2020 DNC National Convention to open with a “call to prayer”?

Would be “sweetest sound” Republicans ever heard?  ———————————————————————————————


If the question was which two people would be considered the most likely to represent the most vile characteristics of today’s radical left Democratic party, these guys, Keith Ellison zand Tom Perez, would win hands down. Perez, Obama’s last Labor secretary, is a pretty despicable far left dude, but the focus of the party now seems to be on the former Keith Ellison- Muhammed, a convert to Islam from his college days.

Who would have thought there was anyone on the planet who could make Debby Wasserman Schultz look like a normal, personable human being?

This story from “The Hill” cites the supporters of each of these candidates.

Ellison, on course to become the “Grand Mufti“* of the Democratic National Committee has an impressive triumvirate in his corner: “Bernie”, Liz Warren, and Chuckie Schumer.

With Ellison as DNC head, the 2020 Dem convention may open with the Adhan, the Muslim “call to prayer”.         DLH


Congressman Ellison, in the words of Scott Johnson writing in the Weekly Standard, is a “bad hombre”…a former member of “Minister” Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. He is the first black Muslim elected to Congress.

Ellison holds edge in DNC race   (excerpts)

“Whoever is going to win is likely going to win on multiple ballots,” said Mo Elleithee, a former DNC spokesman who now heads Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service.

“All of the public posturing, the big endorsements—none of that matters. It all comes down to the 447 voting members, and they want to know who is going to be able to rebuild the infrastructure of the DNC. Whoever can best walk into this weekend answering that question…walks in with an advantage.”

Ellison, the progressive Minnesota congressman, emerged as the early leader with the backing of Sen. Bernie Sanders’s coalition as well as an impressive slate of elected official endorsements from across the party. Ellison’s backers include Sanders, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warrenand Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

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Not what you say, but how you say it


“The Trump administration plans to roll back protections for transgender students, reversing federal guidance that required the nation’s public schools to allow children to use the bathrooms and locker rooms that matched their gender identities.”

“...roll back protections...”

Schools which choose to offer a third, private, neutral-gender facility are putting a child confused over his/her gender at risk???!!!

Does even the most enthusiastic LGBTQ,ETC advocate really believe that?         DLH









*All  graphics from over the transom, this one modified

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Overweight Socialists Rejoice! – Relief is Available!

Study: Venezuelans lost 19 lbs. on average over past year due to lack of food 

Pay attention Michael Moore, Pope Francis

Everything about these worker paradises is to be commended right, especially the equality thing. And why give money to those dirty capitalist weight loss clinics that exploit in so many ways?!  We here at Veritaspac will be happy to serve as your booking agent for a guaranteed weight loss regimen in the people’s paradise of Venezuela.  Think of it as a seriously politically correct immersion.  No mere junk food free junket, no indeed, this is  for true believers, Mike – Jorge you ARE true believers aren’t you?!

Well here is the itinerary: You fly on your regular chartered kerosene guzzling, CO2 spewing, acid rain inducing “people connectors” to say the capitalist oasis of Miami to spend a couple of days. Rife as it is with the evils of economic freedom and devil’s dung it will be a good departure point to remind you of the benefits of the destination fat-free paradise that awaits.

From there re-board your chartered aircraft (no need to share but if you think you can convince a few Haitians or Cubans or expatriate Venezuelans while in Miami to hop on board to cleanse their souls and bodies of fat, and experience the socialist country that got it right, well that would be commendable.  A wiggle of the wings as you fly over Port Au Prince would not be too ostentatious.

You will land in Venezuela at Coloncha to start your cleansing activities.  There you will be met by one of our Veritaspac chartered bulk carriers which will be brimming with currency, Bolivars of course, necessary for purchasing  your first week’s paradise diet of bread and water, maybe. Do not despair over capitalist swine propaganda of scarcity of toilet paper. The genius of the Marxist system there is that the Bolivars have that dual purpose.

