Politico / A.O.L. taunt with wedgie “journalism”

  • Read the story and discover there is no there there
  • Anything to create a wedge, substance is irrelevant
  • Four underlings does not make a story unless you have an agenda

Breathless first item at this morning’s A.O.L Today:

President Trump reportedly hiring more officials from the George W. Bush administration

You would think he put in more than one Bush Cabinet head to lead a department, and we know one of the reasons that one got the job, (among other reasons). But yes other women could have done the job.  The real purpose of the story is to taunt Trump supporters and try to drive a political wedge .

Despite his rhetoric against Washington insiders, President Donald Trump appears to be recruiting more officials from George W. Bush’s administration to fill open positions.

Politico reports, based on inside sources, that “there’s been a concerted outreach to some old Bush hands to serve as the ‘adults’ at some of the top agencies.”

Bush was tone deaf at least by 2007 and could not find his tongue for the life of him and conservatism or the country. But he had some good appointments.  We will be more concerned if Karl Rove enters the mix.

R Mall

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True the Vote (TTV) wins right to discovery, including deposing IRS officials

  • oh, and have Lois Lerner plead the 5th**

    This is big, but under-reported even in conservative media

  • Here’s hoping the process can make the bastards’ lives miserable
  • TTV attorney key to Citizens United and its precedents*

True the Vote Wins Ruling Against IRS in US District Court. IRS Forced to Turn Over Evidence of Targeting Seven Years After it Began.   (excerpts; bold our emphasis, graphic not in original)

Judge Reggie Walton, of U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia just issued a critical order in True the Vote v. IRS case. The order compels the IRS to submit to discovery and depositions, giving True the Vote a long-awaited opportunity to expose the full scope of the discriminatory practices used by the Internal Revenue Service to target and abuse organizations and individuals who expressed political views in opposition to the Obama Administration.

“This is a huge step forward,” said TTV founder, Catherine Engelbrecht. “For years, the Internal Revenue Service has tried to cover up the role they played in suppressing True the Vote. Thanks to Judge Walton’s Order, we will finally have an opportunity to expose the truth of what really happened inside the IRS offices in Cincinnati, all the way to the West Wing of the Obama White House. We want to ensure that no American will ever again be targeted for viewpoint discrimination by a weaponized government.”

“After four years of obstruction, TTV will finally be able to find out how the IRS Targeting Scheme was put together and who is responsible for it. TTV needs to find out what happened in order to ensure that advocacy groups are not targeted based on their political beliefs by the IRS,” said James Bopp, Jr., attorney for TTV.“ This may involve further orders by the District Court to remedy the IRS’s illegal conduct.” A copy of Judge Walton’s Order is attached here.

Case Background: TTV originally filed its application for 501(c)(3) exemption on July 15, 2010. By that time, the IRS had already instituted a viewpoint based targeting program where conservative and Tea Party groups were purposely singled out for adverse treatment by the IRS. As the Treasury Inspector General found in its May, 2013 report, this IRS Targeting Scheme (1) selected groups for special treatment who had “Tea Party,” “Patriot,” of “9/12″ in its name or who advocated conservative policy position, (2) subjected the victims to numerous inappropriate and intrusive questioning, and (3) grossly delayed the approval of their applications. When TTV filed suit, right after the Inspector General had exposed the Obama administration’s attack on conservative groups by the IRS, TTV’s charitable application had still not been granted.    . . .

The IRS’s effort to obstruct the TTV suit had temporary success in 2014 when the DC District Court dismissed the case saying that it was moot since the IRS claimed that it had stopped using “politically disfavored” names to select applicants for special scrutiny and since the IRS had approved TTV’s application.

The DC Circuit Court of Appeals, however, disagreed. It held (1) that “the IRS cannot defend its discriminatory conduct on the merits” so it is claiming mootness and (2) that the IRS had not shown that there was “on reasonable expectation that the conduct will recur,” and that subsequent events had “completely and irrevocably eradicated the effects” of the IRS’s discriminatory targeting scheme. They remanded the case to the DC District Court for a “merits disposition based on adjudication of substantive evidence.”

Once back in the District Court in the fall of 2016, the IRS again sought to obstruct TTV’s case by renewing its claim that the case was moot and should be dismissed. TTV, however, moved the District Court for discovery to ferret out the facts of the IRS Targeting Scheme that the IRS had refused to disclose since the beginning. On April 12th, the DC District Court granted TTV’s motion for discovery, permitting TTV to discover the “past acts of alleged discrimination stemming from the alleged illegal targeting scheme” to ensure that the IRS has “eradicated the effects” of its illegal targeting scheme.

