Republican Cleansed of Colin


When do you s’pose the media will quit referring to the GOP as “his party”?  Colin Powell voted twice for Barack Obama.

Former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell said Tuesday he’ll vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, a high-profile snub of his party’s standard-bearer, Donald Trump.

imageedit_6_2177305698Powell, who also served in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, backed President Barack Obama in both the 2008 and 2012 campaigns. He announced his plan to a Long Island group during a luncheon.

The announcement was confirmed by Powell’s chief of staff, Peggy Cifrino.

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We are not done exposing Michelle Obama’s hypocrisy

First, lets get on the same page with a common definition of terms:


There you have it.  Michelle Obama is part of the very definition of hypocrisy.  Well maybe somebody slipped that in there, but it would be a fine example. Hypocrisy defines Michelle Obama and Democrat critics of Donald Trump.

You remember Michelle’s speech a couple of weeks ago (via Daily Caller)

The first lady speaking to Hillary Clinton supporters in New Hampshire veered off topic to discuss the recent leaked audio of the Republican presidential nominee talking to Billy Bush . . .

“The fact is that in this election we have a candidate for president of the United States who over the course of his lifetime, over the course of this campaign has said things about woman that are so shocking, so demeaning, I simply will not repeat anything here today,” Obama said. “And last week we saw this candidate actually bragging about sexually assaulting woman. I can’t believe that I’m saying that a candidate for president of the United States has bragged about sexually assaulting woman.”

“And I have to tell you that I can’t stop thinking about this, Obama added. “It has shaken me to my core in a way that I couldn’t have predicted. This is not something that we can ignore.”

Here is a video of the First lady shaking to her core with none other than Missy ‘Misdemeaner’ Elliott to show how person of the people she is.

Missy is a rapper right up there with the many the Obamas have invited to the White House who spew the most vile of crude misogynistic lyrics.  This particular one was very mild by her standards (advance video to about the 11.25 mark) but the real play includes lyrics as follows:

“Get Ur Freak On” hit me, hit me . . . . gimme some new shit  . . .gimme some new shit . . .  Listen to me now; Im lastin twenty rounds; And if you want me (nigga) ; Then come and get me now (bounce) . . . (who’s that bitch?) ;

None of it makes sense so don’t think you are losing something with what is missing. But then Missy has some other works of art that helped make her famous (and get invited to hang with the First Lady and make a video) including this from her hit “Gossip Folks” which also featured Ludicrous in a sort of cameo.

bla bla bla . . .

When I walk up in the piece
I ain’t gotta even speak
I’m a bad mamajama goddammit motherfucker you ain’t gotta like me
How you studying these hoes
Need to talk what you know
And stop talking bout who I’m sticking and licking jus mad it ain’t yours
I know ya’ll poor ya’ll broke
Ya’ll job jus hanging up clothes
Step to me get burnt like toast
Muthafuckas adios amigos . . .

When I pull up in my whip
Bitches wanna talk shit
I’m driving I’m glad and I’m styling
in these muthafuckas eyes did you see it?

To close out the song, in an effort, no doubt,  to appeal to her fans to be more physically fit, Missy importunes:

You think I aint knowin yall broke Milli Vanilli
J.J. Fad wannabes aint over here gossiping bout me?
Yo how bout you buff these Pumas for 20 cents so your lights wont get cut off
You soggy breasts, cow stomachs
Yo take those baby GAP shirts off, too
You just mad cuz Payless ran out of plastic pumps for the after party
Yo by the way, go get my album

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Trigger Alert; Hide the children; Michele, do you know where Malia and Sasha are

The following message may induce extreme discomfort and hyperventilation, especially among young, impressionable female network reporters. It is also likely to reduce grown male liberals to quivering masses of incoherence from the sheer shock of exposure to words and descriptions well beyond those of Donald Trump. It was Mr. Trump’s words from an old video tape, replayed endlessly by mainstream media, which produced nearly inconsolable televised sobbing on the part of well-known personalities from Washington establishment figures to liberal news anchors.

(We recently alluded to this topic  and even showed some of the lyrics from one of the Obama’s favorite hip hop artists, the irrepressible Ludicrus. He is just one of the rappers famous for such “music” who have been frequent visitors to the White House where they’ve been honored for their magnificent “artistry”.