R Mall

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Why I would be so rash as to rebuke a Catholic priest?

“love thy neighbor, unless he voted for Trump?”


This past weekend I attended Mass at our local Catholic Church in our “snowbird refuge” here in central Florida.

Florida is a winter refuge for retired priests as well. Many come down from northern climes and lighten the load by joining the “Mass-saying rotation” in parishes throughout the Sunshine state during the season. All are welcomed by pastors who appreciate the help when activities (and collections) at parishes are at peak.

This weekend one of the ‘snowbird padres” presided. He is an elderly man, retired for a number of years from the active priesthood but still quite capable of saying Mass and delivering a reasonably coherent sermon.

The gospel for this week, as most regular attendees know carried the message of love your enemies as well as your friends, all are children of God. This priest chose, for this week’s homily to expand somewhat and explain a bit on that theme.

All well and good, I thought as I sat comfortably ready to hear his message…anticipating a pretty standard followup as to most gospel topics.

No doubt in his effort to hopefully heighten reception to his oration, he began with commentary relevant to today’s world events:

“As the gospel tells us”, to quote as accurately as I can, the father noted, “the Creator requires of us that to earn eternal salvation we must love our neighbors, our friends and family members, and even those who see us as their bitterest enemies.

“If he strikes you in the face, turn the other cheek so that he may strike you again (or something to that effect), the gospel tells. To earn God’s blessings we must love those who would do us harm. ISIS members are children of God and we must love them… and Russians… and even Donald Trump…”!!

As he no doubt expected, his last reference invoked more than a smattering of laughter…rim shot, please! Apparently feeling his attempt at contemporary humor had sufficiently loosened up the crowd, the rest of his homily proceeded in a more conventional manner.

I doubt, however, that I was the only listener who found his “late night comedy monologue quip” inappropriate and more than a little incompatible with the theme of the gospel.

But, restraint and good judgment to the contrary, I felt compelled, as I filed out after Mass to advise, in person and softly, this pious, and as far I know, good and gentle man, that at least this one member of the flock saw his “Jimmy Fallonesque” bit cheap and out-of place, and unworthy as a part of the message he hoped to convey. (Well maybe, it wasn’t in those exact words.)

Seriously, however, I do sincerely hope and want to believe that this priest’s reference to the president, in the context, was only a clumsy effort, intended to “warm up” the congregation to hear his message…and not to reflect and reinforce and advance our current Pope Francis’s undisguised animosity toward America, its traditional national values, its president , and, essentially, all things American.

Questions do linger, however:

– Did the good father perceive a friendly audience for advancement of a “popular” narrative with the Catholic left? This parish is at least 50% hispanic; the other half is heavy with eastern liberals who come here in the winter seeking some “global warming”. Even at that, though, the snickering enjoyment at his quip was somewhat less than he might have expected from this audience mix.

– He has likely considered my criticism as an insane reactionary rage over a little attempt at some harmless humor. If this priest takes criticism from a lifelong adherent to the faith in the same way the liberal, now retired pastor of my former parish in Bettendorf did, I expect he may build his next homily around the “incident”. And in the telling might be a slightly embellished recounting of what occurred. He may relate how the previous week he was “accosted” by a “deranged hater” right there in the narthex who loudly berated him for making a joking reference to a contemporary political figure as he sought to expand upon the Lord’s call for us all to love our neighbor as ourselves and to recognize we are all God’s children regardless of our political views. Hopefully it will not be further embellished by an apocryphal description of how he turned his other cheek to be struck again by that crazed parishioner.

