes”:

Truth: A commentary appearing on NPR of Illinois explains why the bogus legislation Ives opposed deserved opposition (BTW, Ives was joined by 34 other Republicans in opposing this bad bill):

[N]one of the freeze legislation introduced over the last couple of years would guarantee that taxes never increased on a particular piece of property. Rather, like the existing tax caps law, they all would cap the total amount of money a government body could ask from all property owners within its borders. Individual tax bills might increase, for example, if the value of homes in a particular neighborhood increased at a greater rate than homes in some less trendy part of town. Changes in the valuation of the properties making up the government’s tax base virtually assures that the burden will be shared differently from year to year, even if the total doesn’t grow.

Got that? Though this bill would have capped the total amount of money collected by a community, any particular homeowner could see his or her property taxes increase from year to year. The total amount of property tax dollars would have been frozen, but tax burdens on individual homeowners would fluctuate.

Furthermore, Prairie State Wire explained the other ways the bill deserved a big fat “no” vote:

[T]he legislation would have frozen taxes for only two years and for only Cook County and the collar counties. Residents in downstate counties would have had to vote for a freeze in a referendum. The provision, moreover, contains plenty of ways local governments can wiggle out of a freeze, some that will cost taxpayers even more in the long run.

So, Ives did not oppose freezing property taxes. In fact, she supports a “hard cap as a percentage of home value.”

Rather, Ives opposed one terrible, horrible, no good, very bad bill. And Pinocchio Rauner knows that.

Rauner lie #4: “Ives was the only House member to vote against increasing the property tax exemption.”

Truth: This claim is true—well, more like a half-truth—and one more reason to vote for Ives.

She was the only Republican House member who had the backbone to vote against the lousy property tax exemption bill they all knew was a deceitful bill that wasn’t going to pass.

State Representative Peter Breen said, “‘It’s all being done apparently for re-election tricks because there’s no chance this will actually be acted upon in the Illinois Senate.’”
Illinois Policy described the bill as a “campaign gimmick”:

The House passed the bill 108-1-0 April 6. That’s likely because many politicians didn’t want to go on the record as having voted against property tax “reform” for seniors and veterans, fearing any “no” vote would be used against them in next year’s election campaign.[as Pinocchio Rauner is doing against Ives now] 

But a “no” vote is absolutely the right decision on this bill.

HB 156 does nothing to stop the overly burdensome growth in Illinois property tax bills, even for seniors and veterans. It simply shifts more of the property tax burden on property owners who do not receive an exemption. (emphasis added)

In an article on Illinois News Network, Carol Portman, president of the Taxpayers’ Federation of Illinois explained that “the measure sounds nice, but it will actually shift the burden to other property taxpayers.”

Democrats sponsored this bill for show. It was an attempt to deceive voters, and Ives was the only Republican to stand on principle, refusing to play along with the Democrats’ repellent manipulation of voters.

Rauner’s half-truth reveals the whole truth that Ives is the best person to be the next governor of Illinois. Illinois desperately needs a governor who does not play political games—a governor whom the public can trust to say what she means and mean what she says. We need the antithesis of Pinocchio Rauner.

Rauner lie #5: “Ives has received thousands of dollars in contributions from the same union bosses who back Mike Madigan”:

Truth: I spent a day trying to fact-check this claim. I was able to confirm that between 2012-2017 Ives received a whopping $6,900 from whom I guess Rauner is calling a “union boss,” that is, the Chicagoland Operators Joint Labor-Management (COJLM) PAC.

This PAC has also donated $8,000 to State Representative Peter Breen and $15,000 to U.S. Representative Darin LaHood—both of whom are stalwart conservative Republicans.

COJLM PAC also made campaign donations to lawmakers on the less stalwart side of the Republican Party—which is to say, Rauner’s side—including $13,500 to State Representative Chris Nybo and $6,600 to House Leader Jim Durkin.

Oh, and let’s not forget the $205,000 that the House Republican Leadership Committee has received and the $76,000 that the House Republican Organization has received from—to quote Rauner— “the same union bosses who back Mike Madigan.”

Rauner likely doesn’t want Illinoisans to know that unions often make token donations to Republican candidates or organizations to pacify Republican union members who chafe at union donations going only to liberals, liberal organizations, and liberal causes.

Rauner likely doesn’t want Republicans to dig around to find out if there is any evidence that Ives has been bought by the meager private-sector union donations she received.

No, Rauner just seeks to smear Ives with half-truths and whole lies.

No surprise that a man who would straight-up lie to an archbishop would lie to his constituents.

Rauner is a moral cipher who takes Republicans for chumps. Rauner—named the “Worst Republican Governor in America” by National Review—needs to be sent packing pronto.

A more pungent depiction of Rauner that the gold plating of his wealth cannot disguise:

R Mall

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More on Lindsey’s “rule-of-law nation”

Anyone tired of hearing that Robert Mueller, James Comey, and Rod Rosenstein are “Republicans”? 

Well, so is Susan Collins and Jeffrey “the Flake” Flake (Oh, and Bill Kristol, too) !