If you want to read more of the lyrics from their greatest hits, check out websites that feature your “favorite” rapper’s greatest hits and their lyrics…but hide the kids.

Meanwhile, , let’s all try to get over the “shock” of Donald Trump’s careless words from the past and really look at a nation led by Obama 2.0 Hillary Clinton. Now there’s something to really sob uncontrollably about!)    William A. Levinson writing at American Thinker:

Michelle Obama’s Promotion of Misogyny and Date Rape

Michelle Obama laid into Donald Trump for his lewd locker room remarks about women as follows: “I can’t stop thinking about this. It has shaken me to my core in a way I could not have predicted” — whereupon the White House warned Trump to not retaliate against the First Lady

“And the White House on Thursday advised that Trump continue to steer clear of the president’s wife, suggesting that an unprecedented attack on the first lady is a surefire way for the GOP nominee’s standing to plummet further.”

Well, Eric Schultz (and presumably Barack Obama), here is what you can do with your warning. Donald Trump’s statements, which were probably empty boasts in contrast to Bill Clinton’s well-known behavior, were indeed lewd and unacceptable. While two wrongs do not make a right, Michelle and Barack Obama have openly promoted rap artists who glorify misogyny, sexual objectification of women, and even date rape.

In April 2016, the Obamas invited numerous rap artists to the White House to discuss Barack Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative while recognizing them for their “artistic” contributions to minority communities. The rappers whom the Obamas promoted with these invitations include:

Levinson proceeds to recount the lyrics produced by such artists as Rick Ross, Common, Jay Z, Niki Minaj, and Beyonce.  We would re-post the lyrics but better Levinson at American Thinker be the trigger man. Prepare to be astounded.

Most of our readers are not fans and could not understand the lyrics through what we are told is the musicality and the street diction.  Unfortunately the fans do as we see young people (and incredibly people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s  “sing along” .  The genre is not a new phenomenon. Neither is the matter of liberals getting away with blatant hypocrisy.

Later today we will post video of Michelle’s direct association with such ilk and one of Hillary’s other grand champions Miley Cyrus, with additional commentary.

DLH with R Mall

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We are shocked! shocked at Bret Stephens departure

The “Republican Party” has left poor li’l Bret Stephens. You remember Bret Stephens. He’s that “arch Conservative” who has become so disappointed in us racist, anti-immigrant, hill billies who arrogantly insist that the GOP majorities in both Houses of Congress do some of the things they promised to do when we gave them landslide electoral wins in 2010 and 2014.

The nerve of us rubes! Thinking that our establishment Republican “betters”, while they are enjoying the delights of Washington D.C., somehow are there to serve their constituencies, and all the American people.

Now Bret, you might recall, is a product of the finest schools, enjoys the stimulating companionship of all the smart people like himself, and occupies a position which entitles him to lecture us, the uneducated, unsophisticated, ill-informed slobs which he and his fellow elites must reluctantly abide in order to maintain their lofty status.

But, alas! I fear that Mr. Stephens has finally had it with us.

He has now announced that he is no longer a member of the “Republican” party.

Actually, while Bret might think that’s big news and that the GOP’s “base”…that is, we the unwashed”…will be shocked and fearful…”My God! We’ve lost Bret!”…this does not come as the big news flash.

Perhaps most of us recall his several previous bitter, snarky, sarcastic columns, including the one in which he fervently hoped that Hillary Clinton wins the presidency in November in an unprecedented landslide. He explained how only by this utter destruction of the Trump candidacy would the repulsive Tea Party adherents be once and for all, banished from the land.

Bret pulls no punches in excoriating conservatives for their many moral lapses. And only by ridding them from the Republican Party, can a pure and wonderful GOP rise from the ashes and once again enjoy the acceptance and admiration of Mr. Stephens.

In this column he summarizes the evil, primitive impulses of conservatives:

– On trade. Stephens just can’t seem to probe the depth of ignorance conservatives seem to have regarding free trade. To Bret, there is obviously no such thing as good deals or bad deals when it comes to trade agreements. He seems not to care a whit about what might be contained in the TPP agreement, negotiated in unusual secrecy by the Obama administration, consisting of 5500 pages. Congressional Republicans were not allowed to know anything about the deal while negotiations were in progress and when agreement was reached were only permitted entry to a locked room, no notes taken nor allowed to reveal terms until Obama permitted. It is an agreement which goes far beyond just trade terms but is a major step toward the left’s dream of One World government and the decline of American sovereignty.