But, at any rate,attempting to live to the spirit of this week’s gospel…I still love the guy…I just hope he removes that cheap laugh line from his spiritual monologue.         DLH

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Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe of Roe V. Wade, dies a pro-life activist

Norma McCorvey’s death has been widely acknowledged, and that is as it should be. However her counterpart, “Doe” of Doe v. Bolton the companion case to “Roe” issued the same day by the Supreme Court, essential to understanding abortion jurisprudence in America, was largely ignored by the dominant media at her passing a few years ago.  That person Sandra Cano, was never for legal abortion, but was used, lied to, to be the litigant in producing essentially abortion on demand for virtually any reason for all nine months of pregnancy in the United States. We still have the most anti-life unrestricted abortion regime in the Western world.  ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Both local newspapers here acknowledged Norma McCorvey’s death on the front page.  Both, in using the AP dispatch (obituary) in the first paragraph acknowledged her pro-life activism. However they did not exercise the common technique of using irony to attract readership in the stories headline (as we demonstrate in ours). We can excuse the AP or the local headline writers on that aspect including for the reason that pro-abortion types, normally repelled by the truth, might stumble on it if they read the article about who was once their cause celeb.

While referring  to McCorvey’s change of heart about the legality of abortion, not covered in the AP obituary was any mention of her criticisms of the pro-abortion movement for their willingness to manipulate, use (and abuse) women for doctrinaire ends.

McCorvey never aborted the child she lied to say was conceived by rape. While her admission of the lie about rape is mentioned in the obituary, closing the loop that the case at bar resulting in Roe v Wade was based on a lie is not made.


Pro-aborts will probably read her bio and think she really should have aborted that child as messed up as her life at the time would appear. It would have been all for the better don’t you know.  Much of what motivates pro-abortionists is esthetics. They saw Norma as a dissolute tattooed carnival tramp, an untermench, child of the same, the perfect type to focus sympathy for the cause of less children from the unfit, the underlying motivation of pro-aborts more so than “women’s rights.”

So for abortion propagandists it is OK to lie about rape, the end (abortion) justifies the means to legalize it.  But the girl child Norma McCorvey did not abort, was adopted out to desiring parents. That human being, a child of God, as far as we know lives and walks at some 47 years of age, in spite of the “good intentions ” of the pro-abortion crowd. She in part is why Norma came to be pro-life, while the pro-abortion crowd remains pro-death.

Sandra Cano

References to abortion jurisprudence in the United States is usually short-circuited by referring to Roe V. Wade.  As is well known now, although rarely reflected on by dominant media, that case was based on a lie, many lies actually, but especially rape as the instigating justification for the particular case in Texas, a state that at the time protected all unborn human life from abortion.  But the companion case, about a Georgia law allowing abortion for limited health reasons, Doe V Bolton, is essential to understanding how far-reaching legal abortion is in the United States as the Supreme Court overturned even that law.  We know now that that case was also based on a lie. Sandra Cano, the litigant “Doe” in Doe V. Bolton never wanted an abortion, was always against it, was lied to,  but was used to create a regime of abortion on demand without meaningful restriction for the entire nine months of pregnancy.

When she passed in the fall of 2014, there were very few secular media references to her passing. And those that did mark her passing tended to be conservative. Why is that?  We believe it is part of the frequent refusal by secular media to face and truthfully analyze the extent of abortion legalization in the US and that the entire regime was based on lies. They are vested in the lies and obfuscation having perpetrated them both, and continuing to do so in spite of occasional lapses of truth telling.

From the Washington Times   Sandra Cano, the ‘Mary Doe’ of landmark abortion case, dies  (excerpts)

Her dying wish was for people to “pray for the end of abortion in America and pray for her family,” Allan Parker, president of the Justice Foundation in Texas, which represented Ms. Cano for 14 years, said Wednesday.

Ms. Cano was the unidentified “Mary Doe” in the 1973 Supreme Court case that challenged Georgia’s restrictive abortion laws. When the high court struck down the Georgia laws, other state laws restricting abortion were also swept away. Together with a companion case, Roe v. Wade, the court cases resulted in the legalization of abortions for any “health” reason during an entire pregnancy.