R Mall

*James Bopp, past Vice-Chair of RNC and also lead attorney for Iowa Right to Life on First Amendment related election law cases in the state.

**Lois Lerner Pleads the Fifth Again

**Lois Lerner’s Hard Drive SHREDDED (after she bashed it?)

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They are lucky they didn’t crash in Berkeley

The surviving soldiers (if they do survive, and we pray they will) are very lucky. Had they crashed on a golf course in Berkeley their bodies may have been dragged through the streets.      DLH

One dead and two injured after US Army Black Hawk helicopter crashes on to Maryland golf course

  • The UH60 chopper crashed on to the green at Breton Bay Golf Course at 1.37pm
  • One died and two were airlifted to hospital in serious and critical conditions

FBI Allegedly Investigating Mayor of Berkeley, CA For Inciting Riot And Ordering Police to Stand Down – CNN Doing Damage Control

Videos show Berkeley cops doing nothing as violence erupts between protesters in street

Videos show Berkeley cops doing nothing as violence erupts between protesters in street

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Items to think about, critique

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A superb column…but don’t get too excited

In Her Majesty’s Disservice

This is an excellent recap of all the intrigue and virtually certain illegality of the BO administration related to the whole Trump-Russia-FISA Court-Deep State perfidy et al.

If indeed fully pursued by people of good will and competence within our government and law enforcement, much of the previous administration would go to prison for a long time… possibly BO himself!

But, alas, don’t get too excited about such a prospect. Within the “Deep State” there are many NOT of good will. In Congress, there many of neither good will nor competence, especially BO holdovers and Democrat incumbents…and a fair number of GOP establishment types.

This whole historically dangerous, sordid, shocking episode will eventually wind down and come to nothing, or at least very little, a la Fast and Furious, the IRS/Lois Lerner debacle, Benghazi, etc, etc

But it is very much worth a read anyway.    Also check out the related memes below.   DLH


And NSA theme song . . .

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Our Illustrious Senior Editor Don Holmes wrote the following in response to liberal academia and media and their obliviousness to their own bias:

There is a feature entitled “Star Brights” appearing from time to time on the editorial page of the Kansas City Star. It is used by the Star’s editors as a catchall to promote persons and groups they like and agree with. This past Saturday “Star Brights” (excerpt below) included a great big ‘attaboy’ to Truman State University.

The basis for the Star’s kudos was the campus’s “wise” decision to invite a speaker who would counter the points which might be made in an address by Robert Spencer .

Mr. Spencer had been invited to the Truman campus by the “student Republican group” for an address which the Star, in typically sanctimonious fashion, pronounced as a test of “tolerance” and likely to produce a “public relations nightmare”. Clearly the “student Republican group’ is not one of the entities the Star’s editorial board likes or seeks to promote.

This newspaper noted that Mr. Spencer is “considered anti-Muslim” because, according to the Star’s editors, “he promotes incidents that portray Islam as the radical face of terrorism while ignoring far greater numbers of Muslims who practice their faith in peace”.

The “Star Brights'” item effusively congratulated the Truman “campus” for “wisely arranging” for the executive director of the Missouri chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Affairs (CAIR) to speak as well.

I write not to criticize an event in which persons with opposing points of view participate in civil, peaceful debate and dialogue. In fact, I applaud such occasions as most Americans do and certainly including ‘even’ “Republican groups” such as the sponsors of Spencer’s appearance.

I do, however, wish to express my criticism of the Kansas City Star’s characterization of the Robert Spencer appearance as a “test of tolerance levels” and a potential “public relations nightmare” because “some consider” him to be “anti-Muslim”.

It may well come as a surprise to the Star’s editors that there are others (and not all uneducated hicks) who do not consider Mr. Spencer “anti-Muslim”, but rather, indeed, anti-Islamist terrorism…and a critic of what he believes to be the roots of it.

It may also come as a surprise to the Star’s editorial board that there are folks who consider the “Council on American-Islamic Affairs” (CAIR) itself a somewhat unsavory organization. It is a group, in fact, that has been designated by our federal government as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in support of terrorist organizations, including the so-certified group, Hamas!

Surely the Star’s editors know this (or do they?). But do the students at Truman? They wouldn’t from anything the Star reported. Does the university know it?

Now, whether such a designation is warranted, in light of, or in spite of, substantial evidence to support it, is not my issue.

But if Mr. Spencer is “considered” the cause of a potential “public relations nightmare” because there are those who “consider him to be “anti-Muslim” (and one could surmise that the Star is among them), why is it not good journalism, and fair editorial policy to note that the representative from a body invited to oppose him in dialogue has some detractors as well?