Bret, in all his professed wisdom, unhesitatingly embraces another “agreement” by the most publicly exposed liar to ever occupy the Oval Office.

And how do we know that the TPP is not in the best interest of the USA? Because Obama suggests that it is!

And Mr. Stephens? If the word “trade” is anywhere in the pact’s title, it’s good enough for him.

And you ignoramuses on the right who have serious reservations about it? Shut the f–k up!

– And then there’s “IMMIGRATION”! Legal, illegal, assimilation, or segregation, makes no difference to Bret. He quotes Reagan on immigration. But even in his use of Reagan’s words, it seems that Stephens skips over the “make it possible for them to come here legally” part. Mr. Stephens is “all US Chamber of Commerce” on immigration. Who cares if they share the values enshrined in the Constitution…if they work cheap, come on in!
If you happen to think that an orderly, principled immigration process, consistent with Constitutional values, is important for the future of this nation, then you’re an idiot as far as Bret’s concerned.

– Foreign policy? Any need to reevaluate where US foreign policy is today is just another example of the ignorance of critics of the Obama performance and the timidity and fecklessness of the Washington establishment’s abject disasters of the past 8 years. He talks about those “robust treaty alliances”…as though their effectiveness is undeniable.
– Finally, “culture, civility, and character”:

“Where, in the apparently limitless forgiveness GOP voters are willing to extend to Mr. Trump for his public affronts to “that face” Carly or that “nasty woman” Hillary Clinton, is that Republican Party today?” Mr. Stephens is apparently decrying the lack of character, etc., of Donald Trump. As a motivating factor in Bret Stephens’ fervent desire for a Hillary presidency, this oh-so learned curator of all that is wise and moral and really, really “old Republican” seems to not be bothered by the abject criminality and total indifference to national security of Secretary Clinton and the band of criminals she has surrounded herself with throughout her long career of corruption.

Yes, we’ve lost Mr. Stephens, and most of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board. If so, so be it. We have quite possibly lost the America which has stood for the best humanity can hope for in governance, and that is the real shame.         DLH

My Former Republican Party  
The Democrats left my parents. Trump’s GOP has left me.


I grew up with parents who liked the old line that they didn’t leave the Democratic Party—the Democratic Party left them. My father’s political heroes were Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman. My mother had been a campaign volunteer for Sen. Eugene McCarthy in 1968. But the party of George McGovern was not for them. As the left turned on “Amerika,” they kept faith in America.

Now it’s my turn to watch the Republican Party drift away. Whether the trend continues after the election remains to be seen, but already the GOP is largely unrecognizable to me. To see how far it’s fallen, let’s remind ourselves of where it once was.     . . .

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Trump has more people at his rallies just directing traffic

WOW! Tim Kaine Holds Rally and ONLY 30 PEOPLE Show Up! 

Hillary’s VP pick Tim Kaine Held a Rally today AND NOBODY CAME!
There were literally like 30 people there — in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Obviously they were not incentivized enough.  Forget the generalities about free health care, free college tuition, cradle to grave welfare, they need to talk specifics,

Maybe he shoulda offered discount abortions to attendees…or he could have had Madonna available for free “service” to all who agree to stay for his speech.)  From the way she talks that would be a lite night’s work.

Poor ol’ Smirkie.

Bet nearly all 30 of his “devoted followers” are “devout Catholics” who are willing to abdicate their ‘values’ and ‘profoundly held’ personal religious opposition’ to abortion, to the ‘values’ and ‘devoutly held beliefs’ of the Catholic-hating (see John Podesta about that) Left.

Tim “Smirkie” Kaine: Democrat first, liberal second, Catholic “nominal third”.

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Madam president speaking. . . revealing her tone for the country

images-23This is just ‘small potatoes’ as to the havoc that an unthinkably lawless, dictatorial presidency of Hillary Clinton will be like

Far too little attention has been given to Hillary Clinton’s determination that several million American citizens are beyond redemption…”irredeemable”…to use her exact term. History is replete with the way that other dictators, Mao, Stalin, H—-r (not allowed to attach that name to any ‘progressive’) dealt with people under their rule that they deemed to be “irredeemable”.  When a large segment of a population is seen by their ruler to be beyond any hope of being “re-educated”, the dictator always seems to have just one option…a “final” solution.