But Ms. Cano testified to Congress that “cunning, wicked lawyers” used her to “twist the American court system” in a fraudulent way.

She said she sought help in 1970 from the Atlanta Legal Aid office because she was unhappily married, unstable and pregnant with her fourth child. She also insisted that she thought the papers she signed for Ms. Hames and other lawyers were about divorce and child custody, not abortion.  . . .

Ms. Cano, who never had an abortion, said she learned the full truth about her case when she went to court in 1988 to have records unsealed.

“I did not seek an abortion nor do I believe in abortion,” Ms. Cano told the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2005. “Yet my name and my life is now forever linked with the slaughter of 40-50 million babies.”

In 2006, Ms. Cano vainly sought a rehearing of their cases at the Supreme Court. Other efforts the challenge the decisions in their cases also failed.

Here is a synopsis of  the Legal effects of Roe V. Wade and Doe V. Bolton  Read the entire article for a brief on the full extent of Supreme Court  abortion jurisprudence.

Roe v. Wade 1973 Relying on an unstated “right of privacy” found in a “penumbra” of the Fourteenth Amendment, the Court effectively legalized abortion on demand throughout the full nine months of pregnancy. Although the Court mentioned the state’s possible interest in the “potentiality of human life” in the third trimester, legislation to protect that interest would be gutted by mandated exceptions for the “health” of the mother (see Doe below).

Doe v. Bolton 1973 Companion case to Roe, Doe broadly defined the “heath” exception so that any level of distress or discomfort would qualify and gave the abortionist final say over what qualified: “The medical judgment may be exercised in the light of all factors–physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman’s age–relevant to the well being of the patient. All these factors may relate to “health.” Because the application of the health exception was left to the abortionist, legislation directly prohibiting any abortion became practically unenforceable.

After twenty-three years of obfuscation this 1996 article from the Washington Post  admitted the legal situation as the partial birth abortion debate was heating up. See at right. Twenty years after that article appeared the obfuscation still continues in much of the media both in reporting and allowing pro-abortion flaks to get away without correction saying that abortion was legalized only in the first trimester.  Indeed the first broadcast report we heard of Norma McCorvey’s death was on Fox News Saturday morning and the female reporter referred to McCorvey’s as the Roe of Roe v. Wade, the case that legalized abortion to a “limited” extent. Under the Roe/Doe legal regimes there is nothing seriously limited about the legality of abortion in the United States, including the “right” to dismember infants able to survive outside the womb as long as they have not exited  the birth canal.

More reading:                   Cano Versus Doe  The Real Story of the Woman Behind Doe v. Bolton

The Sandra Cano Story

R Mall

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Alleging Trump takes a quote out of context, press quotes Trump out of context

Here is the start and substance of an article by Anna Hopkins for Dailymail.com

Unfounded Father? Trump takes Thomas Jefferson quote out of context to bash the media during campaign-style rally in Florida

  • Donald Trump held a campaign-style rally in Melbourne, Florida on Saturday
  • He used a quote from Thomas Jefferson out of context to slam the ‘fake news’
  • The Founding Father defended the role of the media in the First Amendment

During a campaign-style rally on Saturday, Donald Trump used a quote from one of the nation’s Founding Fathers out of context to vindicate his war against the media.

At the ‘Make America Great Again’ rally in Melbourne, Florida which mirrored the rhetoric throughout his campaign tour, Trump said he hoped to speak ‘without the filter of fake news’ – whom he declared the ‘enemy of America’ this week.

The President then referenced previous American leaders who combated the media during their time in the White House.     . . .

We have from time to time opined that one of the things that dictators and despots throughout the world and throughout history must have most envied about Barack Obama when he assumed the reins of US government was the nearly full control he enjoyed over the nation’s press.

They, themselves, seldom had the luck to have the the media in their pocket immediately upon seizing power as Obama did. It was even more rare that a would-be dictator like Obama would have enjoyed such control even before he became the nation’s head.