And the folks at the Truman campus should be on notice from the Star that it expects, we must conclude, that any prominent personality with a viewpoint invited to speak there in the future must be countered by a speaker who has an opposing viewpoint.

Or isn’t that the way it works?         DLH

Star Brights: A look at some of the good people and deeds that surround us
By The Kansas City Star editorial board

Cool heads at Truman  

Truman State University could have had a public relations nightmare on its hands Thursday night when the student Republican group tested tolerance levels by inviting Robert Spencer to speak.

Spencer is considered anti-Muslim, as he promotes incidents that portray Islam as the radical face of terrorism while ignoring far greater numbers of Muslims who practice their faith in peace.

But the campus wisely arranged for Faizan Syed, the executive director of the Missouri chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, to speak as well. The vast majority of students who attended wore white in solidarity with peaceful dialogue.

“It was a very civil night,” Syed, of St. Louis, said. “We need to do much more of this.”

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Dems wail while Trump whales

There’s anti-Trump rhetoric circulating all around. It’s found in newspapers through AP stories and letters to the editor. President Trump is belittled on cable shows, blogs, and evening newscasts. Three months into his presidency, these gatekeepers of information say the President’s administration is in disarray and poll numbers are dismal. A Trump supporter could become discouraged.

Except… For a year prior to the election, these same papers and pundits cited the same polls saying Trump would never, ever, ever (sorry Taylor) get the Republican nomination. After months of glorifying Hillary and demonizing Trump, they posited he’d never become President.

To Democrats: Continue to ride the Russia/Trump horse. Flail your whip across its lathered flank until it dies. Wail about stolen Justices and the Electoral College. Close your eyes and envision impeachment proceedings. Wear your pink puddy-tat hats and black masks while blocking roads and breaking windows. Don’t forget to chant. Remember, everyone agrees with you.

While ya’ll are busy with that, I’ll be savoring the repeal of ex-president Obama’s executive orders. Enjoying the Supreme Court’s reaffirmation of the 1st and 2nd amendments. Filling my truck with petrol flowing through newly constructed pipelines. Proudly flying Old Glory, knowing that America is once again leading the free world from the front. Getting ready for the Senate pick-ups in 2018, and the second term in 2020.

Trump’s been losing for two years, I hope he keeps it up.

Eugene Mattecheck Jr.

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Pope’s selective silence

Our chatty Pope, who has opinions on everything and freely expresses them, relevant or not, seems strangely silent on this.


Where is Pope Francis in the wake of socialist mob assault on archbishop in Venezuela?

Excerpt from Monica Showalter writing at American Thinker:

. . . Venezuela’s socialist thugs stormed a Wednesday Holy Week mass, assaulting the presiding archbishop of Caracas, the church’s worshippers and trashing and looting the church. The attack wasn’t on the same level as the terrorist bombing, but it signaled an emboldened and increasingly violent state, which may well have been drawing inspiration from the horror in Egypt.

As one wag on Lucianne.com put it: Communism: the other religion of peace.

The archbishop in question, Cardinal Jorge Urosa Sabino, was no ordinary archbishop. For years he has blasted the horrors of Venezuela’s chavismo for leaving the poor more impoverished and hungry than ever, even as it purports to speak in its name. He’s denounced dictatorship and warned of its ascent in the country. Along with many archbishops, he’s tried to warn Pope Francis that materialistic communism is an unmitigated disaster for the country.

Incredibly. the Vatican response to this desecration of the mass during the holiest week of the Christian calendar has been … silence.  . . .


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Flat earth liberal media? Wiretapped “truthers”

This poster, among a collection, came in over the transom yesterday (thanks to RD).  It coincidentally illustrates the gist of this John Nolte article, also appearing yesterday at The Daily Wire.  Bombshell: New ‘Wiretap’ Report Unravels CNN’s Ongoing Cover-Up Of Obama’s Trump-Spying   Excerpt from definitive article below.

CNN is deeply invested in a Massive Lie, the lie that the Obama administration did not spy on President Trump’s campaign or transition team. The reason we know this is a lie, is simple: as we have documented previously, almost all of the national media, including CNN, were not only well aware of Obama’s spying, but going all the way back to January, the media openly delighted in this fact.

Read the article. The links are something to behold as documentation of the liberal media’s insane attempts to make an anti-Trump scandal out of a choice of words they use as well, and the underlying truth of which they documented (when they thought it served their purposes).

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Journal-dysphoric Bret (Bette?) Stephens leaves

Bret Stephens transitions from WSJ to full on NYT

Wow! That’s a surprise. We thought he was already working that side of the street

The scandal mags want to know, will this require more make-up or less?

DLH with R Mall

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