Is this impossible under the rule of a Hillary Clinton? The American people may soon see.

Hillary routinely bullied her bodyguards — and with the worst language possible.

Hillary Clinton’s “treatment of DS [Department of State] agents on her protective detail was so contemptuous that many of them sought reassignment or employment elsewhere,” according to a just-released summary of an FBI interview with a former State Department official. “Prior to CLINTON’s tenure, being an agent on the Secretary of State’s protective detail was seen as an honor and privilege reserved for senior agents. However, by the end of CLINTON’s tenure, it was staffed largely with new agents because it was difficult to find senior agents willing to work for her.” Clinton’s State Department agents are hardly the first to complain about her bullying. “She derives pleasure from lording over other people who cannot do anything about it and who are less powerful than she is,” author Ronald Kessler told Newsmax TV’s J. D. Hayworth.

In fact, Clinton’s well-documented history of profane, unhinged outbursts against those who work for her spans decades. While Clinton’s vulgarity is presented here in relatively family-friendly form, fill in the blanks and imagine the pain that this woman inflicted when she uttered these words.

“I’m not voting for Clinton,” Air Force Staff Sergeant Eric Bonner posted on Facebook in July. “It’s because she actually talked to me once. Almost a sentence,” wrote the Air Force K-9 handler. “I got to do a few details involving Distinguished Visitors.” “One of my last details was for Hillary when she was Secretary of State,” Bonner continued. “I helped with sweeps of her DV quarters and staff vehicles. Her words to me?” According to Bonner, Clinton told him, “Get that f***ing dog away from me.” “Then she turns to her security detail and berates them up and down about why that animal was in her quarters,” Bonner added. “For the next 20 minutes, while I sit there waiting to be released, she lays into her detail, slamming the door in their faces when she’s done. The Detail lead walks over, apologizes, and releases me. I apologize to him for getting him in trouble. His words, ‘Happens every day, Brother.’” “Hillary doesn’t care about anyone but Hillary.”

“Stay the f*** back, stay the f*** away from me!” the then-–First Lady screamed at her Secret Service agents. “Don’t come within ten yards of me, or else! Just f***ing do as I say, okay!!?” Clinton demanded, according to former FBI agent Gary Aldrich’s Unlimited Access, page 139.

“If you want to remain on this detail, get your f***ing ass over here and grab those bags!” Hillary yelled at a Secret Service agent, as Joyce Milton reported in The First Partner, page 259. The officer explained in vain that he preferred to keep his hands free, in case a threat arose. “Good morning, ma’am,” a uniformed Secret Service officer once greeted Hillary Clinton. “F*** off!” she replied, as Ronald Kessler documented in First Family Detail, page 16.

“Put this back on the ground!” Hillary Clinton screamed at the pilot of presidential helicopter Marine One. “I left my sunglasses in the limo. I need my sunglasses! We need to go back!” Clinton so abused the chopper’s crew that they christened it Broomstick One. Also in Dereliction of Duty, its author — Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Robert “Buzz” Patterson (Ret.), who carried the “nuclear football” — recalled hearing “volleys of expletives” erupting from Hillary’s mouth. He also lamented “the Nazi-like edge that emerged when she was around.”

“Where is the goddam f***ing flag? I want the goddam f***ing flag up every f***ing morning at f***ing sunrise,” Hillary snapped at state trooper Larry Patterson at the Arkansas governor’s mansion on Labor Day 1991, according to Ronald Kessler’s Inside the White House, page 246. “Good morning,” an Arkansas state trooper said to Clinton, according to American Evita, by Christopher Andersen, a former contributing editor with Time magazine.

“F*** off!” Hillary told him and his fellow bodyguards. “It’s enough I have to see you s***-kickers every day! I’m not going to talk to you, too! Just do your goddam job and keep your mouth shut.” If this is how Hillary Clinton handles those who have stood ready to take bullets for her, how would she treat 325 million everyday Americans? — Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News contributor and a contributing editor with National Review Online.