In most unfortunate lands the incoming despot had to quickly move to suppress the media, and eventually, when necessary brutally shut down any dissident arms of the press which may have remained.

But not so with our former “Dear Leader”. The press was with him from the beginning. Fawning over his smooth, professorial demeanor, his ‘lovely’ First Lady (she of the “toned arms”), his status of symbol of all that is “good and compassionate’, and certainly racialism-free in liberals, and, oh yeah, was a fully owned creation of the hard left , well disguised from many who unwittingly voted for him.    (article continues)

Some of the “context” we never saw about Obama from dominant liberal media

No gaffe or arrogant put down by our youthful, “clean and articulate” president was attacked or even mildly criticized or ridiculed by those esteemed members of the fourth estate…whether it was the number of states which comprise America (no, it is not ’57’), or his ignorance of the correct pronunciation of the word “corps”, or his imperious contempt for any idea from the other side of the aisle, “I won” (so shut up).

But now, that’s all changed. A rough edged white man, a rich one at that, has exercised his fabled ‘white privilege’ and, having been decisively chosen by the American people, is president.

And once again we have a “free press”, courageously and unflinchingly willing to challenge the powerful and defend the people. Their “patriotic” impulses have awakened!

No matter the risk, our media will not hesitate to call out President Trump when he attempts to “mislead” our citizens and make “false claims” to advance his vile (in the opinion of the press) agenda.

And here, is an example, unremarkable but for its irrelevant silliness. A tortured criticism of Trump’s remark at a rally Saturday night in Florida, attended by thousands of enthusiastic supporters; yet it was deemed so vital to the future of America to warrant the bold headline at the top of this piece.

We’d urge readers to review the story in the Daily Mail. Then draw your own conclusions about whether our view of it suggests so much defensiveness and anger by the media that they desperately sought out some example, however the stretch, to try to diminish the other thousands of the president’s words.


RMall’s two-cents: As DLH intones, Ms Hopkins’ treatment of Trump is not an isolated one. How often do others of her ilk give a contextual history to lend credence to Trump, as they bend over backward to parse and justify, to “contextualize”  every utterance of Obama?   The others (if not her as well) include some of the same folks who quote corrupt Jefferson’s line about a “wall of separation” between church and state.  A phrase from another letter by Jefferson, they take those few words as if they were intended by him to be a discrete summation of his views, not to mention out of the context of other statements made and policies supported.

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The Papal “greatest hits” keep comin’:

  • Pope Francis: ‘Muslim Terrorism Does Not Exist’;
  • But Man Made Climate Change Is Real
  • With incitements like the Pope is delivering, Papal approved “populist direct action” is nurtured*

Pope Francis continues his hostility toward free and democratic societies, the sovereignty of nations, and western economic principles as he implicitly gives his pious approval of violent anarchist actions aimed at overthrowing legally elected governments. That characterization can not be credibly denied regarding anti-Trump protests in the United States and Pope Francis’ recent statements incitements that will fuel such protests.

From the report linked to above by Thomas D. Williams Breitbart Rome correspondent, quoting Pope Francis:

“I think that in nearly all religions there is a always a small fundamentalist group,” he said, adding “We have them,” referring to Catholicism.”

(Always difficult to determine who said what, Pope Francis or Barack Obama, or Marie Harf?)

In an impassioned address Friday, Pope Francis denied the existence of Islamic terrorism, while simultaneously asserting that “the ecological crisis is real.”
“Christian terrorism does not exist, Jewish terrorism does not exist, and Muslim terrorism does not exist. They do not exist,” Francis said in his speech to a world meeting of populist movements.

What he apparently meant is that not all Christians are terrorists and not all Muslims are terrorists—a fact evident to all—yet his words also seemed to suggest that no specifically Islamic form of terrorism exists in the world, an assertion that stands in stark contradiction to established fact.