(Warning: The column below by Andrew McCarthy gets “deep in the weeds”, of interest mostly to serious , and highly competent attorneys. McCarthy’s point, however, is easily understood by noting just a few of his references.)  Excerpt here, graphics not in original:

Mueller’s Investigation Flouts Justice Department Standards 

Gates was charged with $100 million in financial crimes — and pled guilty to two minor offenses, one of them highly questionable.

These columns have many times observed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s failure to set limits on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. To trigger the appointment of a special counsel, federal regulations require the Justice Department to identify the crimes that warrant investigation and prosecution — crimes that the Justice Department is too conflicted to investigate in the normal course; crimes that become the parameters of the special counsel’s jurisdiction.

Rosenstein, instead, put the cart before the horse: Mueller was invited to conduct a fishing expedition, a boundless quest to hunt for undiscovered crimes, rather than an investigation and prosecution of known crimes.

That deviation, it turns out, is not the half of it. With Rosenstein’s passive approval, Mueller is shredding Justice Department charging policy by alleging earth-shattering crimes, then cutting a sweetheart deal that shields the defendant from liability for those crimes and from the penalties prescribed by Congress. The special counsel, moreover, has become a legislature unto himself, promulgating the new, grandiose crime of “conspiracy against the United States” by distorting the concept of “fraud.”

Why does the special counsel need to invent an offense to get a guilty plea? Why doesn’t he demand a plea to one of the several truly egregious statutory crimes he claims have been committed?

Good questions.    

The Multi-Million-Dollar Fraud Indictments . . . and Penny-Ante Plea

Read more at National Review


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Ya hear about this one? Two senators walk into a bar…

If ever the American people were so fortunate as to see faux Republican Lindsey Graham leave the senate (and the spotlight he so craves), we believe he has the potential for a successful career in stand-up comedy:

Commenting on press speculation that President Trump could be considering shutting down the Mueller “investigation”, the Senate’s authority on everything, Lindsey Graham, on CNN incidentally, warned that such a step would be “the beginning of the end of his presidency, BECAUSE WE ARE A RULE OF LAW NATION.”

Really, Lindsey? Rule of law? When? When it’s convenient for politicians like yourself (and most of our ‘representatives’ in Congress) to invoke it to further your personal interests?

What is the “law” governing appointments of “special counsels”? According to a far more accomplished lawyer, Andrew McCarthy, than yourself, Lindsey, in order to appoint a special counsel, there must be credible evidence of a crime to be investigated. No such standard was even suggested in the appointment of Robert Mueller.*

But seriously folks, ya hear about this one– two senators walk into a bar, one named Johnnie McC and the other, “Lucky Lindsey”…..

*“The usual thing in the United States is that there’s a crime so we assign a prosecutor. Here (the Mueller investigation), there’s no crime. We assign a prosecutor . We tell him to go find a crime,” said McCarthy.



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McCabe is fired – let the rehabilitation of the FBI begin

  • Marco Rubio is an example of why swamp denizens like McCabe felt safe in doing their damnedest – they have essential protectors (or subjects ) in Congress.
  • We know Rubio doesn’t like Trump, but why protect ringleaders of a soft coup d’état

The firing of Andrew McCabe and the resultant  denial of his pension is one of the actions necessary to  begin the restoration of faith in the justice system including the independence and partisan neutrality at the top echelons of the justice system.  It is not merely sending a message, as hopefully effective it may be, it is justice. They have to be subject to the rules and rights they are there to protect, they must not be allowed to be above the law.

Who else but Clarice Feldman to excoriate the pretense, the hypocrisy and “woe is me” lies of Andrew McCabe and of the preposterous defenders of his in the dominant press.

If You Are a Fed Official, Perjury Is ‘Lacking Candor’

We regret we did not get around to referencing an article in Imprimis by                       Joseph E. diGenova   The Politicization of the FBI .  It was circulated and favorably recommended by people in the know, retired “brick agents”  of our nation’s law enforcement elite, well before news of McCabe’s firing.

Read the above articles and then reflect on how pathetic Marco Rubio’s comment is

Rubio: FBI’s McCabe should have been allowed to retire

DLH and R Mall

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Scott County Republican convention highlights – Part 1

  • Governor Reynolds engaging and vibrant
  • Virtual no-show for governor candidate Corbett
  • Ag Secretary candidates abound
  • Telling reaction in 2nd CD U.S. House race?
  • Anti-grassroots  control plan repudiated in the home county of one of the champions
  • Affirmative action – sex quotas “50-50 in 2020” did not fly

In sum last Saturday’s event was mildly encouraging for conservatives and grassroots activists because of what  transpired including the undercurrents we noticed (interpretive stuff).

Secretary of State Paul Pate addresses Scott County Republican Convention

Attendance was OK given the attendees are theoretically at the county convention as a result of the official process that begins at the caucuses in early February. That was sparsely attended due to the snow storm, and it being a non-presidential with no vibrant state or local primary in the offing.  Our estimate is about 80 or so were at the delegate tables at the county convention at any one time, with maybe 40 or so milling about, not all of whom would have been delegates.