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Trump wows the crowd in Florida speech (and us)

Trump did a great job in his speech to the boisterous masses in Florida tonight. Along with the contract set forth below and expounded on in nhos speech, he POUNDED Hillary on the corruption she is part of. He brought up Friend of Bill &Hill  Terry McAuliffe and FBI connection  and more.  Very well done speech.  Maybe 30,000 in attendance.

Gary Bauer summarizes the focus of Trump’s first 100 days.

Contract With The American Voter

Donald Trump traveled to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, this weekend to outline the agenda for his first 100 days in office. Trump called it his “Contract With The American Voter.” It is an incredible series of major reforms and initiatives.

Trump vowed to tackle corruption by advocating the following measures:

A constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress
A hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal workforce through attrition (exempting military, public safety, and public health)
Eliminate two existing regulations for every new one
A five year-ban on White House and congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service;
A lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf of foreign governments; and
A ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections.

Trump also called for new protections for American workers. He promised to:

Renegotiate NAFTA or withdraw from the deal under Article 2205
Withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Label China a currency manipulator
Identify and end all foreign trading abuses that unfairly impact American workers
Lift the restrictions on the production of American energy reserves
Lift the roadblocks on infrastructure projects, like the Keystone Pipeline
Cancel billions in payments to U.N. climate change programs and use the money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure.

Trump also promised immediate action to restore security and the rule of law. He vowed to:

Cancel every unconstitutional executive action issued by President Obama
Select a replacement for Justice Scalia from one of the 20 judges on his list
Cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities
Begin to remove more than 2 million criminal illegal immigrants
Suspend immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur.

Term limits.
Reducing red tape.
Ending Washington’s revolving door.
Fair trade.
Energy independence.
Respect for the Constitution and the rule of law.
Conservative judges.
Common-sense immigration reform that puts our security first.

That is an agenda that should excite conservative voters and unite Republicans! That is an agenda to make America great again. And it is a stark contrast compared to the radical left-wing policies we know Hillary Clinton will impose on America.

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Fixing polling and investigations

Baghdad Bob says no bias and no conflicts of interest 

These reports are from Gary Bauer writing today at Campaign for Working Families,  graphics not in original.

imageedit_2_3996079456Polling As Propaganda

Two significant polls were released in recent days. I’m sure you heard all about the ABC News poll. It was talked about endlessly over the weekend because it found Clinton/Kaine leading Trump/Pence by 12 points — 50% to 38%.

I doubt you heard about the latest Investor’s Business Daily poll. It was released this morning and found Trump and Clinton tied. By the way, the IBD poll was the most accurate poll in the last three election cycles.

If asked, both pollsters would look into a camera and tell Americans that they followed all the rules of modern polling. But one of them is extraordinarily wrong. How can that be? There is a huge problem somewhere.

Here’s one thing to consider. The ABC poll gave Democrats a nine-point advantage in its sample, representing an electorate that has never existed. In 2012, Democrats enjoyed a six-point advantage according to the exit polls, and Obama won 51% to 47%. The IBD poll gave Democrats a seven-point advantage. Yet the numbers were vastly different.

Here’s something else that seems odd. We have all heard about the gender gap — Democrats generally poll better with women, while Republicans generally poll better among men. But according to the ABC poll, Hillary was leading Trump among men by three points.

Yet in the IBD poll, Trump was leading by 13 points among men. Again, how can the two polls be so different, even on the question of how men are voting?

The sad result is that big media’s echo chamber is only pushing one poll and millions of people over the weekend were either heartened or depressed. Clinton supporters were energized to give more time and money to their winning cause. Trump supporters were demoralized and made to feel like they are wasting their time and money.

My friends, here’s the bottom line: Polling is increasingly being used by the left as propaganda to demoralize conservatives. Big media is doing its best to manipulate voters — to rig the election. Don’t let your friends and family members fall for it. The only poll that matters is the one that takes place on November 8th!

A Rigged System

imageedit_5_3626966327Donald Trump is getting clobbered by Democrats, the media and some in the GOP establishment for saying that Washington is corrupt and that the system is rigged. For that, Trump is being accused of “undermining our democracy.” But when did Ronald Reagan’s party, the party of smaller government, stop running against Washington, D.C.?

If you need more evidence of the corruption in Washington, let me walk you through this report from the Wall Street Journal.

Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia is a close confidant of Hillary Clinton. McAuliffe was a top fundraiser for the Clinton/Gore campaign and became a chairman of the Democrat National Committee.

Earlier this year, he tried to restore voting rights to more than 200,000 convicted felons in order to boost Hillary’s chances of winning Virginia. Not even Tim Kaine thought he had that kind of power, and the state Supreme Court declared McAuliffe’s unilateral action unconstitutional.

But that hasn’t stopped McAuliffe from doing everything and anything he can to help out Hillary.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Terry McAuliffe directed approximately $675,000 to the 2015 state Senate campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe. Dr. McCabe’s husband, Andy, just happened to be the director of the FBI’s Washington, D.C., field office, which was assisting with the investigation into Hillary’s private email server.

Dr. McCabe declared her candidacy for office in the same month that Hillary’s private email server was exposed. McAuliffe started steering the big bucks to Dr. McCabe’s campaign two months after the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton began.

Dr. McCabe’s campaign was unsuccessful, but her husband’s career has flourished. He has been promoted — twice — while the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s server was ongoing. He is now the deputy director of the FBI.

So a very close friend of Hillary Clinton’s is directing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the campaign of the wife of one of the top FBI officials with intimate knowledge of Hillary’s investigation. But wait . . . There’s more.

Terry McAuliffe also happens to be under investigation by the FBI’s Washington, D.C., field office. I think I can safely predict how that investigation will turn out.

The FBI insists that Andrew McCabe did nothing wrong. He reportedly went to great lengths to avoid any involvement in his wife’s campaign. But that’s not enough. He should have avoided any involvement in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of our national security secrets.

And Washington elites wonder why so many Americans think the system is rigged!

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WikiLeaks Wrap-up from Patriot Post

201609081648759172This is useful summation of some of what has been revealed and implicated about the Clinton crime family network.  It is by Robin Smith writing at Patriot Post.  Set forth here in its entirety with permission.  Note the reference to the “banana republic administration.”  Our illustrious senior editor has been making that connection for a long time.  First graphic not in original.

The WikiLeaks Wrap-Up

Months before WikiLeaks began the drip of emails currently being published from email accounts of various members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff and Leftmedia enablers, a Rasmussen poll revealed most think the former secretary of state should be indicted criminally by the FBI. Back in July this year, when Director James Comey demonstrated he’s a “dirty cop” by abandoning all protocol in handling the Clinton bathroom closet server and the handling of classified government material, it was clearer than ever that powerful people like Clinton receive preferential treatment when they break the law.

So for those who still believe in justice and law enforcement, not just the arbitrary application of the law under this banana republic administration, we provide a roundup of the latest Hillary evidence. Not only have the Obama Justice Department and FBI been politicized to protect certain anointed folks on the Left, but the existence of true journalism is now extinct with nothing more than a complicit, sold-out gaggle of communications mouth-pieces running behind their masters. Thus, it’s likely some of this information from the 17,000 leaked communications is truly “news” to you.

First, Clinton not only took money from foreign interests that harbor terrorists and are often at cross-purposes with our nation, but Hillary’s campaign mobilized lobbyists as money bundlers who also work for Colombia, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Egypt and Libya, just to mention a few governments. Hillary’s team debated ending this practice and pursuing ethics in fundraising, but wondered “how much money we’re throwing away.” Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager, won out, saying, “I’m ok just taking the money and dealing with any attacks.”

Yeah, never let any worry about the appearance or the actual acts of illegality slow the flow of campaign cash. Hillary’s an equal opportunity broker to sell out America and our own interests.

Over the weekend, Mook was dismissive: “There’s never been any evidence of any pay-to-play [at the Clinton Foundation] at all.” Destroying evidence is not the same as there not being any.

Second, the team whose slogan is “I’m With Her” certainly learned quickly from their master. In May 2016 emails, a fake job posting for the Trump organization told interested applicants of the job requirements: no weight gain, open “public humiliation” if one does gain weight, a proficiency in lying about age and the willingness to evaluate co-workers’ “hotness” for the “boss’s gratification.” The ad concludes with the warning that the boss, obviously Trump, “may greet you with a kiss on the lips or grope you under the meeting table.”

Remember, the fake job posting was referenced in emails five months before any of those allegations were made. Interesting choice of words, in light of the sudden parade of Trump accusers using much of the exact same disgusting language.