I didn’t realize it but the conference that Comrade Francis gave his passionate and pious endorsement to that we posted about yesterday is apparently a Catholic undertaking. Interesting to see the various organizations and individuals participating.

Maybe it’s just me but this looks like the reincarnation of the worldwide Communist Party. Really creepy stuff and the Church is right in the middle of it…and even giving it the impetus . . .   Direct Action & Research Training Center (DART) ; Gamaliel Foundation;
Service Employees International Union (SEIU) ; US Federation of Worker Cooperatives and more of the usual suspects. Not one known for “preaching” market solutions to economic development.

A sample of the reporting on this “Popular Movement” (Recall that Francis’s “cleanup crew” stoutly maintained in yesterday’s piece that Fran wasn’t aiming at Trump or anyone in particular…Oh no??!!) :

Vatican Inequality Talks Start In California Farm Heartland

More reading here.  (somewhat more even-handed than the AP story)

What we are not seeing in the dominant liberal media and which the Pope is part of obfuscating or denying:

American Pastors’ Prez: Calling Islam Non-Violent Is ‘Purposeful Denial of Facts’ 

Whistle-Blower: ‘Global Warming’ Data Manipulated Before Paris Conference  — one of the climate conferences the Pope has given his imprimatur to.

Where is the Pope’s sense of balance . . .

Iraqi Archbishop: Where Were the Protesters ‘When ISIS Came to Kill Christians’?

(Archbishop) Warda also blasted the careless journalists who have called the order a “Muslim ban,” noting that this label is not only false but also dangerous to Christians and other minorities living in lands dominated by Islamic terrorists.

“All those who cry out that this is a ‘Muslim Ban,’” Warda said, should understand clearly that they are hurting Christians and “putting us at greater risk.”

“Here in Iraq we Christians cannot afford to throw out words carelessly as the media in the West can do,” he added. “I would ask those in the media who use every issue to stir up division to think about this.”

“For the media these things become an issue of ratings, but for us the danger is real,” he said.

The Archbishop said “it is very hard for me to understand why comfortable people in the West think those who are struggling to survive against genocide, and whose communities are at extreme risk of disappearing completely, should not get some special consideration.”

“We are an ancient people on the verge of extinction because of our commitment to our faith. Will anybody protest for us?” he asked.


*photo of gift to Pope from Bolivian “popular strongman”, socialist and cash crop coca champion Evo Morales.

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The latest from the schismatic* (and Marxist oriented) Pope

Pope appears to back anti-Trump protests in letter condemning populism 

‘He offered praise to the activists who are organizing in opposition to those threats. “I know that you have committed yourselves to fight for social justice, to defend our Sister Mother Earth and to stand alongside migrants. I want to reaffirm your choice,” he wrote.’    Continued below

Let’s review:

  • Widely admired as the “mostest, humblest, kindest” person currently residing on this little planet
  • While reveling in the rock star status the “humble” pope enjoys as the darling of the global left, he has established himself as one who has opinions on everything and never fails to express them
  • Often offensive to a significant number of people throughout the world the Pontiff’s remarks, almost always in support of any or most radical left or Marxist ideas, Francis is followed around by a cadre of p.r. specialists, always on hand to “clarify” his more “intemperate” or “mis-translated” analyses.
  • Some of his Holiness’ openly expressed positions:

– capitalism is bad; USA responsible for the plight of South American poverty
– man is destroying the planet by causing global warming in many ways, including his inexplicable affection for air conditioning (see encyclical “Laudato Si”)
– national borders are bad…migrants are good…not sure if concept of private property is good

  • Pope Francis seems to seek out and accept counsel only from leftwing activists (only climate change radicals allowed to attend Vatican conference)
  • Seems to have warm relationships only with South American dictators; Castros grateful for his help reference Obama’s total capitulation
  • Seems to believe redistribution of wealth is an ideal
  • Has been critical of Catholic opponents of gay marriage and abortion as “obsessive”

From the article: Seriously  “…defend our ‘Sister Mother Earth”??  Is that some sort of latent animism or  manichæism?