The agenda of the county  convention (and district and state for that matter) includes: intros, then a caucus report including nomination and selection of delegates to the district and state conventions.  Speakers follow although they are accommodated as they appear as many are trying to do more than one county convention. The platform is the final major event.

The intros were appropriate including thanks to retiring County Treasure Bill Fennely.  Bill is a great guy although we have had internal disagreements he was generally a conservative in his endorsements of legislators. Happy retirement Bill.

Chairwoman Greenlee was affable in her first convention as Chair. We will allow her accommodations to a certain element during the platform debate as no more than a general affability. Hers and the parliamentarian favored a certain amount of expeditious handling that can reasonably serve good-will rather than the often cumbersomeness of Roberts Rules.

Delegate vote

The delegate selection can be contentious and the powers that be had free rein to load the delegate/alternate nominations up given that the caucuses produced few affirmations for the positions available. There were 98 delegates nominated by the nominations committee (the composition of which presents an easily manipulable situation without better safeguards).  They were approved without adjustment. That compares to 140 two years ago and where some pettiness seemed afoot. Alternates nominated by the committee numbered 26.  They were approved along with 7 or 8 floor nominations to fill still open positions.

We do not have a well analyzed opinion of the compliment at this writing but are reasonably at ease. Noticeable by her absence from the list is previous Scott County  Chairman Judy Davidson who is listed neither as delegate or alternate.  We have no doubt that was by personal choice. Word is she is also not going to run for another term on the State Central committee.  David Hartsuch, another member of the State Central committee from Scott County has decided not to seek reelection to that body. However he is listed as a district/state delegate.

Davidson and Hartsuch were on opposite ends of the matter of protecting the grassroots nature of determining delegate selection to the Republican National Conventions in presidential years. Hartsuch worked to protect the grassroots nature.  Davidson worked to undermine it and her effort has for now succeeded although we hope it will be a major issue in the selection process for any of those who supported it as they seek reelection to the state central committee, the body that made the decision. Ms Davidson’s effort was interpretatively repudiated by the inclusion of a platform plank derived from a critique of her actions. See further explanation in Part 2.

Speakers –  (random order, not all covered and more vignettes to be added)

Governor Reynolds was in attendance and gave an appropriate speech highlighting achievements and extolling Iowa and seeking support to continue her agenda.  It is an agenda we find supportable with reservations in some areas ( we always have reservations).  We think that she is conservative enough by comparison and the best chance for retaining the governorship and that is critical.

There was virtually no presence by Ron Corbett, the other candidate running for the Republican nomination for governor.  He personally might have concentrated on other counties across the state as all occur on the same day but we saw no table, no campaign literature, and no stand-in to speak on his behalf at an appointed time. This a major county.  There was a young man with a petition sheet for Corbett present but that was it.  A gubernatorial candidate with nothing to show for himself  at THE party event in a major county is going nowhere.

The Agriculture Secretary primary race presents an interesting scenario.  There are four or five running for the nomination.  Ray Gaesser (American Soybean Assoc Chair) Chad Ingels  (Iowa Environmental Protection Commission Chair and watershed specialist), Craig Lang (Farm Bureau) Mike Naig (current Deputy Ag. Secretary) and Dan Zumbach (Senate Ag Committee Chair). If one does not get the statutory minimum in the June Republican primary the nomination will be decided at the Republican State Convention. In that case look for a  lot of pickup trucks in the parking lot.

Ag Candidate  Zumbach was present and we like what he had to say, his record as a state senator and that he has the support of State Rep Ross Paustian. Readers know we oppose RFS and wind subsidies/mandates all in the spirit of the Republican platforms but we also know we are not likely to get that from an Ag Secretary. And so it goes.

Paustian spoke as a candidate for reelection and was eminently likable and quotable when he said and warned that Democrats are “fired up and nuts.”  His distaste for Cindy Winckler is much appreciated. Ross is “good people.”

Chris Cournoyer spoke as an announced candidate for the SD 49 now held by Democrat Rita Hart.  She is the current Pleasant Valley School Board President. The only thing we remember from her presence was her advocacy for education funding and STEM (science technology engineering and math) study and facilitation, oh and her support for 50/50 in 2020 (see below). Other matters of importance did not seem to make the cut, even a generic “I am a conservative” would have at least given a hint to be verified in the course of the campaign.  With the narrow focus of her speech we were compelled to view her campaign website for more useful information.  We were disappointed in the pablum, and the absence of what she offers that is better than the Democrat holding the position . . . why Republicans should control the state senate . . .  we know but does she?  We hope for some decent elaboration to come.  We note from her  “bio” that she is a web site developer but that her web site shows it was produced by Victory Enterprises. Strange unless she works for them.

County Treasurer: Greg Guy was there to made a pitch for the nomination. He has a degree in accounting, is involved in finance, and his one-on-one meet the people presence was engaging.  Mike Fennelly son of Bill is running, but was not present.  His son Trevor spoke for dad but did not mention what kept the candidate away.  Mike needs to be at every event as he missed a lot of hands to shake when it is a competitive primary.

Installment two –– in coming days — the 2n district congressional primary race and some other vignettes including as regards the platform

R Mall

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