Other emails disclosed not only the advanced sharing of at least one question in a town hall meeting during this debate cycle by CNN-contracted pundit Donna Brazile directly to Hillary, but communications openly brag about the collusion with what we call the presstitutes. An email dating back to the original Hillary for President campaign in 2007 from director Tom Mattzie to John Podesta reveals the Clinton cult was planting questions among these parrots of the media “testing expected attacks by Republicans” to gauge public opinion.

Of several other areas of revelation, two remain that should continue to cause any voter to abandon this stranger to the truth, Hillary Clinton.

On quite a few issues, Hillary is simply dishonest, at best. Emails leaked have included just a few nuggets showing that:

  • Madame Secretary believes Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding the Islamic State. That didn’t stop her accepting contributions.
  • Both Bill and Hill were “supporters” of the Defense of Marriage Act until it became for more politically beneficial to change course.
  • There’s an acknowledgement even among liberal economists that a $15/hour minimum wage “would result in job loss,” but Hillary supports it anyway because she needs Bernie Sanders’ voters.
  • Hillary’s previous opposition to legalization of marijuana needs “a scrub” to match her much-needed audience of Millennials.

One final theme of WikiLeaks emails involves Barack Obama. Recently, the documents show that not only is Hillary a liar but so is Obama. Despite the outgoing president’s ridiculous declaration that he learned of Hillary’s private server and email only through news reports, he had been regularly in exchange with Hillary in her official capacity as secretary of state on her homebrew server. The U.S. president participated in misconduct with Hillary Clinton, period, and then he lied about it.

Back in 2008, the Clinton campaign organized meetings and lawyers due to the belief that “the Obama forces flooded the caucuses with ineligible voters.” Yes, these are the same despicable politicians hyperventilating at the possibility the Trump campaign might challenge their traditions of voter fraud regularly employed by Democrats.

But the emails involving Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential race show exactly where much of the “oppositional research” originated that this president and the Democrats want to blame on the Republicans. Here’s a quick sampling:

  • Obama would personally negotiate with leaders of terrorist nations like Iran and North Korea without preconditions
  • Obama’s father was a Muslim and Obama grew up among Muslims in the world’s most populous Islamic country
  • Obama supports giving drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants
  • Obama described his former use of cocaine as using “a little blow.”

There’s surely more — it is the Clintons, after all. But no matter what comes out about her security lapses or corruption, Hillary Clinton is always going first lame the Russians and then lie about everything.

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Democrats hate it when people object to their fraudulent ways

Stilton Jarlsberg who writes and crafts HopeNChange is an occasional source of pertinent graphics for our pages.  We are very grateful such magnanimity exists. His accompanying essays are at least as pithy as the delightful graphics. Friday’s piece on the matter of the dominant news media all a flutter about Trump’s answer to a stupid unqualified question about accepting the election results, is great.  We hope you sign-up for his free newsletter.

Lack of Acceptance Speech

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Democrats and Republicans alike are all aflutter following Donald Trump’s refusal to say that he’ll automatically accept November’s election results without first determining that the results are actually honest.  “My stars!” the media is gasping while reaching for smelling salts, loosening their corsets, and briskly flapping lace fans near their faces.

Well here’s a little Hope n’ Change bulletin we’d like to add:  we will never accept Hillary Clinton as president of the United States.  She will never be “our” president, and we will never accept the legitimacy of the appallingly corrupt process which has gotten her this close to the White House.

Granted, it’s entirely possible that Donald Trump, in his infinite and annoying Trumpiness, would have the ability to lose any election including one which was entirely fair – but the Left isn’t taking that chance. Thanks to Wikileaks and Project Veritas, we now know that this entire election cycle has been shaped by the Democrats’ flood of dirty money, dirty deeds, systemic corruption, and collusion with the media.

We know that Hillary and her cronies hold the American people in complete contempt, and that their idea of irredeemable “deplorables” not only includes hardcore Trump supporters, but virtually every person of faith, every person who believes in the sanctity of life, and every person who believes this should be a nation of laws and equal justice for all.

By definition, Hillary Clinton is an illegitimate candidate, and there is nothing that can happen on November 8th which could make her a legitimate president in our eyes.

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