What about our Aunt, Niece, Daughter, Grandmother Earth?? What Francis’s problem…”anti-certain women”?  Continued below graphic*:

The remarks can be viewed as a clear endorsement by the Argentinian pope of resistance against populist and xenophobic political movements. While he did not name Donald Trump, and stressed his remarks were not targeted at any individual politician, the letter, read at the opening of the US Regional World Meeting of Popular Movements in Modesto, California, seem to speak directly to protests against the Republican president.

Other recent indications of Pope’s frankly ignorant reactionary positions.

Pope Francis appears to back tribal land rights in Dakota Access pipeline fight

Pope Francis appears to criticize Trump’s Mexico border wall plan

The Pope seems to have no concern about division, or ecumenism when it it comes to conservatism. He comes off as *schismatic if not heretical to the “body of the faith”, in our humble opinion of course.

DLH with R Mall

* the wall, gate and vetting (metal detectors) is of course true of the Vatican. This article downplays them while admitting to them.

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It still amazes how he got the job

  • Comm-symp who headed CIA now implicated in trashing the changing of the guard
  • Speculation as to why Trump accepted National Security Advisor Flynn’s resignation 


Interesting piece in the American Spectator: essentially the story speculates that John Brennan, the thankfully ‘gone’ CIA Director was the principal “leaker” which ultimately claimed the role of General Flynn as President Trump’s principal national security advisor.

Brennan has always been a dodgy fellow…a ‘quality’ which no doubt went a long way in gaining Barack Obama’s confidence and impulse to name him to the arguably most sensitive position in the US government.

It’s long been alleged that Brennan is a convert to Islam from when he served with the CIA in the Middle East. Certainly he has shown some affinity for many aspects of Islam, including the Muslim Brotherhood, and has been one of the Obama administration’s leading figures loathe to even consider the concept of “Islamist terrorism”.

But that a reflects a fundamental characteristic of John Brennan. With him it’s a history of, “I used to be but I’m not now”. A striking, and chilling, example cited in the AS piece goes back to his “college days” when he was an admitted supporter of the Communist party during the Cold War. When applying for a CIA job, however, Brennan claimed to no longer be, and was never a member of the Communist party ( we’d suggest that ultimately he found a high niche in the next best thing, a far left Obama Democratic party regime!).

And, now an inside/outside operative working to undermine and ultimately overthrow a duly elected administration?

Will the former CIA director be hoist by his own petard? 

Flynn in communicating with the Russians prior to taking office did nothing wrong in doing so or in what he discussed with them. That is, according to what we are told, a conclusion of the FBI and repeated by leakers as reported by NPR.  Trump is stylistically on record.

Trump: I didn’t order Flynn to talk sanctions with the Russians — but I would have if he hadn’t

Since we have to choose which of 80,000 different newsy bits this afternoon was the newsiest, let’s choose two in which Trump discussed the story of the week, Mike Flynn’s resignation. His first point below was something he could have said days ago. No, he claims, he never ordered Flynn to talk sanctions with the Russian ambassador — but he would have if Flynn hadn’t taken it upon himself to do so, never mind all the heavy breathing lately by critics about the Logan Act. If Trump had come out and said that on Monday, making the case that there was nothing improper about an incoming national security advisor noting to a diplomat that U.S. foreign policy would be duly reviewed in three weeks, Flynn might still have his job, especially since there’s apparently no quid-pro-quo smoking gun in the transcript of what he said to the ambassador. So … why didn’t Trump say all of this sooner while refusing Flynn’s resignation? The answer, in case you missed it yesterday, probably lies in this post. Trump, Bannon, Priebus, and Kushner allegedly all had doubts about Flynn and his way of operating for various reasons dating back weeks, at least. (Kushner reportedly was anti-Flynn since before he was named NSA.) Trump says in the first clip below that he let Flynn go because he deceived Mike Pence,

There is more speculation in the article but we suspect that it probably amounts to no more than the above.

DLH with R Mall

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(note other interpretations of the situation are attached)

The Wall Street Journal reports:


Spies Keep Intelligence From Donald Trump on Leak Concerns

Decision to withhold information underscores deep mistrust between intelligence community and president

To the extent this is true about a controlling element of the “intelligence community” and if they are allowed to succeed, America officially becomes a banana republic.  The reasons:

– They have decided that Trump isn’t “trustworthy” or “discreet”

– They consider 63 million voters not “trustworthy” and “stupid”

The implication of the WSJ report is that we seem to now have confirmation that the President of the United States does not run the country…not if he won an election that overwhelmingly repudiated the leftist Democratic party agenda!

Instead the people are now wards of the state…a state in which liberal and radical left judges, civil service bureaucrats and billionaire oligarchs decide what laws they wish to observe and those they do not.

Serious stuff!

To me, one anecdote contained in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal (WSJ) makes clear that our government is in the hands of the ideological left and their hypocrisy is boundless:

“The current and former officials said the decision to avoid revealing sources and methods with Mr. Trump stems in large part from the president’s repeated expressions of admiration for …Putin and his call, during the the presidential campaign, for Russia to continue hacking the emails of his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.”

This great concern by our “guardians” of the American people did not seem to come to the fore when President Obama was caught by a “hot mic”  prior to the 2012 election telling  Russian Prime Minister  Medvedev that Putin should cool his concern about America’s nuclear disarmament proposals because he (Obama) will have a lot more “flexibility” after he’s reelected.

Apparently, none of those national security experts saw anything at all ominous about that apparent attempt to soothe the ” Russian menace” fears that America would not accommodate his agenda.

Nor was the intelligence community overly concerned with G W Bush’s warm relationship with “Pooty-Poot”. After “looking in the man’s eye”, President Bush was no longer concerned that the Russian leader was a “Soviet throwback”.

But now, especially with “Obama operatives” entrenched in all levels at all federal agencies, including intelligence, there is grave concern that it was only the result of a dark and devious plot between Trump and Putin that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party lost big in the 2016 elections.

And so profound is the “proof” and belief that the intelligence community, the Democratic party, the news media, and George Soros cannot permit the elected president of the United States to govern the nation.


And America’s “Doomsday Clock” continues to tick toward Midnight!

As we pointed out at the outset, alternate interpretations of the information contained in the  WSJ  article exist. Later in the day I came across this piece from Conservative Tree House (Sundance).

I was well aware of the passage Sundance highlights in the WSJ article and claims invalidates the entire story. To wit ” officials emphasized that they know of no instance in which crucial information about security threats or potential plotting has been omitted”

Funny, I had a different take entirely. To me that is vague and not definitive.   Cynical me, I put almost no value in such statements.

Of course they “know of no information” about security threats being withheld.  But whatever the extent that such imputations are true, that they are allowed to be given with impunity to undermine confidence in the president, it still results in a coup in effect. These are not whistle blowers who have tried channels, allowed channels to work, or have the courage to validate their claims. The point is that if the story is planted by insiders, made up or not, that it goes on is just as much a coup attempt, particularly when it comes anonymously.

Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal Publishes “Fake News” Gets Rebuked by ODNI

The ridiculous scope of the undermining anti-Trump media narrative is growing exponentially more stupid as the content of their “stories” never match the alarmist headlines they are attempting.

The latest example from Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal is so over-the-top ridiculous, even the Office of the Director of National Intelligence rebuked it publicly.
  Office of The Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) responds thus:

One does not usually bother rebuking “over the top ridiculous” unless it has legs. That it has legs means there is a den of vipers in the “intelligence community.”


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